How to Store Onions the RIGHT Way – No More Braiding Onions!

Learn how to use this old-fashioned onion storage hack for easy storage this winter.
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Many people think braiding onions is the best way to store them, but the truth is, onions are heavy, and properly cured onions have dry brittle stems, meaning braiding may not be the best solution. That's why we use the old-fashioned method of STRINGING onions for long-term storage.

Watch the video as I demonstrate how to string onions. For more information check out our blog post:

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  • rain coast

    Couldn’t really see what you did to tie the onions to the string, a closeup would have been helpful.

  • Vivian

    I have never seen it done like this….love this idea! I already have my onions stored with the stems cut too short….but I will do this next year 👍

  • Barbara Dougherty

    I love this! Wish I had some sort of cooling room without humidity (Florida) so I could do this! Awesome. I want to come live with you!!!

    • Lisa Chimento

      I’m in FL too, and with the AC running most of the year, any indoor pantry or closet provides cool, dark storage. What I’d like to know is how the curing is done.

    • Barbara Dougherty

      @Lisa Chimento I am pretty sure, to cure them, you just sit them outside, do not wash them, and keep them spaced apart, let air circulate around them so they make the “skins” and then after a few weeks? They are ready to store. Pretty sure you do that with garlic too. 🙂

    • Rose Felton

      @Barbara Dougherty You can put them outside, but don’t put them in the sun to cure. Yes, you can cure garlic the same way.

  • Daily Life and Nature

    Very interesting video upload how to store onions the right way, thanks for sharing to us such informative and creative channel , i plant to grow onion this year , i will learn from your video

  • Dilletant11B

    Thank you! We have onions in our garden this year.

  • Callie Fournier

    Thank you for sharing this! I’ve already got mine stored but will definitely be doing this next year!

  • oh darling

    Great video! I just started growing some onions (probably some months to go till the first harvest) and would love to see a video of yours on how to cure onions 😊

  • bgrowell

    I live in the low desert of Az. Storing onions in a cool place is pretty much impossible. Would a second fridge work as a root cellar?

    • Rose Felton

      I live in SE Az. and I don’t have a cool place to put anything either.

    • Noob FromTheInternet

      I have an extra fridge in my shop which I use as a makeshift root cellar, set to the absolute warmest setting which ends up right around 45-47 degrees.

  • Jeanette Harris

    I wish I had seen this before I tried braiding mine! I may actually undo a few and try this. I’m keeping this in my how to file! Thank you and be blessed!

  • Matt D

    Ive always used new pantyhose or nylons. Drop one in tie a knot and repeat. I hang them In a cool dry place and as long as the onions dont touch each other or anything they will keep. I usually buy 50 pounds in the fall and they are good until mid May. My parents learned that method from a grandmother in eastern washington.

  • Simple Living Alaska

    Wonderful 😃 thank you!

  • Lori Tanner

    I dry all my onions in my dehydrators. And that way I pull them when the tops are still green and I cut those up like large chives. Across the tops. Then I dry those too. Get double duty, no wasted tops. They work great in any dishes you want chives or onions in. Also did the same with my scallions and their tops. I keep them all in separate jars. As I keep them all separate in the dryer too. That way I know which top is which. Purple, sweet, scallion etc. Now I have a years worth and dont have to try to save the whole onions etc. I live on the southern oregon coast and our humidity is just to much to keep over food thru the year. So drying them has worked great. And they are great added to breakfast, lunch or dinner foods. No chopping and crying the rest of the year.

  • segagenesis1989

    Wow! I didn’t know that onions could be stored for months! Amazing!

  • Meghan Fisher

    You have the best content in your videos! A pleasure to watch and so educational. Thank-you for sharing as much as you do. You truly have the heart of a teacher. 🙂

  • Linda Lou

    Thank you sharing this is so neat doing it this way. 😍✝️💟

  • Janalyn Voigt

    Thanks for this tutorial! Not only is it fun, it makes your cold storage area beautiful.

  • Cindy Michaud

    Thanks! Appreciate knowing this technique❤️

  • Tiffany Martin

    I love how far you guys have come! I was watching the video on making onion powder and it gave me these nostalgic feelings from when I first found you guys! I love it 😊

  • C Lorraine Motter

    You really show great videos. I’m glad that you showed a close up of stringing one onion on. I also did the pantyhose thing for a long time, but will change over now. Thanks

  • Lady Indigo

    Wonderful ! This is truly a kitchen art project!! TMhanks for such a great lesson!

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