Our Homegrown POTATOES are Going in the FREEZER!

Sarah is still going strong with preserving! Today she turns her attention back to potatoes. She has 3 potato preserving projects for the freezer. O'Brien potatoes, French fries, and roasting potatoes.

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  • SaphireDiamonds &Pearls

    You have me exhausted🤣🤣

    • Shelly G

      Haha right?!

    • Wayne Thomas- Harkless Kunkle

      So true, you can get tired watching huh? lol. Its a bit like the old saying “a stitch in time saves nine.” The more she (we) prep our food, the less work it is later. Now, if I can just find the initial burst of energy to do that lol.

    • SaphireDiamonds &Pearls

      @Wayne Thomas- Harkless Kunkle hmmmm I wonder if there’s an app for that🤣🤣🤣🤣( extra burst of energy)

    • Wayne Thomas- Harkless Kunkle

      @SaphireDiamonds &Pearls Oh if you ever find one for that youll be a billionaire! lol

  • MarielasSister

    Hi Sarah and Kevin. I don’t know if you have done this yet but any chance you can make a video of your pantry/ freezer/ food storage? I think many of us would like to drool over it. I bet it’s impressive, especially at the end of the growing season. Love your videos! Thanks for sharing your life with us.

    • MarielasSister

      @JoAnn Mahaffey I thought it would be a good idea, but maybe you’re right. I guess it is up to Sarah and Kevin to decide whether or not they will do it. Thank you for bringing a different perspective 🙂

    • Diane Lively

      I don’t think it’s really safe to be showing your food provisions to the world – you know what I mean… ?

    • Mabel Conner

      Would love to see where she stores all her appliances she uses in food preparation.

    • MarielasSister

      @Mabel Conner yup, another good idea. (For me, others may not agree. )

    • paul John

      @Diane Lively Talk about paranoid… anyway, whether they show it or not, anyone watching would know what they have.

  • Funshine4u

    I am ready to see how you process and store your sweet potatoes too.

    • yandrsupreme

      @Sixpink oneblue You can store potatoes in a cellar just fine around here, anyway. We don’t have one, so we store them in large tupperware boxes in a special refrigerator we have set at 50 degree.

    • Funshine4u

      @Sixpink oneblue thats ok, I’m a grown adult and and will choose for myself, and I didn’t ask for your opinion. Have a wonderful day.

    • Rob Westley

      Sixpink oneblue she likes the skin on, it’s better for you, it’s called fibre, and it works for her. They make these rules in America so they cannot be sued, so if your a grown up you chose what suits you.

    • zak2u2

      @Sixpink oneblue Funny. Too me Sarah seems to have studied very hard about correct and current procedures for canning. And most other things. I’ll bet she and Keven spend many evenings on the internet studying how to make their homestead more efficient which is why they are so successful.

    • Gail Elwood

      @Rob Westley Isn’t it amazing that as adults we can choose what we do and don’t rely on others to tell us what s safe or not! I trust Sara for safe canning, she is one of very few that I do trust.

  • HardenMama

    Oh Sarah, I laughed so hard when you dabbed your eyes and said, ” oh no, she’s crying…”! It was so unexpected.
    I always enjoy your videos and have learned so much from you and Kevin.

  • Alice Serna

    Sarah, potatoes are not the only thing you can use that FF chopper for. Working in a restaurant I used it for peppers, onions, tomatoes and even carrot sticks. Cut most veggies in half size to fit and cut better. It will work great on hard
    squash’s too.

  • MK hunts treasure

    Try your fry cutter attached to a wall so you are just pushing down on the guide. Goes super fast.

  • Nancy Schaecher

    Awesome prepping for your family for the coming year. Hint for next year: for Potatoes O’Brien, start cutting potatoes with the French fry cutter. Then cross cut those into the dice. It’s a real time saver. Your family will eat healthy and hearty this next year. Good job.

    • Caryn Wood

      I do it opposite. I cut them length wise then pop them on my fry cutter and boom, diced potatoes. I tried using my mandolin to cut the potatoes first but they came out too small for how I like them.

    • Gail Elwood

      @Caryn Wood I agree but O’Brien potatoes are bigger chunks than FF. I have bought then that size before and they aren’t as good.

  • Shauna Gustavus

    Dehydrate thin sliced potatoes for au gratin and scalloped potatoes.

  • Rose Eckstein

    I would like to see where you store everything and how much you have done so far.

    • Vanessa Lumbra

      @Robert Tombrella I didn’t ask to see their pantry. But no one will know where you live by showing your freezer contents.

    • zak2u2

      @JoAnn Mahaffey Just my personal opinion, but it’s only a request. Sarah is a big girl and can decide what suggestions to follow without your policing of the comments section … smh

    • zak2u2

      @Robert Tombrella I just can’t understand what the big whoop is about seeing a pantry. What do you think is going to happen? Maybe someone is going to stage a raid on their pantry for a jar of potatoes? You people have way too much time on your hands if you’re worrying about this. Try working hard like Sarah and Kevin do and you won’t worry about what other people do so much …

    • rayeann reeves

      I would like to see how many of these people store their items and keep track of what they have. There is no way you can just remember everything. I also try to freeze my items in a way they stack and fit into the freezer well, so it would be nice to see some of their ideas.

