Guns, Self-Defense, and the Evil in Man

It’s instructive when Christians are considering the pros and cons of the gun debate, to consider what it is the Bible actually says about. In this article I’m going to give a scriptural background as to why self-defense, and specifically using guns for that purpose, are not only allowable, but required in a world where the fall of man has produced so many violent men and women; man of whom won’t hesitate to take the lives of others.

Interestingly to me, those supporting gun control, including some who profess Christ, use one scripture in particular to present their case, when in fact that very scripture, when supported by others, represents the opposite of what they think.

I’m referring to Exod. 20:13, which states: “Thou shalt not kill.”

Some Christians that rightly support the right to bear arms and self defense, get thrown by this because they don’t know how to answer those attempting to manipulate them to change their position on the issue.

When the scriptures command us not to kill, first of all, it’s a reference to murder. This is obvious, as God included the death penalty in many of the laws He gave through Moses, and it would be bizarre at best, and insanity at worse, for people to insinuate that God was double-minded or confused.

Also, many times we see the people of God bearing arms for defense and war, and at times, such as in the case of David and some of the men close to him, God helping them as they trained to increase their skill in the art of the use of weaponry.

So when we’re commanded not to kill, inherent in the command is the fact we’re to participate in stopping those trying to murder others. In this time in history, firearms are the most effective way to stop those intent on doing physical harm.

Why we are given this responsibility and right by God is because of the fall of man when he sinned in the garden of Eden. This resulted in the essence of man changing, embedding within him the propensity to participate in all types of evil. To allow evil of this type to not be defended against, would be the ultimate case of allowing depraved men and women to do as they will to anyone they wished.

Based upon obedience to God, we have the responsibility to protect ourselves and our families, and keep those under our care safe. It also applies with our neighbors; although we are to take care of our families first, and afterwards those we are given the opportunity to help. This is part of loving our neighbor.

Those who aren’t Christ’s, and those that are false brethren, can easily do us harm. We must remain vigilant, prepared, and ready to take decisive action if unfolding events require it.

The point in connecting this to the fall of man is that evil came into the hearts of men. When that happened, that evil expressed itself toward other people. Think of if Abel had the ability to defend himself when attacked by his brother Cain.

As history moves forward, we’ll find that the tares and wheat will grow together, as the scriptures teach us. Growth implies maturity, and that means that true Christians will increasingly be conformed to the image of Christ, and those outside the covenant of God, increasingly conformed to evil.

So while evil will grow in the hearts and actions of unbelievers, the goodness of God will grow in His people. That doesn’t mean they’ll be equal forces balancing off one another in the world, only that those that continue to reject God over time will increase in depravity and evil, while those that submit unto God will grow in sanctification.

During this process, one of the ways evil is defended against and kept in check is the fact there are those willing to stop it by defending themselves and others.

A gun obviously doesn’t change the hearts of men, but it will keep them from harming or killing you, your family, or your friends.

In conclusion, since God has commanded people not to kill, it’s our responsibility to ensure that isn’t allowed if we have the means and opportunity to do something about it. Throughout the Bible we are shown that God has men of war that strengthen their arms for battle and are experts in the use of weaponry.

Those trying to remove firearms that are primarily used for hunting and self-defense, are really trying to remove the means of checks and balances they give all of us that oppose evil.

For that reason also, gun-free zones are an anti-Biblical idea that has to be rejected. It allows evil to abound because of the inability for potential victims to defend themselves.

Here are some tips on guns and the mindset to embrace when engaging in self-defense.


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