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We have lived OFF GRID in a LOG CABIN for the last decade. We have enjoyed sharing our journey with yall and hope you enjoy the video! If you have anything negative at all to say about us giving a log cabin kit away at 1 million subscribers you can just save it! We move to the beat of our own drum around here and we are out to change lives!
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About OFF GRID with DOUG and Stacy
In 2010 we decided to sell everything and build a log cabin on 11 acres. We have lived in the log cabin for a decade now with no solar power or wind power plus zero public utilities. We live like the pioneers except in the 21st century. We post videos on social media to encourage people to return to the land and make a living with your family. We teach folks:
*Off grid living *Rain water catchment *Cooking with wood
*Food growing *Cooking from scratch *Raised bed gardening
*Food harvesting *fermenting the harvest *food preservation
*Holistic Remedies like Grandma made *How to make money and live this life
*storing food in a root cellar *DIY Build projects
*Animal Husbandry *Raising Chickens, Guinea, Turkeys and Ducks
All of our videos are made to empower you to break free and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!



  • Ecoblue Farms

    You scared me whew thought you were shutting down 💝💝

  • 628DirtRooster Bees

    Exciting times! Rooting for you to hit your goal.

  • The Patsy Family

    WOW! How fun! Congrats on the increase in family members. And very generous offer for one of your subscribers.

    • La Sexualidad y Usted

      Congratulations on the grandchildren Birth. I am a retired teacher and watching your videos I have learned a lot and also have fun. I WILL LIKE TO HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO PARTICIPATE IN THE LOG CABIN RAFFLE.

    • Melodee Kielich

      Thank you for your videos! I would like to participate in the drawing for the log cabin❤💖

    • Brenda Conner

      Watched only 2 videos so far ..I have subscribed and shared and I’m in love your your off grid farm..its a dream so many have and will never be able to attain. I’ve wished for this all my life and realize I am probably one of those ppl I just talked about…But I’m gonna watch every one that I possibly can as you have stoled my interests and I Love your attitudes. By the way ..CONGRATS on the new babies. God has your family and I’m quite sure your blessings arent over.

    • Take America Back From Isяael

      Log its big its heavy it wood! Its better than bad its good, everybody loves log! By Blamo!

  • John Fitzpatrick

    what a kind couple all from the heart, That’s why i love this channel.

  • Aaron & Breana

    We just purchased land in MO outright and this would be wonderful! We are going to move my mom with us. This would be such a blessing!!

  • Elizabeth Pendleton

    The best blessing is when your blessed and you can bless others, in turn feeling truly blessed. You guys ROCK!

  • Illuminated

    I have a friend who landed on hard times with two acres in Texas with some goats and chickens but he needs a home to on the land to live there. I would give it to him in a heart beat🙏🏻

  • Jerry Burwick

    I’m a Disabled Veteran but I can’t wait to get my place!

    • Lilithofeden1

      Thank you for your service to what once was our beautiful God loving and God-fearing country. God bless you in Jesus name every day and may He get you your true and well deserved home. Much love Hero 😘

    • Jenni L

      Go for it Jerry! 20 years on and aged 67 and 78, we can tell you it is worth it, in spite of our disabilities. They are less of a problem than you might be thinking.

    • LaTina80

      Jerry burwick— thank you for what you done for our country, BUT your comment has triggered me in this way, you don’t have your own place? This is why I feel the way I do – I BELIEVE fully that anyone who served or is serving our country be taken care of fully when their service is done! No cost for medical, prescriptions, home or care of any kind period.. we take care of presidents until the die, why can’t we do the same or better for those who literally put their lives on the line for our country yet I feel our government more so, craps on them, it’s not right.

    • Megan B

      Thank you for your service 🙏

    • Gregory True

      Ditto! Waiting for wife’s work from home situation to get nailed down. Working towards homestead of our own. I can deal with getting on a first name basis with chainsaws and woodworking tools.

  • Daniel Scullion

    Can you drive to Ireland? that’s where I live.

  • allon33

    “Not sure How To tell our SUBSCRIBERS this?!?” I thought something had gone wrong. Just an advice video, okay.

