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You don't need to be buying 40 acres to consider these tips when buying property, you could simply be moving to a more rural area just outside the city… these tips will be helpful no matter where you're buying.

Time Stamps
0:00 – Chit Chat
5:32 – Question of the day
9:08 – Main Topic
9:23 – Access
12:14 – Water
14:50 – Power
16:56 – Don't buy raw land
18:12 – Old houses come with baggage
19:57 – Infrastructure
22:02 – Buy within your means
24:17 – The right KIND of land for you
26:20 – Bonus tip!

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  • HBOMB1129

    Thank you for covering this topic. Love you guys and appreciate all your hard work to bring us the wealth of information and processes that make a homestead productive and successful.

  • Keto Homestead With Jess

    Hey good to see y’all again ! I don’t need to buy homestead property but great information for newbies! Your videos are always so packed full of great info!

    • Jacqueline Laughlin

      Great conversation. Keep up the good work.. keeping the balance on making a decision and what’s good for the land and what’s good for you.

  • Liz S

    This video couldn’t have come at a better time. Headed out to view properties in rural Saskatchewan on Wednesday. My life long dream is finally coming to light. Really happy that I’ve considered everything on your list and there were no surprises, looks like I’ve done my research.

    • Zoe 101

      @fiona fiona Do you think its good to wait? Ive heard the same thing from some of my friends in Realestate.

    • fiona fiona

      @Zoe 101 I made 8k last year and barely 4x that with corona (dropping my commute to university, doing prep while babysitting for a nurse), I can’t commit to anything… My parents however, having paid of their house and living below one of their incomes without children depending on them for much are looking to invest into concrete and expect to approach their value requirements after the defaulting/restructuring went downstream.

    • Liz S

      It all depends on your area and your current situation. We’re paying 3x as much for rent then we would a monthly mortgage. We’ve also chosen to move to a location that is already really cheap. For us, waiting wouldn’t be worth it. You also never know what will cause price fluctuations. Only you know the best time for you to move.

    • Jas B

      @Liz S very exciting! Good luck to you, I hope it all goes great for you 🙂 it’s such hard work but it’s so rewarding and can be very fun! Enjoy the next lifestyle!

    • Jas B

      @Liz S very exciting! Good luck to you, I hope it all goes great for you 🙂 it’s such hard work but it’s so rewarding and can be very fun! Enjoy the next lifestyle!

  • Mags V

    I’m in Victoria Australia and we love sheep, in fact here in Australia Lamb is one of our favorite meats on the market, i did raise Merino x Suffolk we loved the wool although only good for art and wool and Dorper x wiltipoll as they don’t require shearing but just fantastic meat and milk if you like sheep milk (we don’t like the milk for us to drink but it comes in handy if we get a potty lamb we would keep 5ltrs in the freezer in case, the lambs seem to do much better if the 1st drink is sheep milk we found) , Lamb is best on the BBQ or crumbed lamb cutlets, roast lamb with rosemary and lamb stew.

  • Val H

    Great informative video as always. I would add, do not only get to know to neighbors, look them up. Most states have a judiciary case search database that is open to the public. Find out the names of those around you (by looking on the state real property database) and search for court records. You want to focus on assaults, drug possession, etc. My brother-in-law was going to buy a property and he looked up all the neighbors. Come to find out, one of the neighbors had sued and had run-ins with every one of the neighbors. So he decided not to buy the property.


    One thing I would add is to check the zoning. The property may look like it is out “there”, but there may be zoning restrictions you would not think about. Friends bought 10 acres with the hopes to homestead and found there was a restriction (HOA) on livestock. They had 10a. homestead and they could not have any livestock. Chickens were not allowed. They are stuck with 10a to MOW.

    • Pursue Simple Joy

      I second this. We found a property that we LOVED, it was zoned Agricultural (I checked the GIS report) and yet… it was part of an HOA! The sad thing was, no where was it listed as part of an HOA on the house listing. I only found out because I asked to see the well report and our realtor also sent over the HOA covenants with it. I was so disappointed because the house and the property had everything we were looking for…. we are grateful that we didn’t go out to see it (we were going to see it the next day) because we were planning on making an offer on the spot. Make sure you double check with your realtor!! Otherwise we would have been so upset had we gone so far as to buy the property and find out we couldn’t have chickens.

