Gun Safety 101 : Handguns

Gun Safety 101 : Handguns #Gunsafety #Newgunowners #Safetyrules
***All shooting was performed at a professional range following all safety protocols
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  • Stream

    good to see so many guntubers making these kinds of videos, so many new gun owners out there, as well as long time owners who need reminding of basics



  • Mistah Frezzer

    I never clicked on a video so fast.


    Since I know my arms are always loaded, I treat them as such….LOADED. 👍🏽

  • Cell Games

    Thank you for making this extremely informative video. Love watching your videos.

  • Markus Town&Country

    Great video, Don; thanks. All those different safety systems are a great demonstration of why people should range practice, and range practice, and keep range practicing… 👍🏻

  • James Carter

    Thank you. This topic cannot be over emphasized.

  • Daryl Masajo

    Great video, helpful information for a new firearm owner, thank you! 👌🏽

  • rpddsmith

    #3 keep your booger hook off the bang switch 😂😂

  • Manny Rodriguez

    Very helpful for new owners! I appreciate you are taking the time to instruct and help having responsible gun owners.

  • Mark Adams

    Excellent points! This is a great presentation. Very good advice and direction for every firearms owner. Great vid. Ty.

  • John G

    Carried federally for 10 years and now just enjoy going to the range. This was a great video, and no matter how much experience you have just take the time to watch it and think about safety. It’s real easy to get complacent. Thanks for the video!

    • CAYMAN987

      Amen brother.. safety is an important part evan after decades of shooting. Anyone can and will make a mistake. Stay ahead of your possible areas for failure.

  • Parks Scott

    Been waiting for a reputable guy to do one of these right now. I know there are others but with all the new gun owners these days I feel you can’t have too many safety lessons.

  • Nancy M-R

    First, this is wonderful, the most down to earth easy to understand new shooter safety video that I’ve seen. over the last two weeks I’ve watched a lot of these videos from other Youtubers and while they’ve all been conscientious and done a decent job, at the end of their videos I didn’t feel that they were truly speaking to beginners. You were approachable, used common sense terms and examples. I’ve been an NRA basic pistol instructor since 2013, and I recently had to cancel a lot of lessons because of the stay-at-home order. I’m going to send the link to this video to every single lady on that list. Thank you, @sootch00.

  • Matt Constantine

    Thanks for the tutorial video. I’ve recently adopted a teenage boy. He’s not had any experience with firearms. I’ve sent this to him & told him to watch it often. Hopefully between the 2 of us I can get him on the range soon.

  • Dan Love

    Hey Sootch, great video. I’m a newer gun owner, and I’ve been watching a lot of your vids on both your channels. I’ve already learned most of what your saying in this video so that’s a good sign. I’ll make sure I recommend this video to any other new owners I run into. Stay safe man !

  • mariodesmo

    Great job sootch! As a shooter for nearly 50 years now, I can appreciate how this video demonstrated the workings of each type of firearm action and emphasizing the golden rules, making it easy to understand!

  • T. 'Wild' Weasel

    The loudest sounds of all: a click when you expected a bang. And a bang when you expected a click. ..

  • triffnix

    I’m so in love with this Ruger Gp100… Until now I couldn’t get my hands on one, but the day will come!

  • maria levesque

    This is really nice, I liked when you telled the stories also when you told us the different types lol

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