    • Rose Eckstein

      rayeann reeves That’s what I thought but apparently that offended some people.

  • Rita Orgel

    Why don’t you lay the bags of potatoes flat in freezer may keep them less clomped

  • Mary Miller

    It tickled me to see how excited you were about the french fry cutter! Y’all do a wonderful job teaching us ‘wannabes’ how it’s done! I’ve learned SO MUCH from you both! May God continue to bless your efforts!

    • zak2u2

      Kitchen “gadgets” can be a problem if you don’t have storage in your kitchen. A cheap plastic thing can be more trouble than it’s worth. But if it’s going to be a time-saver like Sarah’s potato cutter, it’s a God-send. She’ll have that for decades and probably leave it to one of the girls. Quality is always a good thing in tools …

  • Garden A Little

    “I’ll just smack the bag on the counter” 😂 love it!

  • Cheryl Casio

    “Do we need any more kitchen gadgets? Yes we do!” Love it!

  • HaHa HELL

    My dad used to own French fry concession stands and we grew up on french fries all summer. He had a huge industry potatoe pealer, and 50 pound bags of potatoes stacked in the back of a box truck. Every morning we had to peel enough potatoes for the crowds for the whole day and night. He used big metal garbage cans filled with cold water to keep the potatoes there close to the stand. He also had a potato cutter like that one but a little bigger, bolted to the counter in the stand. Fresh french fries made to order in a welded deep fryer vats he hand made himself. We sold a lot of them growing up.

  • Hanna Young

    Ouh now you can make sweet potato fries, beet root stick, carrot sticks and apples fries. We even used ours for onions, heck of quick way of getting diced onions.

  • Ann’s Warm Fuzzies

    Great video as always! The fries at the store (and the restaurants) are flash fried before they’re flash frozen. Similar to how you blanch them, they’re fried for about 4 minutes then drained and frozen for packaging. They can be seasoned before freezing if you’re going to bake them after the first fry. This is how you get that great crispy fried outside without the taters soaking up the oil and becoming super greasy. I know you’re super busy and just want to get things done and into the freezer, I just thought you’d like to know, and maybe someone can use this tip. Have a blessed day! Hope your cold clears up soon. 💕😁

    • Wayne Thomas- Harkless Kunkle

      What a great tip! I never knew how you could cook fries without soaking up the oil and still be crisp. So basically, par-fry, freeze and then bake? –Shirley

    • Ann’s Warm Fuzzies

      Wayne Thomas- Harkless Kunkle yep. You technically only need to freeze if you want to preserve them. You can go straight from the draining to the baking if you are making them the same day.

    • Wayne Thomas- Harkless Kunkle

      @Ann’s Warm Fuzzies Thanks so much. I may end up doing a little of both ways.

  • Sharla Leonard

    😂🤣 onions! Baggie tip: put your baggie in the cold water with one corner of your bag open until the water is almost to the top. (Don’t get the water in the bag). It will push out the excess air!

  • Trisha Pomeroy

    Please share your recipe for “cheesy creamy potatoes”!

  • animist channel

    Cheffy tip for taking the tears out of onions. (I used to have to prep up to 20 pounds of onions per day.) Before starting on the other ingredients, prep the onions 1 by 1 like this:

    Cut off the root end, then cut off the green end (yes, the order can matter), cut in half or quarter, pull off the outermost paper/layer, and submerge in a big bowl of ice water. Immediately get the scraps of each onion out of the way into a bag/can so they aren’t sitting on your board.

    If your knife starts to get sticky or covered in juice, immediately rinse or wipe with cold water. Wipe the board with a cold water cloth as needed also. Using a very sharp, thin knife is better than a thick, dull one. You want to slice cleanly without scrunching a lot of the flesh, because scrunch = vapor in air.

    Leave the onion halves sitting in the ice water while you do whatever other prep you need, then come back for the onions. In that few minutes, most of the nasty vapory juice that usually leaks out into the air and burns your eyes will now be in the water instead. 99% reduction in cry factor.

    • Professor Kitchen

      As a young man I worked in a Subway sandwich shop & I can attest to the ice water method. We didn’t quarter ours first but just threw them in the water whole. Of course, we had nearly infinite supply of ice, so that makes a difference…

    • Ginger Reid

      I diced up 18 gallon bags of our Texas 1015 onions…used my food processor..flash freezed and put into gallon freezer bags…

    • Pat Bauer

      Good suggestions!!

    • andie watson

      Ooo soak the onions! I’ve always just kept my knife wet which works but this would be quicker! Thanks for sharing!

  • Wendi Miller

    Sarah: “Do I really need this kitchen gadget?” “YES I DO!”
    I laughed so loud at this! I just love you Sarah 🤣

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