Guide on How COVID Deaths are Counted & Forecast of Worst-Case U.S. Scenario

How COVID-19 deaths are counted and worst-case scenario for U.S.

The first installment of the Essential Guide on Covid-19, focuses on how COVID deaths are counted, and forecasts a potential worst-case scenario of coronavirus deaths in the United States. Solid data and numbers you can read quickly.

It includes:

How are COVID deaths counted?
How many Americans are likely to die in a worst-case scenario?
What is the evidence that lockdowns do or do not help reduce the spread of the illness?
Are masks an effective way to reduce the spread?
Why did the forecasts for coronavirus hospitalizations prove so wrong?
Are children at serious risk from coronavirus?
What has the mental health impact of lockdowns been?

Whether you have been skeptical of the media’s panicked reporting all along or are just starting to wonder why the predictions of doom from March and April have not come to pass, the Essential Guide will provide you with the factual, accurate, and impeccably sourced information you need.

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