Is Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies at Risk from an EMP?

source: Coindesk

There is an outlook by some in the prepper/survival community that suggest Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are subject to being destroyed under an EMP attack, and not only refuse to buy them to build wealth, but more importantly encourage others to stay away from them as well.

Whether or not an individual wants to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or another cryptocurrency if of course up to them, but to give the reason for making that decision a threat of an EMP, is to show their cluelessness as to what makes Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies what they are.

If Bitcoin, for example, were to affected by an EMP attack, it would mean every single computer in the world that has a digital record of Bitcoin would have to be taken down. Does anyone seriously believe the entire world is going to be taken down by an EMP, and Bitcoin is going to collapse because of it?

Think for a moment. If an EMP really did take down the global grid, would the first thing that came to your mind be whether or not your Bitcoin are safe? There would be numerous other pressing and life-threatening challenges to overcome.

But as for the issue itself, there is no way Bitcoin could be taken down by an EMP because of the nature of what makes it what it is. The same is true for Ethereum.

The reason why is because these cryptocurrencies are decentralized. Any person with the right hardware and an internet connection can “mine” Bitcoin, and this can and is down all around the world.

As long as one computer or piece of hardware retains the record of Bitcoin transactions, Bitcoin can’t be destroyed. It’s as simple as that.

You could have the grid in the U.S., Europe and South America taken down, but if someone in China still as a record of the transactions, Bitcoin is still in play. It’s not even possible for Bitcoin to be destroyed this way. There is no risk in that regard.

There are other risks Bitcoin could face, but an EMP, even if it were to happen in the U.S. on a major scale, would do nothing to hinder the survival of Bitcoin. This is why decentralization is such a powerful benefit of buying into the leading cryptocurrency.

If you’re interested in building wealth from Bitcoin or Ethereum, and possibly other proven cryptocurrencies in the future, the least thing you have to be concerned about is it being destroyed by an EMP. It’s simply not going to ever happen.

Don’t lose out on the potential growth from Bitcoin in the years ahead from something that isn’t a threat in any way. There are other things to understand concerning potential risks. An EMP isn’t among them.

Just remember. As long as there is one copy of the blockchain, Bitcoin has survived. Nothing will take out all copies of it.


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