Growing Our Own Organic Matter with a Glorious Cover Crop Mix

Don't have enough compost? Grow your own organic matter! In order to make my spring garden better than this sandy wasteland that is my fall garden, I am planting a #greenmanure mix of crops to feed the soil, including black-eyes peas, crimson clover, mustard, daikons, rye, turnips, peas and lentils. With decent rain and some luck, they'll cover this area with a carpet of green and put lots of organic matter into the soil which we can use in our spring garden.

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  • Gardener Earth Guy

    Lime bucket, bringing the tune on time…

    Little bit of lime bucket time-

    Making the scene looking oh so fine…

    Cloud of dust and it unwinds!

    Lime bucket time

    Lime bucket time

    You need to love lime bucket time…

    Baby you’re nearly as fine.


  • Dave Schreiner

    “Lime bucket, bucket of lime”…. Stuck in my head now for the next few hours. Thanks.

  • New Tunes For Old Logos

    “I have a plan!”
    I bet your plan involves venison.

    • Russell

      a gut pile on the garden for organic matter every few mornings during hunting season would show the plan working. The best form of plant repurposing.

  • Joe Serrano

    Good to know David, so this is even better than composting leaves, weeds, grass clippings, kitchen scraps(no meat or cooked ones)and animal manure? COOL, lol…how to grow cover crops for deer, well, here’s hoping you at least get some turnips, radishes, mustard greens and that was FAST! LOL…like ya say it pays to know that your neighbor has a tractor, but I noticed not only are you a permaculturist/farmer/gardener you’re also a WARLOCK! Samantha Stevens on Bewitched twitched her nose to get things done and you just asked the li’l kids if they wanted to come over and there they were, sittin’ with ya on the John Deere Tractor! lol….Liked and watched the replay! 🙂

  • Jason the Gentleman

    Best ending to a video of probably all time! Going on an adventure, followed by fellow adventurers. Fantastic

  • Alex Summersell

    Don’t let anyone fool you, split peas are hard to grow.

  • Shane Millard

    Hey, it’s either vegetables or venison – either one is good…

  • Wild Floridian

    The throw! The reach! The slow mo! The fall? I’m glad your back to this style of videos!

  • nigellablossom

    Clover and rye are excellent choices! They have been the best out of all the cover crops I have tried here.. they work some serious magic on the soil. Good luck!

  • Sustainably Yours Homestead

    {:o0 You have given me ideas! Awesome video and insanely cute ending.

    I’m gonna tweak with the color adjustments on the monitor so the thumbs up turns green instead of blue when I click it.

  • Savana

    I am cracking up at the end, each time you try to finish “and that is how you plant..”

  • Matt Simmons

    I’ve got $5 in my pocket to go buy cheap legumes at the store, now I just need to figure out where to score some cheap brassica seeds and I’m doing this myself

    • HonestInquiry

      Let a single brassica plant flower and you will have thousands. In lots of areas you will see fields of mustard as well so keep an eye out

  • David Lopez

    Everything organic. The food, the soil, the background music.

  • Dafni Stamatogianni

    I would love to see how this progresses, what it looks like in a few months and how you till it! Thanks David!!!!

  • Just keep planting with Nemo

    My Uncles field was just planted with a 8 way cover crop. Specifically for animal feed 😂

  • 11 : 11

    1:51 this is professional technique.

  • Sam Hart

    If you have a rotary hoe and a gun, deer ARE the cover crop 😛

  • Hilary Lonsdale

    I wondered why that song resonated with me and I finally worked it out; we have gerbils buried ‘neath our cherry tree.

  • Fubear

    awesome seed mix, gonna go get me some this next week. We had about 8″ of rain over two weeks at the end of august , early sept, and not a drop since, except for a couple of foggy mornings. But I threw out a few handfuls of black oil sunflower bird seed, just to see what happens, and actually got about 6 of the couple hundred seeds to germinate, inside a cedar (juniper) drip line, so I was very encouraged about that.

  • David Sims

    I had a bunch of lettuce seed left over and tossed it in my garden. This is a first year garden for me. When I dig this lettuce into the ground, does anyone have an opinion on how much nutrition it may add? I’m guessing it will increase nitrogen.

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