Extreme budget living below the poverty line.
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  • River City MOVERS

    Having no rent or mortgage is huge! You win right there!

    • Goaltimer

      Yes it is. I think the 12k p.a. poverty line includes the rent as well. Someone is above poverty with a paid house.

  • Mike juba

    Folks are not poor because they have little; they’re poor because they desire much. Learn to to live without.

    • JL H

      Not necessarily. Most peoples money is taken up in rent. A lot of people cant pay rent and save to buy a property at the same time.

    • Silver Valley Coins and Bullion

      People desire so much they dont need. Brainwashed by advertising.

    • Chacha Brady


    • Frugal Dutch Mom

      @Mike juba Sounds like your friend was too “broke” to afford that tattoo and Harley and all the other things they bought. When you don’t have your debts paid off and a good emergency fund, you are too broke for big expenses.
      When you do have an emergency fund etc but no real pension, you’re too broke to get a Harley.
      You can have equity and valuables but still be broke.

    • Donna Cooper

      Give your resources to Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos.

  • Toni Weis

    May you stay healthy. In America, to be ill is terrifyingly expensive

    • Lynnette Murphy

      @Zoe Wilkins Same in Ireland. Nobody here has to make a choice between food or meds. You can wait for some treatments in public health system. Nobody is bankrupted by medical bills. I played my taxes & now have free medical & dental care. Also have private medical insurance. Am grateful I seldom need to use them.

    • Señor MeinKrafter2020

      @Angela Mullins You’re trying to tell me that decommodified / free healthcare is bad because it will make people lazy???? The US pays more per capita in healthcare than countries with free (at the point of service) healthcare, by far. So even take the humanitarian aspect out and you will see that it is a far better economic policy to have free healthcare.

      You should not have to be employed to get healthcare.

      What you are describing with “lazy covid pay workers” is a symptom of capitalism. If people get more money from government services than from their employer, their employer needs to pay them more. I’ll preempt your counterpoint by saying that the wages have not kept up with productivity since the 80s (or so), which means corporations are making more off of not paying their workers a fair wage. This is because the republicans have destroyed unions. This is for the US, of course.

      It’s extremely disgusting to call people who receive federal aid “lazy”, the majority are not (I don’t care about your anecdotes, they are meaningless).

    • SoCal9705

      @Tilly Kelp And yet every year we get thousands of Canadians coming to the US to seek care not available in Canada. Guess they should have talked to you first!

    • Deedee Smith

      A lot more people have great medical in the US. A lot of what you hear is political . All the very poor here have free medical even people not legal residents. I’m a retired registered nurse. It’s just not as dire as they portray. We also have the best medical in the world. Many people from other countries that have the money come here for treatment. I would see people come over from the UK and Canada because they couldn’t wait for treatment under socialized medicine. Certainly it’s not perfect here in the US but I prefer having a choice.

    • Señor MeinKrafter2020

      @Deedee Smith What choices do you not have under free healthcare? The freedom to not have exorbitant medical debt?

      Only extremely rich people go to the US for medical treatment, and not many even do that. This is just a conservative talking point to justify the atrocious system that the US has. The US pays almost double the price for healthcare than any country with universal healthcare.

      2/3 of bankruptcies in the US is because of medical debt. How can you justify that?

  • lisa roberto

    Being out of debt and owning your own house mrtg free, to me is rich! No headaches

  • Polaris Nebro

    Call this poverty, this is how humans are supposed to live like

  • Theresa

    I live significantly beneath my means and I don’t feel like I do without anything. Saving money helps me sleep at night.

  • Beverly Harward

    Volunteer in a 3rd World country. Upon arriving home in America, you’ll be thankful and grateful. Let me back up….you’ll be grateful and thankful when you see the way people survive in 3rd World country. Use it up,Wear it out, Make it do or do without!! Go Prepper Princess !

  • Kate Kaden

    Every time I watch you as I’m listening, I think, she has SUCH a kind heart…and here we are again…you getting cat food when you don’t have a cat for people who need help feeding their pets. You are the sweetest.

  • Texas Janet

    Only in America would people consider themselves poor just because they don’t waste.

    • Donna Cooper

      @Texas Janet Janet, Some states make it very hard to have affordable health insurance or healthcare. I had a job in South Florida where the owners saw fit to fire you if you used the health insurance. I was advised of this when they were wheeling me into a non elective surgery. Yes, I was very frightened, of the surgery and of how I would pay for it. That one action effected my life in deeply difficult ways to this day. I have no family to ask for help. I later found out that this was typical protocol for the family that owned this business, they had done the same to other employees. Sociopaths.

    • Donna Cooper

      @Tilly Kelp 100 thumbs up.

    • Texas Janet

      @Donna Cooper once again my response was based on prepper princess experience with people attacking her for her lifestyle. I am sorry for your experience and its terrible but the joy of America is that we are free to move around, find better jobs, places to live that fit our needs and we are able to make these decisions because of the personal freedoms and take control of our own lives.

