New Generation 1 Glock 17 – The P80!

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Glock along with Lipsey's have reintroduced the Glock generation 1 pistol and named it the P80. The original P80 was adopted in 1982 by Austria as their military service pistol. In 1988 the Gen 1 was replaced by the Gen 2 Glocks and since then the Glock Gen 1 guns have become collectors items. The new Glock P80 is now available.

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  • Soylent Green

    The rigorous movement testing troll that you did there got a good chuckle out of me 😂. Next time you have to do the center axis re-lock or whatever it’s called John Wick does. Maybe a spetznaz roll also.


    It’s evolving…only backwards

  • Andrew Dalton Ray

    I’m not usually a Glock fan, but when I heard about this from lipsey I was very intrigued by it. Plus, about several weeks ago I was helping a friend of my with some stuff and while at his house he was showing me his guns, and one of those guns was an original gen 1 Glock serial 7xx very unique firearm And just like the P80 it came with a hard plastic box, two mags, cleaning rod, and mag speed loader very unique piece of firearms history

    • Godon Gurando is another T-800 OK

      I’m really trying to dive into old school and retro guns. Seeing Glock reintroduces the Gen 1 P80 variant puts a smile on my face.

    • Jon Meray

      P80 is pre gen 1

    • Hika Hoshikaze

      Love how they convinced people that the model 17 wouldn’t show up despite the number of metal components

    • Jon Meray

      Godon Gurando is another T-800 OK glock didnt,lipseys did spearhead the project

    • How to be awesome

      If I understand you correctly, you don’t like glocks but now that they have undone all of the improvements they made over the last 30 some years, you get interested? You going to watch youtube on a commodore 64 too?

  • 556nutt

    But does it bulge the brass beyond reloading like only glock can do ?

  • Sol Rosenberg

    MAC LOOKS like a Large Christmas 🎄 Elf.

  • xephael

    4:50 wow, even comes with loaded magazines!😁😂

  • Kyle Piercy

    Mac’s mic is making his Wheeler shirt say Wheeer and it’s cracking me up for some reason

  • Chris Indermuehle

    “Evolutionary changes”? It went from a brick to a brick with stippling.

  • Bad Belzig

    Tupperware that comes in Tupperware. Outstanding !

  • drewp503

    read p80 and thought there was an 80% style gen1 lower..

    • randy cotter

      Me too, super confusing. Not sure why anyone would want a gen 1, when I think most people agree that they’ve gotten better and better with each iteration.

    • Otto Skorzeny

      @randy cotter well it’s obviously because real Gen1’s are rare and expensive. I have two P80’s, one to shoot & one to leave in the box. Am I going to choose to carry a P80 over my Gen2’s, 3’s, 4’s, or 5’s? No but i’m also not going to spend $2,000+ on an original Gen1. I paid $599+tax for each of my P80s. At $599 I feel fine taking one out of the box and shooting it. Even if I coughed up $2k for an original, i’m not going to shoot it so a P80 is one of the only opportunities for many Glock collectors to actually shoot a “Gen 1”. Also, as someone who has at least 1 Glock from every Gen except an original Gen 1, I can tell you right now that i’ll take my Gen2 17 or my Gen3 17 over a Gen5 17 any day of the week. To this day, I buy every used Gen2 and every new 9mm Gen3 I see on the shelf at my LGS. You can’t improve on 100% reliability and the gen4-5 rsa’s really don’t make much difference in terms of recoil etc. Maybe if you subjected a Gen2 & a Gen5 to extreme abuse the 5 would be more durable but again, only marginally so. Gen2 & Gen3 built Glock’s reputation for reliability and durability for Americans. In my state, Marine Patrol and other LEOs are still carrying Gen3’s and they are working just fine. Marine Patrol subjects their guns to salt water and the harsh Maine climate. The changes to the 4’s & 5’s are mostly cosmetic minus a few internal differences. Glock also has to make changes in order to keep the line-up fresh as all companies do. Don’t assume changes are necessary.

      That said, if a P80 isn’t for you then it isn’t for you but clearly, these are selling like hot cakes. Different Glocks for different folks I guess.

  • Mrgunsngear Channel

    I’ll bring my Gen1 next time I’m in town 🤙🏽

  • Tucker Dale

    That’s because the Glock 7 was made of porcelain you just don’t have one of those models because those are for tier 0 operators

  • Nevinko28

    We’ve got a lot of remake from the old things this year such as Resident Evil 3, Mafia 1, and now Gen 1 Glock 17 lol

  • Original American

    As the saying goes: What is old, is new again.

  • Roadrider19119

    I feel the same way when the oldies channel ,went from playing 50` s and 60`s music ,to 70`s and 80`s music. I guess I`M getting old 🙂

  • wldmike223

    The P80 is more like a Gen 3 that looks like a Gen 1.

  • WORRO01

    Still have my original Glock 17, still an excellent shooter. Man this reintroducing/retro, Glock is just awesome! Thanks for the video buddy, very cool!~John

  • Fernando Cauci

    People resit everything new, in the 80s we all came from full metal weapons, that was our standard I just love my glock 17 gen 3 (we could say that it is retro in these crazy current years) Greetings from Uruguay and I kept up the good work on the videos Mac

  • ProGun Inc

    @4:01…. “They called it the Tupperware gun.”
    You’d be surprised just how many idiots still call it that. 🙄 Lol smh It’s ok though, people in the know choose Glock.

  • JCMontero

    “…It’s NOT a comfortable gun to hold, it feels slippery, it’s very thick…”
    That’s it, done!
    Not gonna buy one. 🙂

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