Officers Get Into It With Man Pretending To Be A Guard

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  • Barny Fraggles

    Ooof horrible seeing yellowshirt coming in from behind and knowing what’s about to happen.

  • Kyle Webb

    Rest In Peace for that officer.

  • Robert Mustain

    This is like a bad movie plot.

    • michael mantinaos

      It worked though

    • Anorin Ali

      If only it was Dirty Harry who went there to withdraw some money. The result will be different. Remember what happened when Dirty Harry, Smith and Wesson went to a coffee shop to get a cup of coffee.

    • Keinlieb

      I could see this working as a movie plot. Cop that was killed had a brother, brother goes for revenge, stop me if you’ve heard this plot before.

  • xxHighRiderzxx

    Demons exist . Rest in peace….

  • Broken Hearted Dude

    I cant imagine how the robbers eat and enjoy after taking someone’s life..just horrible

    • {Weißer Monddrache}

      @a literal Nazi your unaware of human Supremacy because your indoctrinated by the very concept of human society that advocates for human Supremacy on the subconscious mind and you cast stones because you have no desire to change your life of personal desires and anything that opposes your comfort is considered propaganda or you just mock it and don’t bother to do research for your self because your the type that doesn’t want anything to change if it means you have to change your personal habits and routines, you think I’m inferior based on my beliefs and values of all life forms only shows human Supremacy indoctrination exist.

    • {Weißer Monddrache}

      @a literal Nazi I’m sorry but your not my type of crazy, I’m into a different type of crazy, like Deadpool crazy Steve Irwin crazy or my favorite Jim Carrey crazy. I think your more of a Gordon Ramsay crazy but don’t worry your well on your way hahaha.

    • Mafasa Mafasaa

      Well, cops serve the elites and bankers who steal from the middle class citizens.

    • H M

      When I was 20s I got mugged by two guys. Gave them my wallet like they asked & then they beat me up for fun. After that I started a no mercy policy. You never know if the nice acting bad guy will kill you or put you in the hospital for fun. Best to do society a favor whenever possible

  • county sheepdog

    *Some Ambushes CAN’T be Prevented*

  • atticus carr

    Oh man that’s horrible
    Always consider that there are multiple attackers

    • Gregg Sinini

      “Especially” when the first robber at the front door was just standing there pretending to be a security guard!!! Why would one robber just stand by the banks entrance and not already inside demanding money. I’m no cop and don’t pretend here to be a tough guy or saying I know better, but in hind sight, three cops come in to a bank and see a fake security guard standing at the door, WTF do you think he’s doing!!! He’s keeping watch for the cops while his accomplices are inside robbing the bank!! $30,000 Geeeez! Nice haul!! Sad a cop doesn’t go home to his family and the dirtbags criminals all got away with the robbery and the murder. As what’s described in the video!! Shithole country, poorly trained law enforcement, corrupt higher ups, and non-existent Intelligence. In America 3 robbers rob a bank and murder a police officer, those MFs are getting caught!!!

    • Aaron La Fontaine

      Tunnel vision

    • Jake Fournier

      I had my mom buy me a shirt when I was a kid, it said “Kill them all let God sort them out.”” Now I know what that robber was thinking.. He shot everyone in his line of sight.

    • Jason

      I learned this growing up around black kids. If you fought one of them, others would come from nowhere and help them. Now I never assume a scene is as I see it.

    • atticus carr

      @Gregg Sinini yeah it’s definitely obvious there would be more but man hard to think through that so quickly.

  • LatestLefty

    Thanks for another defense video. RIP for that officer. It sucks when someone pays with their life… the highest price to pay.

  • R Jenkins

    Damn, not sure how else this coulda went down…wish the officer didn’t extend his arm all the way one handed, shoulda put a couple rounds in him from the waist…training is everything! RIP brother..

    • /^inutemen/^edia

      Agreed. Should have also backed away from the guy when he drew his pistol.

    • Morpheen999

      It’s how you think, how you process information.. instead of thinking in right now terms.. when you realize, that guy isn’t a real guard.. immediately start thinking why, maybe he’s a lookout.. i have to trust my partners to look after this guy and i need to cover the back of the bank because this guy is obviously a lookout

  • nyuu444

    I think one of the hostages ratted the guard out so they turned their attention towards him.

  • Teko Harrison

    This is why you should respect police officers. In fact, they risk their lives just for you. Without police, without society.

  • GirlgeniusNYC

    “Filmed on a potato” lol
    Always sad to see a LEO lose the fight

  • Orbis Factor

    Do Americans yet realize how brutal the World is, and what one must be willing to do to remain free?
    America will face this and worse on a daily basis if its Good people fail to defend what is right.
    Our demise is FAR from inevitable.

