Hops are a wonderful perennial plant to grow and use for multiple medicinal purposes.
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Not only do hops grow up and create a wonderful shade for our sunny balcony in the summer, but the plants die back all the way to the root each year. So they provide the shade we want in the summer, but allow the sun to shine in during the winter.

But hops are great for more than just shade! Most of us know hops for their flavor in beer. But hops can be used for so many medicinal purposes!

Hops are great as a digestive bitter to be taken before eating, as a tincture to help fight colds and the flu. Hops can be taken as a tea, a tincture or used in a salve. Hops are also full of antioxidants and are great for cosmetic purposes. It's known to help with hair growth and dandruff as well.

What we love hops for most is to make an evening herbal tea to help with sleep and reduce anxiety. Watch as Carolyn demonstrates how to make a hops tea.

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  • Nora Ellen

    Thank you! I’m very interested in learning about putting together a natural medicine cabinet. These are very helpful videos! Can you dehydrate the hops for long term storage?

  • Black Pack Homestead Chris and Marella Ogden

    I would have to good trellis for something like that. I bet is smells fantastic though.

  • Sandra Eiwen

    Would you do a video on pruning stonefruittrees please?
    And thank you so much for all the wisdom you put together!

  • It's Me

    I’m excited for this video!!

  • Candy Duell

    Great video! You got me started in my love for herbs with your arnica video. Thank you so much.

  • Megan Hickey

    What about using hops for milk supply when breast feeding?

  • Kimara's Kute Kreations

    I have 3 hops vine I actually grow mines in containers because the roots multiples like mint plants do. I have hops from last years harvest. This year they didn’t produce. I gave my brother some he likes to make beer and I have some to calm my anxiety (hormonal) take only once a month. But I’m going to purchase some materials to learn more about herbal medicine. PS enjoy your channel alot thank you for helping and encouraging me.

  • Steve Lehman

    How would it work to freeze dry these for preserving them in a sealed jar?

  • Sebrina Luc

    WOW! I definitely need to look into purchasing Hops! Thank you!

  • Willypod Nonsense

    🙂Thank you for all of your hard work that you put into your videos. I have 1 BIG QUESTION…

  • Stephanie Bish

    I’m curious how you grew the hops, did you attach wires to the roof or eve? Do you take the wires and vegetation down over winter? Or just let next year’s growth clamber up the remains? Thanks for all your videos, I never miss one and learn so much! 🌻🌻🌻

    • Susanna S

      When I had hops it grew along my entire fenced back yard and up the side of the garage. It knows what to do to attach itself. I live in Canada where its very cold. It definitely dies back to a brown bramble. The vines do not go away and new growth can use the old. I lived in that location for 5 years and cleaned them all out twice but thought maybe I could have done it each year too.

    • Maria Perez

      Susanna S Hi. I have a one story house. They grow really tall. Will they just grow as high as they have support? You mentioned your fence. I just don’t want my neighbors complaining that they grow to their yard.

    • Susanna S

      @Maria Perez Yes they will grown in their yard depending on the fence. Mine grew over the top of the fence and along it. Not straight up. I dont know if they ever do that. I just talked to my neighbour and said they could chop it off if they wanted too and throw it over the fence or I would come do it. One fence was no neighbours so it was planted there. The stem is pretty sturdy. The people who owned the house before me planted it and Wild Cucumber which grows even faster (16 to 24 feet). The entire yard was full of nettle, ferns, burdock and all sorts of herbs and medicinal plants. Took me a whole summer to identify them all and they grew. There was even an entire back corner that was obviously ripped out. I guess it was their perennials they could take with them. Was an interesting yard.

    • Susanna S

      oh and if you watch it you could make sure its not hopping over the fence entirely. Its just those offshoots that are hard to catch, especially if they grow through a fence. I also had a huge grape vine against a fence (on its own arbor) but it too went into the neighbours yard.

    • Maria Perez

      Susanna S Thanks for the info Susanna! That’s right if I build a trellis a foot away from the fence then I could catch grow before it gets to the neighbor since I KNOW it will happen. God bless you!

  • Lisa Oliver

    My husband has insomnia. Would hops be good every night or would that be too much intake?

  • Rachel Swanson

    We have hops new this year. So really looking forward to utilizing their benefits.

  • Tdew DN

    What is a good heat hearty hop for medicinal use in Texas? OR, a good place to go research reliably for that information?

  • Rebecca Bodmer

    Love my hops plant – will definitely try the tea – I grow them for beautiful dried arrangements

  • Shauna Ferguson

    This was great Carolyn!! Thank you!

  • Rose Felton

    I really enjoyed your video about Hops. It would be nice, if you have the time, to do other videos about a medicinal herb that you grow. Love the view from your second story balcony.

  • Kelly Palazzi

    I saw a hops plant at Tractor Supply early on In the spring and I thought to myself what the heck would I do with hops? I knew you were growing them from watching prior videos but I never knew why. Now I’m kicking myself.

  • NTMDTR205605

    I know a cure from hops. hair of the dog.

  • Rachel Barbour

    Hi Carolyn
    I’m in love with hops now ♡ thankyou

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