Jeff Durbin Talks on The Law & the Kingdom of God

The law and the kingdom of God

Below is a good video on a number of elements associated with the law and kingdom of God. I included a few slightly edited excerpts from the talk given by Jeff Durbin.

The editing is only for the purpose of making the text readable, because the spoken word usually doesn’t translate well to the written word without some editing.

None of the excerpts had any of the meaning changed. They are included to give an idea of the content of the talk.

* There’s a swell of a movement of believers looking back to the Word of God as the foundation of all of life, Christ being the very reference point of everything. and some big things

* Matthew was the most popular of the Gospels in the second century of the church, and that there’s good reason for that. It’s a testimony to the fact that Jesus is in fact the promised king, the promised Messiah that was expected. Jesus was anticipated all along.

* All of history is under the control of God.

* Matthew opens up with a clear indication that Jesus does in fact has the right to the throne.

* Matthew chapter 2 opens up with something you need to pay attention to with significance in detail the promise of the kingdom of God. Matthew chapter 2
indicates and shows us that when the wise men show up, these are pagan people.

* It’s significant to the biblical story is the kingdom of God was going to compass all the world’s descendants from Abraham, which are more numerous than the nation’s.

* You have the nations and not just Israel as the people of God, but the nations are going to come to God. So the first people showing up searching for the king are pagans.

This is why this story of Jesus as king over all the world it’s so exciting.

* Matthew 4:17 Jesus says he’s from that time Jesus began to preach saying repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand and the kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven are really synonymous phrases.

* I gotta say something real fast to our culture. As as Christians today in the West American Christian culture today we have all but made the phrase kingdom of God irrelevant insignificant and meaningless in our culture, and that’s disastrous.

* The culture is the church’s report.

* Today we’re not looking to the Word of God as the ultimate standard in law for all of life, and the kingdom of God is seen as something that comes ultimately later; it’s sort of here now but not really it’s coming later.

* We have sort of truncated the gospel and brought it down to good news of my
personal salvation … it’s my personal salvation, it’s about me and
me alone ultimately it’s my ticket to heaven.

* As redeemed people with the ability now to obey with an internal motivation and
love for God and others that causes us to love and desire God’s law, that was
the promise of what was to come they were anticipating it’s part of the backdrop.

* Next, that nations were going to be brought to God let me say it again because it’s very important the nations were going to be brought to God his kingdom would go over the whole world his rule and reign over the entire earth all nations tribes tongues were coming to this Messiah that was part of the story that was the backdrop


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