    • Beth Garrison

      Yes. But the zoning can allow for agriculture in some form- some allow chickens but no goats, or horses but nothing else.
      HOA ( Home Owners Association ) is different from zoning- it’s subdivision or neighborhood specific and may not allow agriculture or be very specific.

    • Zhippidy Doodah

      My first rule *warning* for anyone – never, ever, never buy something where you have to pay another tax disguised as a Homeowner’s Association fee and follow rules more draconian than New York State or California laws.

  • Jen Leigh

    Out east soil does matter. Some of the coal mines and strip mining have poisoned or caused irreparable damage to the soil. In the case of strip mining you could move top soil in but the cost would be prohibitive on a large piece of land.

  • amanda sulee

    Good points. Around here, putting in a simple logging road can cost you forty thousand dollars.

  • B Braskey

    I just really love you guys & really appreciate your willingness to share such pertinent information, especially in these times. Thank you!!!!

  • Pursue Simple Joy

    This a great list to keep in mind! We recently bought 7.6 acres in Central VA and our considerations were acreage, infrastructure, proximity to family (important for us), agricultural/farming friendly community, homeschool friendly, private septic, well, low taxes, as well as “the lay of the land”. Among other things. We haven’t had a chance to get to know the neighbors because we are coming from out of state, but we do plan on visiting them after we get settled with some cookies or other treat. Thankfully, we checked off all of the boxes on your list 😉 (minus the neighbor one). You can check the GIS report of the property you’re interested in by Googling the County + GIS report. This will help you see the property line as well as your zoning etc. Some are even detailed enough to tell you if you’re in a flood zone etc. Another important thing, look at Google Maps and see if you’re downwind from a large Chicken Farm or other agricultural facility…. there were a few properties that we loved that were downwind from a quarry, or surrounded by CAFO’s or chicken farms, one was right next to train tracks… just stuff to keep in mind as well 🙂

  • Sunflower Sue

    Have the well water tested. Neighbors well water tested full of runoff from neighbors farm pesticides and fertilizer. Can’t drink it.

  • Shannon Weber

    When we lived to our 8 acres 16 years ago I wasn’t sure if I would like it as I was raised in a small town neighborhood… everything you said was great advice to those looking to get started !!! We’ve experienced some of the draw backs you discussed but we managed to over done them and continue on this journey … I really enjoy y’all’s advice and talks

  • Amanda W

    Thank you for addressing the water! My dad is a well driller and he’s seen people’s dreams and savings obliterated when they don’t get water. He likes to say that in well drilling you pay for the hole, the water is free. His number one tip is buy on a water option when people call, tip number 2 is always talk to the neighbors. It’s not sure fire but if all the neighbors have 600ft wells don’t expect a 100ft well. And if all the neighbors have water storage tanks always investigate!

  • Stephen Gregory

    Wow! Y’all are on fire! Every video hits the topics that are so desperately needed! Thank you so much!

  • Raven Just Raven

    This is one of the most pragmatic and useful videos anyone has ever done. Thank you.
    -Out here in Ohio mineral rights are also a huge factor. They can be sold off many titles ago and people miss those details. Thank you again!


    Working on buying an acre of property in a couple of months. Been praying for it for years! Can’t wait to see what the Lord has for us! Blessings on your family!

  • Kathy James

    Wonderful video(s), Thanks from Canada! Lots of us more or less can’t stand wool on our skin, but I have had beautiful Icelandic woollen coats, jackets, etc. lined with a slippery fabric that makes them wearable.

  • Logan Channel

    This is so helpful. My husband and I are making steps to buy land in the next year. Thank you so much!

  • Stephanie Kerr

    We just sold our home and are looking for homestead property out of state! Thank you so much for this awesome information! We promise to be good homesteaders.

  • Karina Indo-flower

    I just found your channel, and already I love you guys. Such a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing this information. I’m Russian born, but have been living in Jacksonville Florida since age 13… In Russia growing up my family had a few plots of land, which we utilised for food growing. We also kept some chickens on one of our properties. Since moving to US Florida, we no longer grow food, or keep chickens. Jacksonville Florida is way too hot, and humid for growing most things. It’s really sad, because I so miss being surrounded by wild, organic, untamed nature untouched by human hand. I dream of buying land far away from civilisation, and living a self-sufficient life. I didn’t know that people are looking to buy 100 acres. That is such a colossal amount of land. For me 5 -7 acres is more than enough

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