How to dehydrate and store food PART 1

Food dehydration is an effective and fun way to reduce waste, save money, go green, and practice preparedness! Dehydrated food lasts for years when stored properly, is lightweight, and doesn't require electricity to preserve. In this video, you will learn how to dehydrate a number of fruits and vegetables, and will learn a ton of other great tricks for your food dehydration and long-term food storage!

We love to help you dehydrate, store, and build your pantry! Here are some things we think will help you!

Excalibur Dehydrator:
Vacuum Sealer:
Vacuum Bags:

For high-volume dehydration and storage, we recommend the 9-tray Excalibur dehydrator and a heavy-duty vacuum sealer with dual motors. For low- or moderate-volume dehydration, we recommend 6- or 9-tray Excalibur, and any vacuum sealer, with high-quality vacuum bags.

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  • WorldStove

    been looking for a vid just like this for some time, thanks for posting!

  • Spirito2008

    oh goodness I just got one from them too… I guess I’ll be taking it back when it breaks lol

  • CMDB201

    thank you so much for having the desire to share your expertise! I really appreciate this information!

  • Survival Russia

    Awesome info Tammy. Thanks for sharing it. Thumbs up:)

  • LuvTheSnapper

    @moOswe its taking the water out. most of the nutrients are still there. just dehydrate at lower temps.

  • Everything Fresh & Sassy

    I also have to tell you, I appreciate a CLEAN COOK! I appreciate that you use gloves and have cleaning supplies near by! You’re my shero!

  • Everything Fresh & Sassy

    I’ve been watching your videos since last night, non-stop and I JUST LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vanessa Wishstar

    First thank you for your detail! I’ve learned so much. I was wondering though do you have any idea how to get banannas not to stick to the stainless steel mesh? I made a solar dehydrator and it works great especially in the hot dry CO sun BUT some food sticks like glue. Help pls

  • TheBobelly628

    Great meticulous review! Very much appreciated since I’m new to dehydrating. Thank You!

  • princessdingling2

    Very informative video but I wish that the uploader would address some of the questions below in the comment section.

    • Andy always

      the video was done in 2009 so I don’t think the person would be watching every single video reviews and answering ever single question

  • Anthony Calvert

    This video was useful to me. I look forward to the others. Thank you.

  • iamgodgirl

    Thank you for all the prep work to give us this info.

  • ClimbingIvy777

    I can tell you put so much work into this video.  Lots of prep work.  I really appreciate that.  I am interested in dehydrating and storage of foodage but have never done it before.  I learn best by seeing so this is a great video for me.  Thank you!

  • Dan Newberry

    thanks so much for this, you’ve inspired me!  thank you for sharing your time and efforts to help so many others. 

  • tony montana

    you should have a class on dehydrate , so far best video i seen .

  • sona churia

    great video, nice kitchen and well organized. I love the excalibur dehydrator but it too pricey for me. Thanks for the pro videos.

  • Deborah Davis

    Wonderful information and I am glad I have found your channel – new subscriber here

  • Cindy Hardy

    Love your videos. Just got my first dehydrator and appreciate all the great instruction. You stay on task and don’t go on to long. Flow is really nice. Thank you🌹

  • Dan Lxx

    I watched 9 of these vids for a few hours and I’m impressed. Great presentations. Gonna buy a dehydrator and some accessories. .

  • Robert

    how do you know the water activity in the finished product is low enough that mold or bacteria won’t grow?

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