• Carol Dotson

    The best move you ever made. I’m so happy for you.

  • dyermaker_99

    I have enjoyed your channel for awhile. I live in Phoenix, I’m concerned that CA peeps are going to vote the same that created the mess in CA. Am I nuts? I mean no disrespect.

    • SoCal9705

      No, not nuts. Import the 3rd world, become the 3rd world. However, don’t assume all Californians are libbies, about 1/3 of us are conservatives appalled by that association. We are here because we have to be (jobs, family, etc) but we all have an escape plan.

    • Brian Austin

      Ingrid Sol I wonder why🤔

    • R K

      @Brian Austin good luck on your potential move back to MS. I live in MN but many family in MS add well but I don’t like the humidity plus some family won’t budge but I don’t enjoy the blue state here. Far too left

    • Christina Murphy

      @Prepper Princess So is Tucson. 🙁 We are looking to move out of Pima County. I grew up here, and now hate it.

    • Funeral Angel

      – Same happened in Austin Texas 😖

  • ttboy2004

    Don’t California my Arizona

  • Anne Otten

    If the only gas you are going to have is the stove, just get a 5 gallon propane tank to hook up. Most gas stoves have a setting to convert to propane. My only gas is my stove and I just use propane. Cheap!

  • Sherlyn Patterson

    What about buying the empty lots and plant more fruit trees and a bigger garden.

  • Unicorn Phantasm

    I have lived in AZ for 1 1/2 years and discovered:
    1. People who don’t know you will smile and wave at you when you drive or walk by.
    2. Personal freedom here rocks. It’s a blast to drive my Polaris Ace UTV on the street.
    3. A concealed carry permit is not required in AZ to carry a weapon (gun).
    4. Law enforcement in general are professional and courteous. People here back the badge in my small town. The deputies and officers perform community policing (No, I am not in law enforcement nor do I have close friends in law enforcement).
    5. This is the best time of my life living in AZ. I never experienced personal freedom in Cali. You go from the dark side of the force in Cali to true freedom here in AZ.

  • Ingrid Sol

    In Yavapai County, the Californians that started coming in 2000, caused Chaos. They were better than us (what they think) and ended our traditions, got laws changed, brought in crime and bad habits. Before that time, if you were a stranger and ate in a restaurant and forgot your wallet, the Owner would tell you not to worry… come back tomorrow. Californians took advantage of honest folk, and wrote bad checks, swindled Businesses and Business Landlords out of months of rent etc. They had and still have a nasty uppity attitude, and want to make this state the same as the one they are running away from.

    People from NY, Nevada, Texas, Florida and other places are welcome with open arms. They have respect and know how to acclimate. They appreciate our freedoms and simple healthy, courteous way of life. They don’t come here with a mindset… like for example.. “oh we are anti-gun, so we have to change this”. If Someone doesn’t like guns… they shouldn’t come here, it is what keeps us safe. If that’s the case, may I reccomend NYC? Only the gangsters have guns… if you like it like that, go there!

    My comment is not Political, Racist, or Religious. It is what we Arizonians have experienced over the past 20 years, and it is getting worse. WE need a wall. We are sick and tired of our way of life being invaded. ✌

    • M Bailey

      Thanks for the info. I am falling more in love with Arizona everyday. I’m afraid of the summer though. My husband and I are transplants in Nevada from California. My husband is a veteran. Nevada isn’t what I thought. I wish I’d looked into the Democrat Governor before I came here. I was told Nevada was red, and it is not gray turning blue. I hope Arizona can hold on to Liberty.

    • Coppertown Girl

      Ingrid Sol was in Prescott today , traffic was nuts !

    • Ingrid Sol

      @Coppertown Girl
      Next time, try to count how many taxi companies you see. I don’t even know how many there are. (Too many lol) When I moved here in 1997, there were 2 single taxis servicing the entire Prescott and P.V. That company with the 2 grew and was the major one for many years…. it closed down last year. It just shows how busy the town has gotten.

    • Coppertown Girl

      Ingrid Sol I will and I’m sure I will be shocked ! My hubby wants to go Monday for last minute stuff , wish me luck lol

