It’s Like a Massive JigSaw Puzzle Building a Post & Beam Garage Kit Bought Off the Internet

It's Like a Massive JigSaw Puzzle Building a Post & Beam Garage Kit Bought Off the Internet

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I was born and raised 20 minutes from Boston, MA. At the age of 17, I was diagnosed with Anxiety. My personal experience with the prescribed medication was NOT POSITIVE. So I decided to find better way. I didn't know it at the time but, that was the BEGINNING for me! I have been “FINDING A BETTER WAY” in all areas in my life ever since. Better ways of how to create a modern homestead affordably, and a better way to provide my family with healthy foods, and so….. much MORE!

At Lumnah Acres we hope our experiences can help guide you to find YOUR BETTER WAY! Please join us in sharing our journey with you, let us be a guide to Modern Homesteading, Self-Sufficiency, and FREEDOM for you!

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  • Leanna Kysar-Mercer

    I hunt for my glasses.

  • Keith AndLinda Baldrey

    Good mornin folks. We like the outdoors but are not hunters of animals. At our age, we spend lots of time hunting for spectacles, wallets, tv remotes etc.

    • Bear River Mama

      Keith AndLinda Baldrey really funny 😂! I share your adventures! But we are also avid hunting and fishing folks. I must say the hunt for those elusive household items can be far more difficult and frustrating than the hunt to procure dinner!😂😂😂 blessings to you and best wishes to a successful hunt 👓🔑📱😁

    • Baby Catcher

      Thats getting to be a big crowd!

    • Kelleena Borner

      Good one lol

    • Faith Rada

      How does that old saying go? These days I’m always thinking about the ‘Hereafter’. I walk into a room and right away I think.. Dang! What am I here after?

    • Rob Westley

      Sandra WESTLEY that gave me a chuckle, I am with you on that. Also lots of walking about going into a room but no idea what you went for till you’ve gone all the way back and you just remember, it keeps up the exercise without leaving home ,,!!!!

  • Josh DeLashmit

    Good morning from Michigan. We hunt White tail deer here, we consider opening day to be Michigan’s unofficial holiday. I know I’d enjoy seeing a good deer hunt on your channel. Also the new building is looking awesome, keep up the good work.

    • Gail Elwood

      it is hard to watch any animals being dispatched but we must eat and the fact that it is a very hard job speaks to the heart of the person doing it. I should never invoke joy! IMO but with farm-raised animals and those from the forest it has had a wonderful life until that one quick moment and it was totally unaware!

  • Moving EFD

    Hunting and homesteading go hand in hand, I am looking forward to opening day in MI for whitetail, please add your hunt.

  • Trail Seeker

    I live in montana and hunting is a family tradition. I hunt deer, elk, grouse, rabbit, turkey, squirrel, and just about anything else that provides good meat. if you chose to do a hunting vid i would most certainly watch just to see the forests, mountains and wild life in your area

    • Judy G.

      Think hunting is good if you have NO other means of getting food. Hate people who hunt whose sole purpose is to have a 12 point buck head hanging from their walls.

    • Susan Baker

      I would definitely watch it. I miss hunting in NH and Vermont i haven’t been since I moved to Florida.

  • J. Russell Carter

    I am from Texas. Of course I want to see hunting Al. Truly that is part of homesteading.

    Russell Carter from Houston.

  • Robert Skorr

    Morning, Next week I’ll be hunting Elk with my son in Aspen. Hunting is fine. I remember recently you showed us a day on the lake with your family. So, sure let’s have a look at your hunting adventure.

  • Toni Bishop

    Not a hunting fan, but i would just skip that specific video and not involve myself in being judgemental to anyone. I must say i am sooo fond of hope she’s such a pretty girl i cant wait to see what her babies wil look like in future 😍

  • Mary Louise

    Why does Al using the nail gun still give me anxiety 🤣

  • John Smith

    I think if you do a hunting episode it should be an advisory one like the butchering videos so people can choose to skip or watch before it starts.

