Introduction to Fermenting (Preservation 101) – Pantry Chat #67

Curious about fermentation? Check out the what, where, and how of this easy preservation method.
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Lacto Fermentation… It’s one of the safest and easiest preservation methods, plus it’s also a great way to boost your immune system and can take your veggies to a whole new level!

In this episode of the Panty Chat, Josh and Carolyn continue with their series on preservation methods with an introduction to fermentation. They cover the different types of fermentation, its numerous health benefits, the six steps you need to follow to get started, as well as other helpful tips you can use to make sure you’re getting the most long-term value from your preservation efforts.

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Fermented Green Beans:
Fermented Tomatoes:
How to get your family to enjoy fermented foods:

Time Stamps:
0:00 – Chit Chat
8:50 – Q & A: Should we look at buying mineral rights when buying land?
11:36 – Main Topic: Fermenting 101
11:56 – Different types of fermenting
13:09 – What is lacto-fermenting?
14:40 – Pros of fermenting
19:13 – Cons to fermenting
20:56 – Fermenting safety
25:00 – 6 steps of fermenting
33:14 – Fermenting do's and don'ts

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  • Kay Kringle

    A favorite of mine is cabbage, cayenne, and caraway seed kraut..I became addicted 💕

  • Maureen Fernando

    Can you ferment fish and meat?
    Thank you for taking time to teach us all these skills. Bless you

  • Luke Warm

    I just made cabbage and carrot and chilli saurkraut its still fermenting.

    • AG Homestead

      Did the same combination one week ago. Tastes pretty good. 🙂

    • Robert M

      @AG Homestead I have tried a few times, but found it needed far more time fermenting than I thought it would. I actually forgot about the last one for 6 weeks. It was 6-8 weeks until it got to be a really good smelling and tasting sauerkraut.

    • AG Homestead

      @Robert M My weather here is a bit warmer so I find ferments tend to get pungent a lot faster. We have been having some 100 degree days here and I try to keep them in the coolest part but it is still in the 80’s. I don’t like my kraut too pungent. I leave that for the kimchi’s.

  • Kim r

    I did some great ferment for the first time awhile back. My refrigerator went out and now I am not sure if is any good

  • Anneli Oskarsson

    Just in time. I promised my dad to make sauerkrauts, I told him it was easy 😂😂. I have never fermented 🙈.

  • Sebrina Luc

    Great video! I started doing some fermenting about 2 years ago except for sauerkraut. I had a small accident and ended up in surgery. Due to the antibiotics given to me, it killed all the good stuff and I ended up sick. So I ended up on prebiotics and eating more yogurt. That is when I started searching on fermented foods.

  • Rose Felton

    I Fermented some Dilly Green Beans Sept. 15th. The beans are still kind of hard. I was hoping they would get softer. Did I do something wrong or do I need to do something else to them? Can I leave them to ferment longer? Would that make them better? I am about to cook them just so I can eat them.

  • S Miner82

    Awh memories, we used to live in so Idaho and we had purple and green gags plums. Mom made tons of plum jelly. So long ago, she used paraffin to seal it. Never went bad. Yum

  • Abigail G

    Do you ever make your own vinegar from excess fruits or from peelings?

    Your channel has been an excellent learning source for my husband and I and we really enjoy your videos. Thank you for sharing!

  • bkerr1

    I’ve found a few cases of pint jars in local grocery stores and picked up a couple. I don’t want to be the jerk who hoards them all. I started a fresh ferment of kimchi about a month ago, sauerkraut last weekend and some hot peppers for sauce today. Fermenting is really so easy once you know how it works.

  • Michele Lee

    I put my fermented tomatoes in my NutriBullet then used the tomatoes in the place of balsamic vinegar with my olive oil on greens. It was great!! I learned about fermenting tomatoes from Caroline. I love it! Thank you.

  • rawfoodelectric

    I made pea soup for my husband and he didnt want it without saurkraut. I told him he would ruin it…but he told me he wouldnt eat it without it. Then he implored me to try it as well. I did. Yuk. But I love pea soup so I began to eat it his way (peer pressure) and now…I wont eat pea soup without it! You are correct…my body began to almost crave it. Now I find that any soup is better with a dollup of saurkraut on top.

  • Melissa

    Good one, as always! Thanks guy, hope the weather is kind to you 👍

  • Catherine Cunningham

    Soooooo my fermented tomatoes are at two weeks and smell a bit like wine. I have a white substance in mine. I had a tomato push it’s way to the top so I pulled it out. Am I ok?

  • Patty Meade-Austin

    Northern Illinois here, no canned pumpkin on the shelves here.
    Great information, as always! Thank you!

  • Sammy Geiger

    Odd question, but I would love to hear about your family’s dental health? With the way you eat, whole foods, lots of dairy, fermented foods etc I am curious if you deal with many dental issues like cavities? I am reading up on weston a price and what he has to say about how food affects dental health and everything he recommends to eat to support great dental health, your family seems to eat. I would be curious to hear your family’s experience with whole foods and dental health! Thank you so much!

  • BreeZ Place

    Perfect! Just started doing kombucha and counter top sprouts. This is the next step

  • Shelly Gromer

    Pantry chat request…
    Having a full freezer of meat is wonderful but I get confused on exactly what to do with the different cuts. I’d love to hear u break down the different parts of beef, deer, pig and also break down the specific names of the cuts that come from each part. Then to hear the best ways to cook it. To hear a chat about chicken and turkey would help to. It would be awesome if Caroline could maybe start a series on actually cooking meat. Maybe drop us an actual recipe every few weeks. Preserving and storing up meat is wonderful but only if we know how to best use it. I love all u do for us!! U guys rock!!!

  • Robert M

    There is a guy named Sandor Katz. He knows everything about fermentation. I have one of his books. Check him out.

  • Grey Ecologyst

    I’ve been wondering ever since i watched this video, how do you move 5+gl ceramic crock full of food from the prep area to cold storage? Even if you happen to have a couple of strong guys to move it id still be concerned about breakage. Are you using dollies? I physically can’t move something that heavy from point A to B without some kind of pully system.

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