    • Ingrid Sol

      @Coppertown Girl
      Have fun… Hey, you MUST make time to be in Prescott for the Christmas parade (daytime not the night time electric one lol) and the Christmas tree lighting (same day). I don’t go anymore but that is what made me move here. My 3 yr old (now 27) was in every parade and in the Choir through High School. It’s “The Thing” you have to be a part of in town… AND the 4th of July parade as well. Do it!!! Start the morning off be having Breakfast at “The Waffle Iron” on Sheldon… leave your car parked there and walk to the square for parade. It is one of the 3 original restaurants in the town.. It is also haunted with a Ghost (a REAL one no kidding) the Owner Gayle doesn’t like to talk about it. ALL the Restaurants along Whiskey Row are also haunted… lots of History. Don’t worry, these particular Ghosts won’t follow you home hahahaha!! Have a Good life in AZ Coppertown Girl!! 👍👍👍 🎄🚖☃️🧨🇺🇲 Oh, oh, oh! You must check out Mt. Vernon street. I dont know if they cancelled Trick or Treating this year, but that is where the kids go with the Parents dressed up too… it’s tradition… then the parents go to Whiskey row at night for the partying and contests. The town used to give each home on Mt. VERNON $600 per year for candy… it was the best, and kept everyone concentrated in one area safely. Then the amount decreased to $200 (when our rules were being tampered with by “those” unwanted visitors) and our Trick- ior-treaters spread out to the neighborhoods. I don’t even know if they still receive $$$ 😭👺👻👽🎃🎉🏆🎵🎶🎵🍻🍹🍸🍷🥂

  • Teresa Alley

    You got my thumbs up when you said we’re sick of the blue! We Are Red in AZ! Period!!!

  • Di Garcia

    Many conservatives are leaving California because of insanity here. There may be some with a blue streak but most are looking for states that support the constitution and searching for others that feel the same way.

    • High Vibrations

      Not really. I live in Texas and it is turning blue.

    • Margie Tucker

      @High Vibrations Not really…it’s blue in the major cities, but not elsewhere. They are HOPING to turn it purple, but they’re not there yet–and hopefully won’t succeed. I’m out here where the rest of the state is conservative.

    • Di Garcia

      @High Vibrations yes…cant believe how they’re infiltrating conservative states. They have an agenda and they plan to twist things so that conservative Patriots are made to look like the enemy

    • Wendi Anne

      All my friends are also moving out of CA. We cannot move..my husband has a very good job here & are too close to retirement.

    • Señor MeinKrafter2020

      @Margie Tucker Have you looked at the polls recently in Texas. Did you see how narrowly Cruz won 2 years ago?

  • K S

    If you move to escape an oppressive or out of control area, PLEASE don’t turn your new home into the place you are escaping from!

  • Kevin Niven

    I hope we can keep all of our freedoms here in AZ. Looking bad though!

    • M Bailey

      I’m with you on that. So concerned for the whole country. A lot of the red states have turned…….including where I live now which is right next door.

  • Red Bird

    I’m looking for down-to-earth people who are interested in creating community… anyone else interested? Not interested in even hearing from those who are lazy… addict mentality… and most definately NO ‘blue’…

  • Heather Pauline

    We have the same thing here in Montana with store produce it just doesn’t taste the same, doesn’t last at all and is super expensive compared to the lower states. People are flooding in up here too, buying houses with nothing more than a video tour.

  • Bri A

    My thought on relocating – do your homework before you choose your new location. Once you get there, do not be comparing it with any other place you have lived. Open your arms wide open, and just experience the place, the people, and the culture. Home can be anywhere you choose to make it. If you choose to be happy, you will find reasons to be happy, no matter where you land. It is a mindset.

    • Prepper Princess

      I agree. Happiness comes from within

    • Lorene Knight

      Wise words, Bri. Everything in your life, everything depends on you. Your mindset. My glass is ALWAYS half full. We have to choose how we will react, respond, deal with our problems, concerns, issues…life. It’s up to you.

  • River City MOVERS

    I’ve got more to say about the heat in Arizona: I laughed out loud from your “eyes evaporating” comment! LOL!!
    Anyway, I too live 40 miles south of Prepper Princess. She speaks the truth. It’s so hot, one can bake cookies on the dashboard of your car, heat tea and coffee by setting it outside on a rock in the sun. It works. We grow nothing in the summer. In fall, winter, and spring we grow spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and peppers. One orange tree does OK.

  • Ernesto Ramos

    I think that the true comparison of prices would be against someone’s earnings. Are the wages the same in Arizona than those of California?

  • Adam Brady

    California, this is Arizona, turn back… we are full.

  • Chris Meister

    I don’t think it’s fair to compare a coastal state to a land locked state. It’s not the same at all. All coastal communities are expensive on all 3 coast. I’m sure you enjoy Arizona and happy for you to be able to live comfortably.

  • Tom Leech

    OK ok ok ok/ Hold up. I get that people found out where you live, but who the HELL thinks using that information to SHOW UP UNANNOUNCED is an ACCEPTABLE THING TO DO?!?! 🙂

  • Linda Jones

    Offers of friendship and company from “friends” can be disappointing. Urgings for you to move and join them are thrown around at a whim. I’ve experienced similar.

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