Can your homestead make you wealthy?

In this interview John Pugliano, of the Wealthsteading Podcast, Joins us to talk about what wealth really is and how our homestead can help us get there.



John has over 30 years investing experience, he’s an entrepreneur, author, inventor and the founder and money manager of Investable Wealth LLC. John's Podcast, the Wealthsteading Podcast, takes a homesteader like, holistic look at the market, and ways we can grow and preserve our wealth.



  • Tinyhome deals

    1st to comment? Don’t get it but rather make real comment. Like this new approach. Perfect description wealth = freedom.

  • Self Retired

    Dog bones, too

  • Anya Oberkirsch

    Wealth and money aren’t the same thing. It takes a long time for some people to figure that out. Sadly, there are those that will never learn that.

  • Laura McGregor

    I’m getting a Jersey and naming her Ladybug in honor of your Ladybug. You’ve taught me a lot

  • Debra Oyler

    So awesome 👏 love this video, so on point!!! Keep them coming Homesteady!

  • deborah lawing

    Interesting and inspirational. Thanks for the content.

  • Patrick Coleman

    You have a unique sounding voice the type you’d hear in a radio announcers voice or narrating on a animal planet show or the history so it is my opinion you what they say about opinions haha but seriously you could make some good money doing that I sure did and was able to semi-retire at 47 and your voice sounds better then mine did at your age.

  • Elizabeth B

    Maybe Camel Poop would be a good fire starter?

  • Howlinhairy on the Prairie

    Great information. Thank you.
    I am working towards becoming semi retired by growing meat chickens and pasture raised pigs. Am also looking into other income sources I can do from my little ten acre property. I have started a YouTube channel, like most things it is moving slow. I’ve only been at it 2 months. Ebjoy your channel, thanks.

  • Lisa Kukla

    Aren’t those “record highs” in the NASDAQ lately because the Fed is pumping money out to keep up this facade? I’m puzzled as to why this was pointed to as positive proof, rather than a warning.

  • Donna Jeffery

    I see wealth as in are you healthy are you happy are your family happy and yes that includes animals wether it is farm pets or farm animals or horses or house pets can you do and enjoy the things do you feel secure in yourself and family do you feel contented in everything that you do and can you do what enjoy that makes you happier than if you had millions of pounds in the bank and does it give you freedom in life etc without money all the time like going for walks etc and enjoy it for what it is no expectations from it that is what I think of wealth

  • Morgan Adair

    I found out as a kid that if I could get them to do the work an I sold the job for e amount, I could pocket money everytime something needed done… I was hard on the kids, if your not signed up to work, I can’t guaranty that the work being done on that site will have room for all. I limited the amount an got the best an then sold the idea by posting services in the newspaper and we did three towns. I provided costumes and travel, most big tools but those kids were to own their own hand tools…. if yours breaks then we may have spares for sale or rent. I was hard but as things moved along, I gave more money and those kids knew everything cause I never lied to them or other, they knew I could make soup out of mud. I left home when I was fifteen and got my emancipation. I never had to fight all that hard as they really wanted me gone more than I wanted freedom. A long and healthy story here. I wasn’t eighteen when uncle sam drafted me and no choice but go so I put a sister of mine in charge of my business. She had filled in before and it was a match. When I came home, I had other things to deal with and so took a small portion of what she said was mine and gave her back the rest. I headed to alaska for a season and made a lot of money in the lumberjack field as a mechanic. I did almost too good as it did overwhelm me as no where to get in trouble in a logging camp, I worked seven days a week an got as much overtime as I could. I came home that winter an sis asked when I would just come back…. I asked her how it was affecting her an we come to a agreement that the business was her’s free an clear an all the equipment to as we had trucks an loaders an stuff built up in seven years total. Oddly she came to me and ask if it would be smart to sell it while way ahead as she saw other start ups an she had a solid offer so we come to selling which netted her almost seven figures in ten years time. Not many can say that an she still looked good in a dress as well as blue jeans shoveling dirt! My big loss came when I got married to a very smart girl who tore me up from the floor up. Another heck of a story an so my comment would be as to how much you risk an how can you turn things around should it go south. Farms are not a solid profit business unless you work an work hard which you kids do… more than you realize. I see some very solid ideas in this business of yours. And the kids are getting of a age that are helpful. I see you make it. Other see you drive a decent rig an have some nice tools, they don’t see what it took to get there an may not get there if that what they are aiming for

  • MrNiceGuys .420

    I love this concept. I too believe this is the true meaning of wealth

  • karol moreland

    Good video enjoyed the information

  • Ana Larson

    Good tips, tx for sharing. Nice idea on butchering chicken, let’s do this online

  • Wild Spirit Artworks, E. C. Sullivan Art

    This is valuable data I did not expect to hear on Homesteady. Thank you. I’m still waiting, Aust, for where to send that painting of Ladybug.

  • Heather Phillips

    I stopped listening when John compared Covid-19 to the Influenza virus. When you get blood clots in multiple vital organs, or MIS-Cfrom the flu, then Ill listen.

    • Rico

      I don’t think this was directly about covid-19, but on the point that you disagree that covid-19 and influenza not being comparable: I listened to something the other day that the spanish flu evolved into the spanish flu and that there is “dna” so-to-speak of the spanish flu and influenza in covid-19. So I’m not understanding your comment.

  • Tacito Homestead

    Great video!! I’m going to research John and Wealthsteading tonight!! Always love your videos!
    But have I missed the chicken butcher class??? If you haven’t shown how you do those classes on the channel I’d love to see a video on that! If you have done a video of that, send me the LINK!! 😊 That’s a really great idea! Much love from our homestead to yours!

  • Saori Tsujimoto

    I was born and raised in NYC and I knew I always wanted to work with animals and be in nature, but it never paid well. So I bunkered down and took a series corporate jobs, bought my apartment in NYC and grew my financial wealth through a series of good investments via stocks and property. After 10 long years of hard work I am finally selling everything to start my homesteading dream.

    I find most millennials my age really just don’t know what they want so it’s hard for them to ascertain wealth when they can’t figure out what their long term goal is.

  • Tara Lea

    FINALLY – a camel sign in the background!!! 🎉🎉🎉🐪🐪🎉🎉 Camel on!

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