If you're planning to do any canning (water-bath or pressure), this is a must-watch video!
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You’ve grown and sourced some amazing food. Now you want to get it on your shelves and store it. One of the best ways to do that is with canning. Canning is becoming more popular than ever, thanks to its many benefits. So, how do you get started the right way?

In this episode of Panty Chat, Josh and Carolyn kick-off a brand-new series on preservation techniques with an introduction to canning. They cover the different types of canning and what foods they are good for, what equipment you should be using, and why it’s so important to follow the rules and practice the right safety measures, especially when it comes to canning.

If you'd rather listen to this episode, hop on over here for the Podcast, transcript, and show notes:

Time Stamps
0:00 – Chit Chat
9:19 – Question of the week: Do we own a backup generator? Which brand?
14:12 – Canning History
18:37 – What is Canning?
20:10 – Canning Safety
24:55 – Types of Canning
25:45? – Waterbath Canning
28:35 – Pressure Canning
one other method??
34:00 – Oven Canning
37:24 – Canning Tips

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  • Bellamamma 76

    Your canning courses have been a Godsend, especially for an absolute newbie like me! You took all the things that scared me about canning and eliminated them with sound information. I look forward to getting your fermentation classes! God bless.

  • Dana Green

    Thanks im a newish canner yall explain things so well love these wkly chats👍👍👍❤❤❤

    • Wendy Driggs

      If you buy a Ball Blue Book of Preserving for $10 or less…it will tell you everything you need to know. Plus it has hundreds of recipes.

  • T. N. Schumacher

    I am new to your Homestead Channel, one of my Employees wife told me about you. I have a large farm here in Northern Arkansas that several Employee families live here on the farm. One Mexican family, 3 mennonite families and a widow LDS lady and me. All have there own homes. We fenced in about 6 acres with high fence to keep out deer, elk, bear and wild hogs. This is our garden and orchard. In that area I built a tool shed / garden tractor Storage, also a canning shed/ slaughterhouse. All concrete walls and floor with drain. There are 3 old Gas stoves 2 commercial refrigerators and 4 large chest freezers. With a 4’ x 16’ stainless steel table down the middle. I am 70 and have been farming sense 1977 and live here sense 1988.

  • Rachel Stephens

    Hearing about what people do instead of just following safe, tested canning methods by the National Center for Home Preservation, breaks my brain.

    Also, don’t stack your jars! People want to go nuts canning, but don’t have shelf space for all these flats of jars. Jars can’t be stacked because the seals will break!

  • Kim Williams

    You were the first canning videos I saw which encouraged me to start canning. I live in a small one bedroom apartment in hot AZ but I have managed to make it work and found creative ways to can in a very small kitchen and ways to store them. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  • Michael Ellis

    Great explanation of the difference between water bath canning and pressure canning. I make my own chicken stock but I struggle with storing it in my tiny apartment freezer. You’re making me think about investing in a pressure canner. I think one year of chicken stock would pay for the canner. Great video thanks

  • Amelia-Irene Lehl

    Does that mean we will have mire Grandma Jean stories? I really enjoyed the one you did with her

  • Cidtalk

    Wow, thanks so much for explaining how pressure canning works! I have always wondered what the pressure was adding to the process.

  • Mary Holton

    I just ordered my pressure canner and know I have a bit of a learning curve. Thank you for your videos.

    • michaelbizon444

      Make sure the jar rims are clean(use vinegar soaked rag if canning meat) and proper head space for good seals, imo. You don’t want any product in the boil water, it means there was back flow from one or more jars and that product under the seal can slowly(as it rots) cause a seal fail.

  • Rosehaven Farm

    I have just started convenience canning just this year. It’s wonderful! I’ve made beef stew and vegetable stew so far, and looking for other recipes to make.

    I can beans and “mixed beans,” meat broth, veggie broth, vegetables…so it’s easy to open several jars for a quick soup. But those finished recipes are even easier.

    Love your pantry chats, thank you. Your “downstairs canning kitchen” has inspired us to revamp the current basement kitchen, instead of ripping it out. It’s a walkout basement, so there’s light, too. AND easy access to the gardens.

  • Sylvia M

    Hi guys – great info as always – would you mind shedding some light on ways to store flour, rice and other dried goods for long term storage? There are many videos out there but what is the safest method? Thanks a mil.

  • michaelbizon444

    I don’t know many home canners, but I wish I had learned it 20+ years ago. I buy chicken leg quarters frozen in 10lb bags for 25¢ to 49¢ a lb. Or pork butts and turkey at 99¢ a lb. And can em up. Compared to the price of store bought canned meat, my 1 quart wide mouth jars pay for them selves after one use. Buy the meat on sale in bulk and can it up. Have all the fully cooked meat ready to use any time you want ready to go in any recipe you want. Also pairs well with those buckets of survival meals, imo.

  • Pam Bennett

    Wish I had a knowledgeable guy in my life. My brain explodes just thinking about a generator. How do you store the gasoline?

  • rawfoodelectric

    Been canning for years…now Im doing more of the meal in jars and I in no way have all the answers. Love learning!

  • Rose Felton

    After learning to can from you I came across information about cooking a whole chicken, canning the broth and then canning the chicken. I bought a chicken to do this, but now I can’t find the recipe. I’m wondering if you posted it or if I found it somewhere else. Can you help me with this?

  • Chessa Stockton

    I got the canning class when it was on sale and I LOVE it. I have learned so much. And have canned james, meat, broth, and vegetables! And will continue to can. Her class is wonderful.

  • Ambrosia Joy

    During these uncertain times I am canning, dehydrating and vacuum sealing everything I can get my hands on

  • Rebecca Fazenbaker

    I watched your venison stew video yrs ago. It’s a staple in my house now. And if that 8 point keeps showing up in my yard. Come hunting season I will be putting more of that on the shelf. Do you have a video of your convenient foods similar to that? I’m sure there’s all sorts of soups and stews.

  • Erika Cronje

    Thank you Carolyn that was an absolutely super video with so many nuggets to clarify and simplify canning. I am definitely going to your website to look at the series

  • Sara-Elita Boismenu

    I love your channel, energy and lifestyle!!! You guys are fantastic people that I truely look up to!

    I can’t find any specific videos on this from your channel, but can you teach us how to can potatoes without a pressure cooker? Is it safe/possible?

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