Like Hillary, Bill Kristol Can’t Come to Grips with Defeat and Rejection


source: longroom

It appears from the bizarre and obsessive focus of neo-con Bill Kristol concerning the victory of Donald Trump in the presidential race, that he may have had some type of mental breakdown, in a similar fashion that Hillary Clinton did.

To this day, both can’t deal with the fact and reality that the American public has rejected them and what they stand for. It points to an inability to accurately measure who they are in relationship to the perception the public has of them.

Not only did Americans reject Hillary, but even more, they rejected the neo-con and NeverTrumper agenda proffered by the fake conservative Kristol and others. That’s why Trump rolled over his Republican opponents before facing off against Hillary; they were tired of the Republican Party being nothing more than Democrat-light.

Like Hillary, Kristol can’t emotionally and maturely admit who they are and what they backed has been rejected. For Kristol, his response to his failures is to continue to find a way to undermine President Trump in the next election, this time by finding someone “to primary the president.”

According to Kristol, the reason a significant number of Republicans voted for Trump was because “of concern over Supreme Court appointments and because they hated Hillary Clinton more.” While there is a small amount of truth associated with those issues, it’s far from the major reason.

The reality is the American people support the “Make America Great Again” message of Trump, and they understood part of that was to make significant changes in the immigration policies. That in turn was part of the larger strategy of globalists, which via the elites and the EU, have been attempting to weaken the sovereignty of nations and create a new world order for many years, including America.

Trump reelection campaign chief operating officer Michael Glassner, accurately described the increasingly irrelevant Kristol, in a statement emailed to BuzzFeed News.

He said this:

Mr. Kristol is clearly out of touch with most Americans and most definitely with Republican voters. Kristol is living in a fantasy world if he thinks that Republicans still embrace his old swamp values. The vast majority of GOP voters are hard working Americans who see through Mr. Kristol’s malcontent rhetoric and see proof, including in their own job security, that President Trump is keeping his promises to Make America Great Again.

He’s right. The neo-cons and NeverTrumpers are part of the swamp that is being drained. They don’t reflect in any way what the American people desire and want concerning the direction of the country.

The major reason Kristol is appearing to lose his ability to reason, is he and what he has stood for over the years, has been summarly rejected by U.S. citizens. He has essentially witnessed complete defeat and failure, which is why he is pursuing a strategy of failure in order to one last time try to get President Trump to lose the next election.

In other words, he bizarrely believes he can field a candidate that can siphon off enough votes from Trump in order for the opposing candidate to win. This is light of the fact of Trump’s enormous popularity among Republicans, and the approval from parts of the Democrat base that have supported the Democrats for years.

The bottom line is Trump is poised to win in a landslide in the next election, and the fact Kristol can’t emotionally deal with that is apparent in his feeble and misguided attempts to sway the next presidential election in favor of the Democrats.

For Kristol, it’s great to know that he has lived to see his legacy destroyed. Instead of letting it go, he is making it worse for himself when history ultimately judges him as a contemptuous little man that was swept off the stage of world events because he didn’t understand and rejected the forces that were aligned against him.

The good news is Kristol and what he represented a neo-con and NeverTrumper is being swept away with him. Since he refuses to accept the reality, he’s making the devastation even more complete.

Hopefully he’ll find a candidate foolish enough to run against Trump. The devastating loss would probably put the final nail in the ideological coffin of Kristol and those that align with his destructive beliefs.


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