Not a SINGLE Apple on Our Trees…But That’s NOT Stopping ME!!

After a late frost took all of the fruit blossoms from the apple trees, Sarah was delighted to find local apples for $20 a bushel. Today she preserves some of the apples by making and canning applesauce.

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  • The African Lion

    Hi Sarah, I love your shirt. Two days to our new property closing in Huntsville, Texas. We are very excited, 12.23 acres.

  • Elizabeth Prior

    If you’re into jam and jelly making you can use the the Apple peels and cores to make home made pectin stock. You can also use quartered crabapples or a mix of apples and crabapples.
    Put your peelings and cores into a pot, cover with water and bring to the boil. Simmer until the apples are mushy and then strain through a metal sieve, pushing much of the pulp through into another pot.
    Leave this overnight and the next day bring back to the boil and reduce the liquid by half.
    The stock will keep for a couple of days in the fridge. You can freeze it but freezing reduces the its effectiveness. You can also bottle your stock for storage.
    As a rule of thumb, use about ½ pint of your stock per 4lb of fruit that’s low level fruit like strawberries or less for medium level fruits like apricots and blackberries

  • Sydney Strickland

    Make apple cider vinegar with the scraps!

  • Kathy Krause

    Hi Sara. I’m 66 yrs. Old and have been canning most of my life. I just finished with my 2020 canning season. I have my own apples trees so have plenty of apples to preserve for the winter. Apple pies, apple crisps and of course apple sauce. I prefer not to add cinnamon to my apple sauce as that way I can use it to add to cake mixes instead of oil. It has multiple usage that way.

    • Get it Right

      Thanks for the information. What a great idea, Sarah loves the applesauce for its self but if she wants to try your way maybe she could make a spice cake. Blessings.

  • Marylu3172

    Sarah! Cook your apples first and use your tomato sauce strainer to remove the skins and seeds! Way easier than peeling all the apples!

  • Sunflower Sue

    I no longer peel my apples when I make applesauce I quarter them, remove the core, throw them in a couple of crock pots, and let them cook down. Then I run them through the food mill and they are ready to can. Not peeling saves hours of time.

    • Micheline Bercier-Larivière

      And the colour is so much better!

    • Elizabeth M

      @Barbara Gaspard She’ll be making vinegar with it.

    • janie fogle

      That is exactly the way I do mind also. No way would I sit and peel a bushel of apples when I had my Mill

    • janie fogle

      @Mary Mary’s Market I’ve always removed the peels but especially the seeds because my understanding was they are toxic

    • Debbie Ricker

      @Deborah Ahrlich I bought one of those off eBay a few years ago. It was an old metal one, still in the original box, and it did work well. I downsized severely to move into a smaller retirement home this year, so I resold it on eBay. It makes me happy to know someone else is able to enjoy it after me.

  • Michelle Tupper

    Sarah, just had to say- your stuffed red pepper recipe was delicious!! Will be making it again. Thank you for sharing. Always looking for something different to put in the table and this was a hit.

  • Lola Hodgens

    Ok… probably not a huge deal in this community, BUT Y’ALL ellyandgrace carries up to 4XL…. that is soooo beyond rare in the independent t-shirt boutiques! Thanks, Sarah! This is a huge find!!!

  • terikc2012

    I’m lucky enough to live literally across the street from an apple & pear orchard. The apples this year were HUGE!!! Like softball huge! hoping to can some sauce this week! I dehydrate my peelings and make apple powder which you can add to baked goods for extra flavor

    • Pat Maier

      Terujc2012, you are blessed, we lost our tree, it never had many apples but really enjoyed getting to use them. After i stopped working. Never had time to do anything before. Thank for the tip. I will try to dehydrate some. Very handy idea.

  • Rebecca Jones

    Another person on YouTube who does homemade vinegars is Lori Brown on the channel Whippoorwill Holler.

  • Jennifer Raiche

    Sarah, you and Kevin are just an absolute joy to watch! Your enthusiasm is contagious. Thanks for all the great videos, I always look forward to them.

  • L Devoll

    For those suggesting that it’s not necessary to peel and core, that is true. But if you do peel and core you can make more than one product from the apples. The peels and cores can make juice, jelly, or even pectin for other jams and jellies. So many wonderful ways to do things!
    Sarah, I could smell those apples cooking down! 😋

    • Lorinda Van Engelenhoven

      I run my unpeeled or cored apples through my steam juicer and then the food mill. If it’s a juicy year, there is juice to spare. If it’s a dry year, it goes back into the sauce.

    • Diana Southard

      Couldn’t find citric acid this season, so I used cold salted water. I used the peels & core for Apple Cider Vinegar.
      This year, I thru several pitted plums into my apples for the cooking. I used my blender to grind them into my finished sauce. I canned some, but then made a wonderful apple/plum butter using my slow cooker with the lid propped open so it cooked down. This butter is amazing on different cooked squashes and on sweet potatoes, too. 🤤

  • Janice Morin

    My friend puts “Red Hots” candy bits in her applesauce . It is an interesting variation, very tasty.

  • Ready Rover

    I spent years doing videos as editor of the most widely read dog and cat magazines in the world, so I have a deep appreciation of what it takes to do seamless presentations online. You and Kevin are so polished and confident and smart and informative. I love to can from the garden, and really appreciate your knowledge and advice.

  • Cee Park

    Homemade applesauce vs. store bought—-hands down homemade is best tasting.

  • katy kauzlarich

    That’s a bummer. We just took over 600 lbs of apples to a cidery close to use. We will have another 600 lbs to donate next week and still have another 600lbs + to make our own cider, apple butter, apple sauce and pie filling.

  • tony

    when i make apple sauce , i wash my apples in the sink and then i cut them into quarters and put them into stock pots with just a little water. cover and heat on low. when the apples get soft and that does not take to long , i put them through the victorio food strainer. sauce comes out one end and the peels seeds out the side. i put the sauce back into the stock pots on low heat and cook, as its cooking i add brown sugar and cinnamon to the taste! after it cooks for a while stirring often . when it is done let cool and then put into quart freezer bags and lay flat in freezer. friends tell me its the best !

  • Sharon Young

    We had a peeler, slicer, corer, his name was Grandpa.

  • Mary McCloy

    I dehydrate everything right now, peels left on the fruit. The peaches and the many apple varieties I have dried are sooooo awesome!! I sample as I jar them up and then vacuum seal them!!

  • Hanging With The Guys

    “Enuf talking, Sarah…”
    Oh, Nooo, Sweetie girl. You affect people when you talk. I know you were teasing just a bit, but, I have learned so much by listening to you speak. I wanted to make sure you knew that. You’re thoughtful, kind and very loving in your mannerisms as well in your delivery, which is important for a teacher. I don’t lose interest which is a key point when you’re trying to learn something… You explain things so that even I can understand. LOL. You rank way up there, Sarah, when I think about all of the teachers that I have had in my life.
    Please, Sarah, don’t stop talking.
    Margie, Eddie, and Colleen Guy from southern Maryland.
    “Hanging with the Guys” 💖

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