How Feminism Led to the Madness of Gender Confusion

Deuteronomy 22:5

The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God.

The emergence of feminism has been one of the great disasters of history and civilization. The obvious and most serious flaw is its attempt to blur the differences between the genders under the guise of equal opportunity.

It didn’t take long for equal pay for equal work to rapidly become “there is no difference between men and women other than how they pee.”

What was unfortunate for the victims of feminism – male and female – is they embraced the fallacy of the bizarre assertions of the feminists and started to think and act in terms of them.

At first glance the scripture above may not seem to apply to feminism, but in reality, it has everything to do with it. It isn’t just about men wearing women’s clothing or women wearing men’s clothing, but the entire process that leads up to the action.

A man doesn’t dress like a woman in a vacuum, something leads him to make the choice and act upon it. The same with a woman dressing like a man. There’s an entire way of thinking engaged in before participating in it.

In regard to feminism and gender confusion, it was the false assertion that there is no difference between a man and woman that ultimately increased the number of people dressing like the opposite sex, while taking on the characteristics of them.

There was also the outrageous attack on men and masculinity that not only caused the gender wars, but resulted in collateral damage that will take a long time to make right.

By collateral damage, I mean the attempt by weak-minded people that are pressured to go along with the crowd no matter what direction it takes, to declare themselves as having no gender, choosing to be one gender or the other no matter what gender they were when they were born, or expanding the illusion to considering themselves transhuman, and numerous other bizarre and broken decisions that aren’t based in reality.

When men or women think they can act like God and choose or declare what they are based upon whatever pops into their heads, it’s a testament to the brutal and damaging feminist ideology that has destroyed so many people.

Again, no matter what the clueless say in relationship to feminism, it has little to do with financial compensation for a job, but everything to do with social engineering. And even in the case of the non-existent pay gap, many supporters of feminism admit it’s primarily the result of choices woman make and not someone underpaying them for the same work, if that could even be defined and proven.

The bottom line is women and men are different in a wide variety of ways, and those trying to deny that reality end up piercing themselves through with all sorts of brokeness and distortions as they try to align with that which isn’t possible to become.

No matter what a woman asserts, she will always be a woman, no matter what she does to make herself appear to have the outward appearance of a man. The same with a man that takes similar steps.

A major thing people will have to do to escape the abuse and lies of feminists is to first embrace the vast difference between the genders, and why that should be considered a delight, rather than negative.

Every aspect of the feminist movement needs to be abandoned. It’s similar to Planned Parenthood in that it encourages and supports the killing of babies via abortion on one hand, and on the other says its purpose is improve the health of women. It’s impossible to sift through feminism as if it has some bad things that need to be rejected, while having good things that need to be kept.

The reason I say that is it’s based upon the total lie that there is little if any difference between a man and woman. There is no way to reconcile that lie, and everything else flows out of it. In other words, it permeates all aspects of the ideology behind the movement, tainting everything it touches.

It isn’t that hard to figure out what to do. Men need to embrace their masculinity, while women need to embrace their femininity, both enjoying being the gender they were at birth.

At the same time, we need to once again delight inn the difference between male and female, and work on using our strengths in a way that make our world truly a better place to live in. This will never happen until feminism is utterly abandoned and destroyed.


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