    • hiraeth 20

      @Tilly Kelp The most vulnerable are the unborn and newly born which is why I always vote as pro life as possible. Trump 2020.

    • Jim Bull

      @hiraeth 20 I wonder how many abortions playboy Trump paid for.

  • Silver Chief

    You should do a comparison between what your monthly bills were in California compared to what they are now. That would be a real eye opener for a bunch of people.
    Thanks for sharing your life!

    • ladweeb

      Great idea! I live in Crazyfornia and must have went into shock while looking at the monthly bills list! 😳.

    • Kerry Night

      Prepper Princess did a video a while back that basically said it was impossible to live on $800/month. But that was in California and I’m so glad she can live on that now. I also live on that little in Colorado by choice.

    • Mar Jam

      NYC and SoCal are losing lots of residents in 2020…

  • Renae Yu

    Wow! Your guest room looks like a hotel room. Well done.

  • 1996freddie

    Being rent or mortgage free makes you rich these days

  • Big Al Roehlich

    It’s awful living in poverty…..just awful, we feel horrible for you, You need to live like a typical American: get a bigger house, a new car, and especially a lot of debt! Then you won’t be so poverty-stricken! Saving money? Most folks don’t know what that is!
    You make a good point about taking care of your things….it’s nice to get into a clean car.

  • Miss Sissy In a Van

    I have been debt free for 8 years. My little plot of land in the country is also paid off. Buy yourself a coffee mug make your coffee at home. Do not eat out. Eat your leftovers do not toss them. Shop at discount stores. It’s not easy but it’s a rewarding experience to see your banking account rise. Make it a game with yourself. It’s all about choice.

  • Gail M

    There’s a saying that your last comments reminded me of: “Never buy more than you need, never need more than you use, never use more than what it takes to get by “. I “think” it’s an old oriental saying.

    • Gail M

      Sorry, there’s one more line at the end: “, ’till you learn to need less”.

    • Carina B

      That’s a good saying. I think prepping (food) for a rainy day is a bit like a savings account in itself not to mention security. So buying more (food/hygiene supplies) than we need today (reasonably- without being wasteful) would be my exception to this.

  • Cindys cross stitch

    Even if people did just half of what you did, it would make a big difference. I don’t have any cable . I don’t have a TV. I have a computer and cell phone. I own my house , no mtge. The only debt I have is my car and that’s almost paid off. I am a huge gardener and an avid cross Stitcher. I walk 3 to 5 miles a day. I am not on any medication. I am not on a strict budget. I live better then most. I am grateful and thankful for all I have. I work full time. I try be careful with my money. All 3 of my kids know how to budget their money. As young adults living on their own, they are way ahead of the game. Amazing how this is frowned upon. I am not riddled with debt. 🌻🌻🌻

    • taoist40

      Nice. It’s all about financial education. I never got advice from parents on money management, but I watched what they did. On a subconscious level I was not aware that I was learning what my parents knew, but it sure helped immensely. I have worked since I was 14, always saved my money, and only paid for things I could afford. My parents did this, and I have done it. At 46, I am close to being a millionaire without having a super high income. In fact, I am just like Prepper Princess in that I make poverty level income. And, as a guy, I have never bought into the whole spending spree on fashion or cars like other guys. Old fashioned, I guess.

    • Fighting Irish

      No computer or cell, yet you watched this and responded on youtube.

    • Cindys cross stitch

      @Fighting Irish it clearly says i have a cell phone and computer. You may need 👓 🙄

    • Fighting Irish

      Yes, I do need glasses. Agree


    I also enjoy simple living & being frugal. They way we chose to live may seem like poverty to some but its richly Peaceful for us.

  • Tina Rio

    Darling that’s not poverty at all. Poverty is having nothing, surviving, hungry, homeless absolutely nothing.

    • karin0963

      She is showing that her living expenses are below the poverty level by govt standards.

    • Nick V

      When you have to choose between food and medicine? You buy the lowest cost staples, rice, beans, cheapest hamburger, your car needs repair, your roof leaks, you wash your clothes in a bucket. You have no money for birthday and Christmas gifts, and you are thankful for your minimum wage job. How much you pay for that cellphone to post this?

  • Frank prit

    The problem is, our American culture bombards us with none stop advertisements to buy things, with the premise that if you don’t own these things you are impoverished, “Affluenza” It’s all a big scam so a few individuals can get very rich by successfully manipulating the public. It takes a very strong willed and intelligent person to not be brainwashed by this way of thinking.

  • Nancy Bryant

    I retired and paid my mortgage off last year. No car payment, no cable(antenna and Netflix). I m a 71 yr ole woman and still mow my own yard. I get Social Security and a small annuity check I paid into. I save some money and donate to the local food bank every month. I read a lot but don’t buy books any longer (use library). It’s free to go for walks. Medicare isn’t free, costs me about $290 a month for A, B, and supplement and drug plan. I’ve been spending more on food lately because trying to stock up in case of food shortage.

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