  • Kenna Sutherland

    Hey guys, Kenna from Australia here, I’m not much of a commenter but just wanted to say how much I love your content! The mix of homestead chores, project work, greenhouse gardening and cooking segment is bang on and I eagerly check my YouTube subscriptions every day after 6pm to see if there is a new post from you guys. As I head into an Australian summer your transition into winter will be a great contrast. Thanks guys ☺️

    • Joshua Reich

      Let’s go hunting 💪😁 lol. Love you guys! Been watching since you built the house. Makes me happy to see you all grow this way.

    • Sam Val

      @Kenna Sutherland – I just went to Google Maps and took a look at your lovely area. Very nice with the bay/harbor right there! Thanks for the shout-out! Take care and stay safe. 🖖

    • Duyan Farms

      @Kenna Sutherland Well said. We are watching from South Korea. We are super Lumnah Acres fans. I’m from SoCal and my wife is from Philippines. Oh, we also love to watch MasterChef Australia. Sadly the show has ended but we still love the reruns. Cheers. ~Mike and Ester~

    • Kenna Sutherland

      Duyan Farms haha I just searched for So cal and google maps only came up with a restaurant in Sydney Australia! I knew that wasn’t right and eventually worked it out as Southern California 😂 just shows google isn’t always right! I’m amazed that Master Chef reaches that far, never really thought of other countries watching our local to shows 🤔

    • Duyan Farms

      @Kenna Sutherland Google can be silly sometimes. Apparently it has a tough time translating Japanese. Yes, Southern California, sorry. There are quite a few countries that have a version of MasterChef but we really got hooked on yours. I crack up every time Matt Preston introduces Maggie Beer in that growling voice. Hahaha…

  • Jonboy JC

    We absolutely love your video’s, don’t ever stop them or we will have an hour gap to fill and that’s not easy when you have been married for 55 years and now we are going into a lockdown again soon. London’s in one from today so we won’t even see our children or three of them any how the other two live along side us in Essex uk 🇬🇧 a few minutes away. I trained as a plumber and heating engineer as a youngster and ended up as a building site manager before I was medically retired and you would have been very wealthy over here your talent is endless. Keep up the good work it gives us hours of pleasure watching your family god bless you all.

    • Lumnah Acres

      Thanks. Sorry to hear that your going back into lock down in London

    • Jeannette Davies

      Yes, a large part of the U.K. is currently under another lockdown. Wherever numbers of Covid are increasing, those are likely to be put under various types of restrictions. I’m in Wales, in an area that’s under lockdown & Welsh political leaders are trying to shut the border with England’s locked down areas to prevent further spread of the virus. Only problem is that Boris Johnson isn’t listening or agreeing!!

  • gerald corbitt

    Your stove bricks need some repair with refractory cement otherwise those large cracks can lead to fire or hot spots causing a fire

  • Margaret Bedwell

    First off Gina, You deserve a really big round of applause for the workshop clean up, it looks mighty nice. Then you and Olivia make that big round of egg noodles/with home made fixin’s.
    Just how versatile is that. The barn shed is looking great. It is amazing how those little strips of wood make such a difference. As for the hunting…it is fine by me. I don’t mind people hunting for meat to eat…I just don’t approve of hunting for the sake of a trophy. Have a Blessed day.

  • Tom Bean

    Here in my part of Texas it would be deer, course we got plenty of wild hogs to hunt also. No finer eating than some smoked venison sausage, one of those things you can eat for breakfast, dinner or supper…venison chili ain’t bad either.

  • Gina Cota

    Loving how your cooking segments are developing and adding more detail. I’m still pushing for Gina to have her own channel “Farm to table” with focus on gathering all of the ingredients from all the different places on the Homestead and showing how they are used. She seems to be doing more of that. You know most of us current subscribers will likely subscribe to her channel as well 🙂
    One question… With so many salad fixings growing in the garden why not a fresh salad alongside each meal? I remember as a kid growing up we had some sort of salad or fresh vegetable plate such as sliced tomatoes and cucumbers with every single meal. Soooo good!

