Men Abandon Gillette in Droves After “Toxic Masculinity” Ad – P&G Writes Down Billions

Gillette toxic masculinity ad costs company 8 billion

As social justice warriors (SJWs) continue to infiltrate corporate America, the purpose of the business starts to take second place to their radical and bizarre agendas, including the ongoing attack on men and masculinity, which is easy to participate in in the current politically correct environment.

Proctor & Gamble learned the hard way from the Gillette debacle that labeled manhood as “toxic masculinity,” causing a brutal backlash resulting in P&G having to write down $8 billion from the performance of Gillette.

This of course isn’t surprising when you allow these radicals into your company, which have little interest in serving customers, but rather use the company platform to further their political and cultural agendas.

While Gillette has tried to spin it as the result of strong competition, it doesn’t go further and reveal the reason for that competition came from its outrageous attack on its core customer. No wonder men heavily migrated to company’s like Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club instead of remaining with a company that totally disrespects and hates their manhood.

From a Biblical point of view, this is a direct attack on the image of God, which men and women were created in. To attack men and masculinity is to attack the God that created them in His image.

The hapless and clueless CEO and president of Gillette, Gary Coombe, apparently hasn’t learned a thing from the experience, or remains ignorant as to what’s really happening in the real world.

He asserted the ad was for the purpose reaching CEO and president. I’m not sure he meant men and women together, or males in particular. But in regard to males, does he actually think the majority of young males identify as having toxic masculinity.

Coombe had to admit the ignorant strategy didn’t work, and not only did the company lose many of its older male customers, it failed to resonate with millennial as well.

That’s what happens when you fail to vet employees that have control of your marketing campaigns. Never allow and SJW to get their hands on anything important in the organization. Better yet, never hire them in the first place.

Coombe should be rapidly fired and replaced by a man that understands the reason the company is in business is to primarily develop and offer great products to men. That is the purpose of its existence. Nothing else!

If $8 billion in write-downs isn’t even to teach and learn that lesson, than the days of Gillette are numbered.

I say good riddance to them if they hate and disrespect their customer base that much.


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