Major Correction Looms for Stocks While Gold Price Will Easily Rise 20% | Frank Holmes

The winter 'Melt-Up' in stocks has many investors thinking we are in a for a great 2021, however, there are a few significant reasons we may not continue to see stock market euphoria in 2021, this according to the latest research report from Goldman Sachs.

Daniela Cambone speaks with Frank Holmes, CEO of US Global Investors about the findings.

“The G20’s quick solution is to print money and that’s why I feel gold and bitcoin will do well. The other question is, will the Biden administration raise taxes? If that happens then the market will go through a big correction," Holmes said in the interview, part of our Outlook 2021 series.

Be sure to check out Daniela's interview with Frank about the best sectors for your money right now:

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