Just Go Ahead and Plant Fruit Trees!

Even if you don't know if you'll stay! Today I demonstrate how to plant fruit trees and explain why I am planting them, even at a rental house.

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  • M 7

    Is that you singing the Johnny Appleseed song at the end? Kickin!

  • Jenny TR

    I really want the mp3 of your Johnny Appleseed song at the end, so I can blast it across our yard to the neighbors while my 3- and 5-year-old help me dig a big hole to plant a tree. I mean, we can do it without musical accompaniment, no worries. But the song would make it EPIC.

  • Loriful

    The support stick is for shipping from the distributors to the nurseries, and to protect the trees from wild ones running through the nursery without looking where they are going. That’s how we make reservoirs for the tomatoes, with a circle of dirt, so we can fill it up and go to the next ones efficiently. When I was little I dug tunnels under fallen trees, and made pottery from the clay layer and filled them back into the dig site, and braided the lawn in the backyard into intricate mazes, and planted thousands of tops of plants in perfect rows and columns in the sand around the playground, and dammed up the gutter with dozens of dams that slowly filled up from a leaking pipe in the summer, breaking the top one and woooosh!~

  • MyYouTubeChannel

    The thumbnail says it all, “weird guy with plant fetish”😳🤐😄

  • AA Home Gardening

    Investing in tree, is investing in health

  • Christopher E. Pineda

    Funny you mentioned pear salsa, I made pear salsa for the first time this year with my very own pears from a tree I planted almost two years ago, it was so good! 🤣❤️

  • Mark Biernat

    I planted a fig from a cutting and in less than a year with organic fertilizer, I have figs (mulberries too as well as Papayas). So some people might say they are not living in their current residence foever, but this does not matter. Plant trees now.

    • Bad Drivers of Columbus, Georgia

      Figs do amazingly well from cuttings – I planted one five months ago at about 4″ tall and now it’s over two feet!

    • Mark Biernat

      @Bad Drivers of Columbus, Georgia The fig trees I have from cuttings, might be some fast-maturing variety or perhaps it was loads of organic matter I added to it, but I was surprised myself. They are smaller green figs and I am curious to see if they grow to full-size figs in less than a year.

    • Bad Drivers of Columbus, Georgia

      @Mark Biernat Very cool. I’ve got an LSU Purple and another one that I don’t know as it was taken from someone else’s tree but it’s probably either a Celeste or Brown Turkey.

  • David Pritchett

    One thing I tried to do to help my trees out was use a spacing fork to essentially broad fork the bottom of the hole and loosen the soil similar to double digging. It was nice and mounded with the tree well above its previous level but it has since settled back down. What do you think? Waste of time or helpful? The trees seem to be doing well. Also do you think the embankment idea is good for heavy clay? I typically worry more about my trees getting soggy or rot.

    • David The Good

      I think the spading fork is a good idea. If you are planting at a wet time of year in soggy ground, no need for an embankment. You might even make mounds and plant a little higher.

  • Boyd Chapman

    I am lovin some fall tree planting as well DTG. I am planting multi-purpose trees for food for people and wildlife. Mulberry, persimmon,pawpaw,etc. You need a pew pew for deer season. Put some protein in the freezer.

  • CardinalKaos

    Thanks to you and other youtubers ive got a food forest growing up out back. Ive got mangos, lemons, papaya, guava, peach, avocados, loquat, and three different species of banana

    You rock man keep it up!
    Oh im in florida too…..our soil bro, what a blank canvas, as in devoid of everything useful, we have huh? Lol

  • Scott Head

    With all that sand I was expecting to see your new shovel come out shiny polished silver at the ed of the day. 🙂

  • wizdumb420

    right on dude. i put a bunch of stuff into a rental place I’ll leave.. pay it forward right?

  • El Jardin Perdido

    I’ve found that I have to plant my fruit trees on mounds, rather than using burms in Houston, TX. Lots of clay, and lots of flooding. I’ve lost a few fruit trees to heavy flooding.

  • James Westly

    I plant apple seeds and marigold seeds in my customers yards without telling them.

  • Betty

    Becca and I met Sam today, I got a grape vine for our fence, even though we may be moving…and I got a lemon thyme, as mine died, and a Rachel mulberry too! But those I plan on keeping in bigger pots, so if we move, I can take them with me : ) (Scrubland Farm, at the Friday Ocala Market at the McPherson complex). A good day so, great timing, on planting well for the fall, thank you!

  • Lynn White

    My father gave me a tomato plant when I was 5 and he taught me how to care for it…..I guess my terrible manicure is his fault!
    David-I am planting 3 fruit trees this weekend …some types of pear and apple from seeds. Who know what I will get. Love experiments.

  • The Orange Tree Homestead

    I’ve heard that you don’t want to feed trees when you plant them because then they get lazy and don’t grow a big root system to seek out food.

  • The Constant Gardener

    For the fire ants “orange fuego”. It’s a mixture of orange oil and something else (I forget) which just basically melts their exoskeleton (insert meniacal laugh) 😈🔥

  • Ken Tichy

    That looks like filler dirt with construction debris buried with it. Horrible stuff! The fire ants like the pots because it’s higher ground! They don’t drown during heavy rains.

  • M Gm

    When we moved into this rental, grass and weeds were growing everywhere except in the garden plot! 😑

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