    • Joao Victor Cerqueira

      @DonAngel13 All right then. But just saying Brazil is also extremely violent, we’ve had an average murder rate 5 times higher than the US. It has become a little safer in the last couple of years but it’s still pretty dangerous out here

    • DonAngel13

      @Joao Victor Cerqueira I understand! My point wasn’t to compare or to say which one is worst, Brazil and many others are for certain dangerous places, I was just pointing out that these things also happen here daily too…

      God YHWH bless all you here, I’m not trying to prove anything, just pointing out what’s going on.

    • Joao Victor Cerqueira

      @DonAngel13 Don’t worry i did understand your point. God bless you too!

    • profesorplazas

      Don’t let EVER USA become a new Venezuela. From Venezuela with love…

    • DonAngel13

      @profesorplazas That’s out of the control of anyone… And as it seems, majority here in this country play the politics games, not understanding that they are just puppets playing every single one of us…

      I leave it in God YHWH’s hands… 👍 Thanks

  • Ryan Harris

    Omfg, that was crazy. I don’t know how cops could live normal lives. They must be on edge all the time

  • Adam R

    As the saying goes; “Monsters are real…..and they most certainly are always human!” It is like that situation I think in a Texas Wal Mart a few years back when a CCW shopper went after a gun toting man but didn’t realize the woman ten yards behind the bad guy was his girlfriend and shot him in the back. Oooof, hard to watch.

    • J C

      Yeah I don’t think anyone would have suspected her of also being invovled, was a pretty effective tactic on their part but hopefully we all learned something. Be wary of multiple attackers. R.I.P. Also to that fucking brave hero who tried to stop them.

    • Adam R

      @J C Yes. Painful to watch but hopefully some people learned from it and have already profited from that poor guy’s loss. RIP indeed to him and bless his family.

    • Cremist

      Yeah that incident happened in Las Vegas down the street from where I live, and that was shocking situation to deal with in our city.

    • Balerion the Black Dread

      @Cremist and that guy died too.

  • Raw Mean

    I thought the problem would be the fake security. They should have known he wasn’t alone. Sad

    • Tamer Ciftci

      You do realise this aint a movie and you’re fighting someone with a gun trying to kill you or your partners. Its easy to say things in front of a screen after you assessed everything, know the story and ready for something to happen 👍

    • Serge Omelayenko

      @Tamer Ciftci If it was your everyday citizen, I agree… But I work in medical field… I dont anticipate for everday joe to recognize something they havent learned or been thaught…. This is poor training! its not thinking its instinct level training!

    • Jesse James

      @Tamer Ciftci The factor here is the group of officers that were just coming in. I don’t know how they train over there in Venezuela, but one would assume that if there is a perp at a bank then you must assume that they are not alone. Bank robberies typically see wolves attacking in packs for obvious reasons such as that banks usually have armed security already present. The fact that the perps already had a guy pretending to be a guard at the door indicates that the previous security guards were taken out which must have taken a coordinated effort to achieve unless the bank probably had shitty security to begin with.

      Considering this is Venezuela we are talking about here, I’m not surprised by the possible lack of security. Their economy is in shambles right now and most of the Bolivars stolen from that bank would likely only cover for a few empanadas at the local food stand.

    • Tamer Ciftci

      @Serge Omelayenko respect your response 👍

    • Tamer Ciftci

      @Jesse James I respect your opinion 👍

  • Brendon Fitzgerald

    Years ago back in New Hampshire, I saw a man in line at the bank wearing a long, heavy coat on a hot day, casting fertive glances. As I left, I paused in the bank foyer and stopped two other men, pointing out the suspicious man in line. The man in line saw us peering at him, opened his coat, and withdrew… his checkbook. The other two guys called me a moron and moved on. I never knew why I remained kinda proud of that moment. Now I know. Thanks, John.

    • J Skipper

      His gun was in the other pocket. The checkbook act was his back-out plan.

    • Da Swisher

      Those guys were the morons for thinking nothing of it. Good for you paying attention. You never know…

    • Brendon Fitzgerald

      J., I knew I shoulda charged across the bank lobby and tackle him!
      Opportunity lost. But I’m still on lookout!
      A friend,
      Brendon I

    • Monica Perez

      Better to apologize for an honest mistake than to let a tragedy happen. Something similar happened to me . . . called the cops when I heard a woman screaming “help.” Thought she was being raped. Turned out the police and I found out she was playing around in the swimming pool. Apologized to the cops, then I gave her hell!

  • David S.

    The multiple attackers thing scares the hell out of me. They could be anywhere, anyone.

  • Frakis Maximus

    Venezuela is communist. Something bad happens, government will cover it up and insist the citizen-slaves are actually living in a utopia.

  • Swiatek702

    Venezuela is basically a country that is nothing but a giant armed robbery.

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