‘Income crisis’: Are Retirement Plans In Danger? Will Rhind Talks Real Estate, Economy

A reduction in interest rates has forced investors to look elsewhere besides fixed income, but options for yields still do exist, said Will Rhind, CEO of GraniteShares.

“In this particular traumatic year, we’ve had a cratering of interest rates really across the curve, which has left investors that had a retirement plan before COVID now re-examining those plans,” Rhind said.

0:00 – Yields are low right now
2:45 – HIPS ETF
3:50 – Dividend stocks
4:55 – Economic outlook
6:50 – Real estate
11:28 – Gold and bitcoin
16:35 – Gold-backed ETF flows

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  • Huntley Goldburg

    Thank you Kitco. I appreciate your content. So many intelligent guests and insight. 🐂📈

  • Guy Tar

    gold low, usd low, dow unable to create 30k support , new stimulus will starts with a B and not a T……something big is about to happen

    • Guy Tar

      @Patrick Pellerin Not even close…LOL. But people dont realize with stimulus the Fed buys bonds… this creates a short squeeze on investors who have the biggest short positions ever. They will need to cover these short positions by selling stocks.

    • Patrick Pellerin

      @Guy Tar The stock market will crash ?

    • Joseph Jones

      Something big is right

    • Guy Tar

      people who havent invested by now wont. trying to teach them is like learning chinese. the only way dow gets to 31k is with stimulus. but people forget the dow gained 1100 then quickly dropped 1200 after last stimulus. it was investors and fund managers who helped reinflate it. we are already all in…no more room to go 3,5,10k higher. look at the macro chart, we are on the hillary step on everest

    • Peter Pan

      @Patrick Pellerin stimulus is just adding to the problem. But it’ll help push gold and bitcoin up over the next decade, so print away…

  • Tony Tinoco

    This guy was totally non-committal in answering any of David’s excellent questions! Waste of time IMO.

  • Joseph Jones

    Next the MSM will tell the public that an immune system is a conspiracy

  • ruscabanis

    Need 4% return ?……Just inflation is 4% now.

    • James

      Agree but Fed does great job of hiding that inflation with BS numbers like CPI. Go to the grocery store, look at your household bills and calculate for yourself if inflation is happening. Wait a couple years and all this money printing will cause much higher inflation.

    • Ed Denoy

      ruscabanis Not quite. In the USA , petrol continues to drop. That affects the cost of many consumer items. From my standpoint we are in stagflation , tending towards slight deflation this year. So far, anyway.

  • West Coast Stacker

    What gold bugs are selling for Bitcoin? Perhaps many own both, but can’t see selling Gold.

  • fundaMENTALly fugazi

    Gold will rise. Just gotta be willing/able to wait

    • Zachary Hoffenberg

      Screw gold its the way of the silver warrior. Gold is only used for gaudy jewelry and held by the goldmen banksters that run the paradigm. Buy silver bring them down

    • Zachary Hoffenberg

      Really come on man all markets are manipulated its all just steve Mnuchin in the basement of the treasury where he runs the plunge protection team clickimg his mouse. Thats what actually runs the market everything is 100% manipulated

  • Todd Stevens

    Never know how honest these guys are since they’re in the investment business and they’re dependent upon it for their living.

  • Felix Comes

    Wonderfull Job Kitco keep going👍

  • Harry B. Allsachs

    Great questions but terrible answers.

  • Farmer Dude357

    Anyone buying real estate this day and age is skating on thin ice.

    • Top Shelf

      When u suggest to buy

    • Farmer Dude357

      @Top Shelf my opinion. For a investment, I would look at real estate as any other asset. Is the price cheap? If you was to look at a chart on real estate in your area, is it cheap? Chances are it’s not. So I never buy a asset that not cheap. However , you must always keep a eye out. Because there’s always deals that can show up. I’ve seen homes come up for sale that for weird reasons could not qualify for a bank loan. These homes sell very cheap because few have the cash to buy . I also think we are do for a housing crash in the next couple of years.

  • Jacob

    The whole world wide financial system is just an intricate way to enslave people.

  • Tom Barnard

    I will never passively invest. Swing day trading in Gold and Silver (SGLN and SSLN)

    In and out never lost a cent buy on the dips sell on on the highs. 117% value increase since Feb 2020.

    No I don’t agree bitcoin follows gold or vice versa. Bitcoin follows S&P500 follow the charts. Give me gold and silver all day long.

    Well presented excellent vlog

  • Frozy Game

    Walter CoinCoin. Eаrn in this Tе-lеg-ram chan-nel.

  • motokev

    I retired 2 yrs ago. As soon as I retired, interest rates started to plummet.
    Plus my medical insurance premium has shot up.
    So sad…..

  • Daniel Canna

    He believes the MSM… He believes a lie.

  • DaedalusJones

    The background of Will Rhind in NYC …. looks pretty bleak. No sign of life.

  • Benjamin Male

    Get into mining stocks while you can before they take off, index mining stocks.

  • NorthAtlantic

    I like it when a guest answers a question with: “honestly, I don’t know.” I’d rather hear that than some BS.

  • Lain Iwakura

    “assuming that” when it comes to politics. May be the first smart analyst on here

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