New York Considering FORCED Vaccination Bill

Can your state FORCE you to take the vaccine? The New York legislature is considering a bill to do just that, reports Bill O'Reilly.

He reviews the three court cases which have set the precedent to answer that very pressing question.



  • mary t

    They cant do that!

  • Michael .Wise

    Much easier to go after people not “complying” with mask mandates and lockdowns than actual violent criminals.

  • Robert B

    Thoght mask squad was handing them out!

  • sammyvh11

    That’s a scotus case asap.

  • nwvideographotographer

    Sorry but we have new court now. I will never get a vaccine or wear a mask, end of story. I don’t care about covid, people die get over it.

    • Robert Mills

      The people in charge of making the vaccines believe in depopulation ! Think about that for a second. Nope , I will NEVER take their poison !! My immune system works just fine for the “FLU” !!! 😉👌👍💯💯🇺🇸🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020

    • Shaun R

      @Robert Mills yes, lots of info about what Gates has done in Africa.

  • white dove

    I refuse to comply. There is NO long term study of it and how it could possibly affect the human body. Anyone who gets it can just automatically refer to themselves as guinea pigs.

  • joe blow

    now they are saying you shouldn’t get it if u have any allergies after those 2 people in Britain went in to shock after they got their shot. So hows that gonna work?

  • joe blow

    people who get the shot will have “666” tattooed on their scalp

  • Mark Russell

    Don’t take the vaccine, you’ll be sorry 😣

  • Zohon Pi

    “There NOT going to kick the door in.” 😂😂😂 I’ll take the consequences Bill.

  • Der Wanderer

    It is our duty as free men to say NO, we will not comply with mandatory masks, social distancing, or vaccines, no matter what the consequences. This is war.

  • FloridaGreg

    Warnings were given, people with severe allergies should not take it, after 2 people had severe allergic reactions in the U.K. to the vaccine.

  • Leeroy Jenkins

    My body, my right…unless it’s for a vaccine. Abortions allowed, vaccines mandatory. Makes perfect liberal sense.

  • Jose Martinez

    The whole year has been a scam! Keep pushing, defying & exposing for freedom!

    Just some simple facts I’ve observed & compiled through my interests and passion on what’s going on ->
    The betting odds in favor of Trump winning were -775 or 88.5% before a few states in question in abnormal fashion all of a sudden stopped counting. Then we saw spikes in 95% + Biden votes, and by the 10s of thousands of only Biden (without down-ticket candidates) with magnitudes, which are statistically very improbable & some cases physically impossible in that time frame. Take in all the sentiment + behavioral abnormalities & I’d have to put at a minimum, a 95% chance there was massive fraud which occurred. If anyone knows anything about statistics and Bayesian probabilities, then it would be very difficult to at least not demand a proper audit. There are many other layers of factors of very improbable results ( ) which can be added in, to further conclude a 99% chance, that I personally hold in estimation of massive fraud occurring. If a person is honest & loves the values of truth & transparency, then I would hope that they too would want to investigate and get to the bottom of things. We are not the enemies of each other. We have been played and pitted against one another in a divide & conquer scheme in order to benefit those establishment entities which benefit the most from a populous against each other. I hope everyone wakes up to what’s going on, before the grip on power with those in position goes too far. Look at what they do to truth revealers such as Assange and Snowden! 🇺🇸

  • ky le

    next time we see bill he’ll have a covid barcode tattooed on his forehead

  • JimmyDickens1

    “Hands off my body”. “These decisions are between me and my doctor”. F’ing hypocrites!

  • Dale Winchester

    Someone is sure to get a shot of lead laced with copper if it comes to that

  • Deanna Jones

    .44 cal. Says ” no, I don’t have to take it.”

  • OGT92

    Libs made hippa.. Good luck! Not taking a vaccine when I have basically zero chance of dying from China flu..

  • Hal Staniloff

    I will not take the “COVID-19” “vaccination”. Period.

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