  • Bear River Mama

    We source most of our protein through hunting. Hunting is a fantastic way to “raise ” free range, organic meats. In my experience a lot of people who are adverse to hunting enjoy meat but have this misconception that hunters wound and maim every animal they take, not so! We go to great lengths and pass on many fine animals because we didn’t have a clear, clean, humane shot. That is called ethical hunting or good sportsmanship. Just like how some farmers don’t do justice to their animals, some do. I would love to see you promoting good sportsmanship and ethical practices!!!! It’s absolutely NO different than harvesting animals you have raised! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    • scott holman

      rifle hunting is the only way to hunt humanely, when the animal is hit it drops right to the ground(If you know how to shoot)! Bow hunting is most definitely INHUMANE. The animal is struck by the arrow and it seldom falls to the ground, instead it takes off in a dead run and slowly bleeds to death. The supposed macho man attempts to foll low the blood trail but quite often the animal is never found and dies a slow painful death. The so called hunter gives up the tracking and goes back to his camouflaged tent on his food plot, sprinkles corn over the plot douses himself once again in scent killer or doe urine, picks up his deer grunt and begins the hunting to repeat the same process over! Might as well hunt in a zoo!

    • Judy G.

      Not everyone has the means or desire to go hunting. Ever live in an apartment in a Big metropolitan city? Don’t even go there. Don’t put every non hunter in the class with morons who think magic fairy fill grocery store shelves and dairy and meat coolers, cuz they have no idea where food comes from! Seen one ignorant post in Fb…. Young lady asked why farmers work so hard in fields, when they can just go to the grocery store and buy some . Boy oh boy….🤪

    • bob

      @scott holman you could not be any more wrong about bowhunting

    • Bear River Mama

      Judy G. You are correct about not everyone having the ability/means to live our lifestyle. And again you are correct about people having grave misconceptions about where their meats come from. That is why it is great what homesteaders like Al and Gina are doing to help folks grasp the responsibility to grow/gather meat in a responsible, humane, ethical way. Al’s animals have the ability to live a good life before they are harvested and so do the wild critters the GOOD hunters take. If we can help people understand that we the hunters aren’t blood thirsty killers like is depicted in shows like “over the hedge” and Bambi (which we own and enjoy watching, 😂) In the end it all boils down to education and dispelling misconceptions. If you lived in our neck of the woods I would be happy to drive over to your apartment and give you an opportunity to join in a hunt if you wanted. I love taking people with who don’t get the opportunity to experience what it takes to put meat on the table. It helps them appreciate the blessing of that meal all the more! Blessings to you!!! I enjoyed your conversation!

    • Bear River Mama

      scott holman unfortunately some people behave the way you described but bow hunting is not inhuman, certain bow hunters are. I hunt with a rifle but I do own a bow. I don’t hunt with my bow because I am new at it and not skilled enough too yet. The problem arises when people don’t admit their shortcomings and hunt anyway even though they don’t have the skill. Bow hunting is a very difficult and requires a greater amount of skill and knowledge than rifle hunting. It is something a novice should not be taking on without a good mentor who exhibits humane and ethical practices. It only takes one bad egg to sour the opinion of others but don’t let them convince you that every bow hunter participates in such foul behavior. I know many that are fine examples of true sportsman. They don’t make a habit of maiming and needlessly wounding animals. The animal is most often dispatched in exactly the same way as one taken by rifle.

  • Norman Pearson

    Al, while I am not a hunter myself, I consider myself a sportsman when fishing. I have a home in n.e. Tennessee and have found that most people here are hunters and that nothing goes to waste. Excess meat is given to friends or food banks, so the old adage that hunters are bad is really a negative stereotype. I have yet to meet anyone who is not a sportsman when it comes to hunting to make sure that what they hunt is hunted legally, and then documented and then dressed so that the harvest is used 100%. Hunters are very in tune with the natural habitat and theydon’t like anyone who violates the rules set forth for proper protections of the animals.

  • Coryell Peters

    I was thinking you should have t-shirts made that say” Lumnah Acres” and under that in large print, ” I Like It ! “

  • Rodger Brummett

    Would love to see the hunting it goes hand in hand with being a homesteader.

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