Dinner For $1.00 is still possible even after all the food inflation.

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  • Keeper Of The Homestead

    I’ve missed your cooking videos!!
    I always loved your cheap meals.

  • Liza Roberts

    I love how you just cook around Rocky – don’t want to disturb the sweet boy!!!❤

  • Ellen's Abundant Life on Less

    Should have given Rocky the peanut butter so he didn’t have to hunt his own meal 😂

  • Private Pirate

    Aw, Rocky’s such a good boy, trying to share his catch with you.

  • Gerald Turcotte

    I checked the reduced meat section every time I go to the store, and at one store in particular as I know their quality of meat is very high. I also check the day old bread rack at the Kroger store near my home when I go there. Find some good deals sometimes. It’s a good way to save money and fill your freezer, I always aggravate my wife by telling her ” I picked some stuff up in the used meat department ” she gives me hell about using that description but she knows what I mean. I worked in commercial kitchens and other food service businesses for about 13 years before I was married and I learned quite a bit about cutting cost when preparing food. In all I loved the video, keep it up you’re one of my favorite YouTubers. God bless

  • Steve Slade

    Pro tip.
    The Chinese historically cut/chopped food into small pieces and used a wok to cook in.
    Why you ask?
    Because fuel for cooking was in short supply. People basically used twigs and pieces of bamboo.
    If you cut everything into bite sized, chopstick portions then you could cook at hi temp for short time since wok held heat in a very limited area.

    Next time debone the chicken and stir fry. Big boney pieces take tpo much fuel to cook.

    Save the mouse for broth. Practice now for the Apocolypse. Lol.

    • Dayna Bennett

      Cassie Miller Hi! Saute chopped up onion, red bell pepper, garlic, tomato, 1 small bag of mixed veggies (corn, carrots, peas or green beans) 1 chicken bouillon, 1 packet of Sazón Goya with Azafrán, cumin powder, salt, pepper, about 8 small yellow potatoes cut in half or quartered. The amount of stock or water will depend on how many chicken thighs and their size. Usually 2-3 cups of stock/water. You want enough sauce to spoon over the chicken, veggies, & rice.

    • Eat Cheaply

      @Duke Of Prunes I still remember at age 20 eating in a finer dining establishment with my family. I ordered a chicken dish and the waiter asked me if I wanted the light or dark meat. I asked my mom what interior chicken meat turns dark when cooked and I’ve never seen that in my life. Growing up, only whole chicken was cooked and we never talked about how the chicken breast cooks to almost white and other cuts of chicken meat cook to off white and finer dining establishments customarily give you the choice of cut of meat. I told the waiter dark meat at that moment, but then felt embarrassed but what can I say? I just didn’t have experience, and no one thought of explaining this to me. To me it always tasted the same and when I see McD’s boast about using white chicken meat I feel it’s an empty, meaningless selling point and laugh to myself a little.

    • colorado prepper packrat

      I think my kittys are prepping the mouses💞💞💞💞😸😸😸😸🙀🙀🙀🙀

    • Carol L

      I have made home made fried rice. I try to cook it once a week. Cheap: frozen peas and carrots, fried Spanish onion, and an egg or 2. Yummy. Just sayin’☺

  • L Blake

    I guess all cultures have what are referred to as poor man’s or struggle meals..but the funny thing is they are often remembered as some of the best meals because they were made with love and filled our bellies. Simply put..comfort food.

    • Heidi Misfeldt

      For sure. ❤

    • Christine Green

      Completely agree! When I was in my 20s I bought and made a lot of processed foods and have gradually gravitated towards simple meals made from basics. Now I don’t know how I ever lived on the expensive bagged meals from the freezer section. I end up making a lot if very inexpensive foods and love them.

    • sam Gould

      I love bubble & squeek, you have it on Monday night as its leftovers from Sunday dinner done in a frying pan

    • Noah Riding

      Good points.

      What’s interesting to me also is that a lot of the modern meals use tons of ingredients, but the poor mans meals use maybe 2 or 3 only.

      In a situation with scarcity you want to know how to cook with fewer ingredients not more. But people don’t think about this anymore. People who know tons of recipes over night could become obsolete because they can’t cook any of those meals in scarcity when they might only have 1 or 2 ingredients.

  • Melinda Gonzalez

    Rocky didn’t get peanut butter, so he went and caught his own snackie. Good Boi👍

  • Greg Smith

    “I’ll take it outside when I get get my peanut butter ball!” – Rocky

  • thefirst noob

    People should learn to eat leftovers and stop throwing out so much food. Nobody wanted breakfast early so I made brunch. My chicken eggs, bisquits, a little bit of bacon I had left in the frig and a pan of potatoes. I got 30 pounds of potatoes free in the dumpster.

    • CM Sag

      Correct. We do the same. Have BLTs, for dinner, with the breakfast/ brunch., leftover bacon. Bonus – only have to cook once that day.

  • Lord G

    This was a very nice video, l like how you share not every one can afford a full pantry or a garden, these are challenging times for many people, and showing how to make a meal for a dollar or less is very helpful to many people. ❤️🙏🏻❤️

  • jon louis

    I love these videos. We are as poor as church mice out here.

  • Renee Brown

    I buy a big old pork loin about once every couple of months at Costco and cut it up into individual loin chops then freeze them, 2 to a baggie. That’s a meal for me and my hubby. The last one cost me about $13 for 8 lbs. Divided into 2 4-oz chops – total of 16 meals. Cost was 81 cents per meal. Add a baked potato and a small salad and voila! Complete meal for around $1. For 2 people!!

    • Wendi Anne

      I picked one up as well from Costco & was thinking about it today, “Hmm, what can I do with it.” Terrific idea! Thank you!

    • Carol L

      I was at Costco one year in the winter. I bought a pork loin roast for a $1 a pound. I had to do the math twice😆

  • Bee And Bark

    WTH did Rocky have???? That will teach you to ignore a peanut butter request 😾

  • Patricia Dunne

    Always keep pot and pan handles over the counter and not left standing out because that’s how baby’s or Rocky gets hot food or oil accidentally spilled on him. Just saying because it happened to me. Great video

  • sa li

    You don’t have to eat the same meal everyday. Fried rice: remove the meat from the bone and fry along with the rice and peas. Soup: simmer the leg to create a broth for soup until the meat falls of the bone, remove bones then add the rice and peas. Creamed chicken: simmer the leg to create a broth, when tender remove the bones, Add cornstarch, salt, pepper and water slurry to create gravy. Simmer until thick add peas and serve over rice. Four different meals with only slight variations of same ingredients.

  • Tonia Fisher

    Rocky was helping you find “reduced meat” lol

  • jam

    When you said, “Not everybody has room for a garden.” I was thinking, “Not everybody has room for a family of 8!” I’m single and life is expensive for me. How are people having 5+ kids? It’s mind boggling.

  • Katy in NH

    My chef son clued me in on this secret – the best time to buy prime cut beef is in late November / early December. People are spending money on Christmas presents and cutting their food budget. He buys in bulk for his family during that time and freezes for the next few months

  • Muze Rhythm

    The dead mouse at the end!🤣🤣 Have Funny Story: That’s what happened with my Maine Coon cat. While I was staying at my grandfather’s house when I was in college (we were getting worried about him because he left skillets, coffee makers on or left doors unlocked. So I kept an eye on him and was closer to college campus). I would let my cat wander around and he could get into the garage. In middle of the night I heard banging noises…woke up to see him with dead mouse by my bed!😨 I had SAME reaction as you..grossed out but told him good boy good hunter.🤣🤣

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