Prepare for ‘real risk’ of another recession in 2021 – Danielle DiMartino Booth

The economy could contract again in 2021, as many small business losses are permanent, and rising unemployment appears to be a trend, said Danielle DiMartino Booth, CEO of Quill Intelligence.

0:00 – Monetary policy
9:49 – Economic growth
12:00 – Inflation
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  • Todd Stevens

    The question is socialism for who? Clearly it’s only the top of the pyramid who’s really benefitting from these policies.

  • Philip Green

    This will cure the toilet paper shortage once and for all. Rest assured that there will be plenty of dollar bills worth less than bath tissue .

    • Trump Won

      The $USD has taken 100+ years to devalue by 97% but can still devalue 80% before it reaches the devaluation of the British pound. It is still the prettiest girl at the ugly girl dance.

    • Hastur of Carcosa

      The Zimbabwe people say that cash notes are not soft enough for that, and they burn even worse. Quite toxic. The preference went toward dry cow chips. Ugly curtains and wall paper appears to be the only use case.

  • Mark Yako

    Good good. The world needs a wakeup call.

  • Michael Alpine

    Powell will keep printing til we become Weimar Germany…get your wheelbarrow ready.

  • benz806

    Kitco needs to interview DDB more, she’s a Fed insider.

  • Kathleen Wells

    This is a depression. 83 million unemployed and a fed dictatorship deliberately crushing the dollar. But not to worry, as long as it stays shut down, there’s plenty of stimulus money for the insiders. What a way to ruin a nation!

    • grobbler1

      MSM will never use the ‘depression’ word, even though the indisputable naked truth is in front of them. They could barely bring themselves to mention the recession phase, even though we are well past that point now.

    • WanderingDoc

      my tenants are still paying rent. if they can’t, the government will for them. no recessions in sight while the FED has access to a printer. this is a new age.

    • Bryn Webster

      Karma for throwing the original free Americans into reservations? Think about it.
      Maybe manifest destiny angered ‘God’

  • The Moderator

    Oh so there is a bubble…
    Finally someone saw that, when there are stock trading about 700 p/e ratio… you know that you are going full japanization of the economy at the light of speed…
    Next generation good luck!

  • j b

    Merry Crisis and a Happy New Fear! Satan Claus has come to town!

  • Bryan G

    All this new money creation and they can’t hit 2 percent lol right

  • Wavefunction30

    Risk of another recession? I think she meant to say depression.

  • M Stevens

    Interesting, Black Swan aka Covid -19 plandemic. Ruminate on that possibility.

  • Nicholas P

    Now it’s America’s turn to experience what communism is like. RIP. Have fun, then report back in 4yrs (if you’re lucky).

  • UltimateBargains

    Fedspeak: “The FED will increase its holdings until substantial further progress has been made.”
    Translation: “The beatings will continue until morale improves.”

  • UltimateBargains

    The FED is worsening the situation by aggressively suppressing Free Market creative destruction and price discovery.
    The FED is trying to relieve the pain caused by the unbelievably massive debt bubble that is created by financially illiterate Keynesians who run the printing (counterfeiting) press.
    Cancer is not cured by pain killers.
    *”You don’t fix a solvency problem with liquidity.” — Mark Yusko*

  • Josh Nalder

    I wish I could run my business like the federal reserve. Answer to no one, print my own wage, no audits, misdirection, lie, make my friends rich. Zero results
    On it goes

  • Michael Reilly

    Printing currency never works. Otherwise Venezuela would be a world power

    • Vinz Daniloff

      Zimbabwe would be world dominating … with their 50 billion dollar bank notes … I have such notes here on the pin board as a warning reminder.

    • Michael Reilly

      @Vinz Daniloff I actually have a $5 billion dollar note from Zimbabwe. Love to get the $100T one

    • Vinz Daniloff

      @Michael Reilly yeah … the 100 trillion notes seem to become a collector’s item … at least that is the impression that I have when looking on eBay … so I got a bunch of 50 trillions years ago. I have some bolivares notes too … But behind those funny bank notes there is real drama in those countries.

  • LMIMSsoi

    This has been going on since the min 90’s. All I can say: I’m surprised it’s gone on this long. I thought 08 was going to be the end of it. But they keep managing to extend and pretend.

  • daryl foster

    We’re in a depression right now. GDP is 15% lower than it was at the end of 2019.

    • Josef Becker

      People are also saving at an all time high. Once this summer comes and the vaccine rollout gets to most people who want to take it we will see significantly lower covid infections and deaths. The economy will fully open and there will be a tremendous amount of pent up demand for everything.

    • daryl foster

      @Josef Becker I think people with good jobs are still spending money on normal purchases, moreso online. What they’re not spending on is luxury items, like vacations, concerts, sporting events.

    • Josef Becker

      @daryl foster I agree, and that’s where I think a lot of the pent up demand spending will goto. Vacations, restaurants, sports, concerts, all the things a lot of people are too fearful to do now or cant because of restrictions. With savings being higher people will have the money to splurge when restrictions and fear have subsided.

      Personally I had to postpone my trip to Hawaii last summer and reschedule to this coming summer. I’ve saved more money for it and will be staying 3 weeks instead of 2. Anecdotal situation yes but I’m definitely experiencing pent up demand.

  • Dread Zeppelin

    She is a Globalist need I say more.

  • rugrad98

    I loved the “Merry Christmas” at the end. Well done!

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