    • ______________________________________

      @Jersey Stotler this is called clickbait, in other venues it’s called “advertising.” From everything you own, and use unless you literally made or grew it yourself, you have been influenced by ” clickbait” or ” advertising ” whatever term you choose to use. The truth is you will crash and burn , get lost in the sauce , not make any money, unless in the open market or You Tube , you find a way to draw attention to yourself and your product. That’s just this aspect of the American economic system works .

    • Take America Back From Isяael

      It click-baited me in to watch and sub lol

    • Olive Hyde

      And I skipped to the end, don’t like suspense. Now I can watch from beginning again. Just good very good news 👍
      🙏 It will happen !!

    • penelope grier

      @Poison Ivy good information. I knew people made money on their videos, but I wasn’t sure how. Now I know how to help my favorites out.

    • penelope grier

      @2 fries short of a Big Mac I think I gave poison ivy the message meant for you. I gotta be more careful about that. Anyway, thanks for the info. I didn’t know how people made money on their videos. Now I know what to do to help out my favorites.

  • Beeblebrox One

    Be careful when walking on big piles of logs like that, a guy let a bunch of kids play on a similar pile and one of the kids got killed when the logs shifted.

  • A Gypsy Circle

    I’m working on getting everything set up so that when I finally do retire I can have a cottage craft setup for textiles, including growing the plants to make to fibers to spin into threads and yarn that in turn get made into fabrics for clothing. I’d love to set it up so that children can come to learn all the different ways to make everything and to learn the incredible diversity in natural fibers that can be used instead of plastic!

    • Jacinda May

      Can i come learn too! They don’t teach you skills in school anymore since a lot of things get machine made and mass produced (always terrible quality)

    • A Gypsy Circle

      Jacinda May this’ll be a while but I’d love visitors! There’s a ton of videos on spinning and other textile crafts that you can learn from in the meantime.

    • Jacinda May

      @A Gypsy Circle ill certainly be looking into it

    • PattyDalmau

      It’s awesome to watch the entire natural dying process! While in Cusco, Perú, I truly enjoyed a textiles factory tour guide on making llama wool🥰 yarn🥰

    • kelhawk1

      That is awesome! How they make linen thread from flax seeds sounds amazing to me! Haven’t watched anything on it yet, but it seems impossible!

  • Roots, Rocks & Feathers

    This is amazingly generous, Doug, wow. What a blessing you’ll be to someone, other than what you already are on a daily basis, that is! Thank you. ~Cynthia

  • Perywinkle Lily

    I appreciate your generous hearts.

  • Pat Gervais

    I have been rebuilding a piece of land that was forgotten . It’s been hard but grow my own food and give a bunch to local food bank.

  • Half Pace Outdoors & Homestead

    I’ve just recently found your guys channel when my wife and I started talking about getting into Homesteading. I’m “disabled” with a spinal cord injury and the first episode I saw of yours was your homestead tour and your aging in place concept really spoke to me. Really awesome content! I look forward to digging into your channel! Congratulations on the new grandbabies!!! Our second son is due in November!

  • Daddykirbs Farm - A Homesteading Story

    Your story about “meeting the creative man inside you” absolutely resonates with me. There is so much I’ve learned about myself here on the homestead and in front of the camera. What you guys are doing is amazing. It’s wonderful watching you work all this out and sharing your “nuggets” with the world. No matter how all this unfolds I believe you are making a positive difference in the world. Keep at it my friend.

  • Wise Woman

    I’m doing a shed-to-home. The interest more than doubled the original price of the shed. I said, out loud to nobody, “I’m gonna have to find someone to buy me out so I don’t have to pay all this interest!” Not two days later, my brother called me – long story short, he bought the building, and I pay him $200/mo instead of nearly $400 to the finance company. I give God all the glory for that. I didn’t approach my brother – God tapped him on the shoulder and gave him the wherewithal to help me out. God is good.

  • Milo Fonbil

    Doug and Stacy, I’m an engineer, still in suburbia. I have to be logical and creative, but for corporate America. My wife can work from home, so leaving will be easier for her. Your series is inspiring me to meeting the other half of that creative man inside for my family and I. The idea of building a log cabin as a legacy for my family, out in rural America is fueling that vision. I look forward in watching your log cabin build for your mom.

  • Aaron Graff

    I gotta say man, just listening to everything you say, my soul has heard. You folks are truly inspirational.

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