Gun-Free Zones are a Major Part of the Problem

The attempt by some young people to create a meme that attempts to support gun control, was a major fail. It confirms the inability of young people to think issues through.

First. Are they kidding when they say the White House is a gun-free zone? Try sneaking in and see how many guns suddenly appear. Second. Don’t they comprehend schools are already gun-free zones?

Can they really not understand that a major part of the problem is the fact schools are designated as gun-free zones? There’ll be many less deaths once staff are trained and armed to deal with active shooters.

Interestingly, what they appear to be trying to communicate is the White House has armed protection in place, and equate that with being a gun-free zone. If that isn’t what they’re trying to communicate, it means they are even dumber than first appears.

It would suggest people aren’t allowed to carry guns at the white House outside of security, and that should be the same at schools. Again, do they really not know that schools are gun-free zones too?

It’s hard to deconstruct what they’re trying to communicate because of the tortured logic involved. I think what they’re doing is equating what they perceive as lack of a gun-free zone at school as the same as not having gun control in place across the nation.

In other words: gun control equals gun-free zones in their weak way of thinking. Assuming that’s the case, they still don’t get that people intent on evil and doing harm to other people don’t pay attention to gun laws.

And the idea it’s harder to get guns because of confiscation, is of course nonsense. It’s also naive. Guns can be traded or acquired all across the nation. All gun control would do would be to take the guns out of the hands of decent people that aren’t tapped into the grey market trading circles that are part of American culture. It also doesn’t take into account the buying and selling of criminals, or the stealing of guns from places of business.

Another important thing to consider is when people in churches are armed, the number of casualties have been very low. When they aren’t armed, the shooter can pick off one person after another without resistance.

The same goes for schools. Schools must start to arm and train their staff to defend themselves and the students against those trying to do them harm. There is no other answer.

If the hearts of people are full of rage, hate and murder, they will find a way to attempt to do harm; whether with a bomb, knife, or something else they think of to act on their dark impulses.

There should be no such thing as a gun-free zone in the U.S. Instead there should be armed security – either security that has been paid for, or by the people owning the business or operating in a public space being trained and armed.

What must be willingly and openly embraced and accepted is that there is evil in this world. No law can take that away because it dwells within the hearts of men and women. The only way to stop force is by using force. In the case of guns, only people with guns can stop shooters.

There’s several reasons for the 2nd Amendment. The first is to keep the government in check, and the second major reason is to be able to protect ourselves from evil people intent on doing us harm.

We have the right and responsibility to defend ourselves and our families and friends. We will continue to fight to ensure those rights remain in place.

The best steps to take to eliminate the large numbers of people being killed is to train and arm people that are in positions of authority and responsibility in regard to other people. It has been proven that when force is in place, the number of casualities are vastly minimized.

Along with that, steps need to be taken to let evil people know that there are no such thing as gun-free zones or safe places they can exploit to do their damage.

As for many of the young people in America, they need to learn that gun-free zones are a major part of the problem, not the solution. The 2nd Amendment and the exercise thereof, is the best defense against evil people.


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