Great Multi-Purpose Survival Shovel That Solves Numerous Problems

All of us have found ourselves, to one degree or another, in difficult circumstances that require at minimum, temporary problem-solving skill and multi-purpose tools to deal with the environment we find ourselves in.

Outside of water and food, the most important survival or prepper equipment to have on hand are tools that have many uses that deal with most circumstances we may face.

To that end reliable Iunio has produced a relatively light, 31-inch Military Portable Folding Shovel that will help us to solve most of the problems we may face if we encounter situations that require us to be longer on a trail, in the woods, near a lake, or possibly having a car break down in any sparsely populated area, among other potential dangerous scenarios.

In the case of Iunio’s Military Portable Folding Shovel and Pickax (including a waist pack to carry or store it in), it is without a doubt a necessity if we’re planning on going on a long trip, hiking, fishing, camping, taking a motorcycle ride, backpacking or riding a bicycle.

Even in planned outdoor trips it is a very useful tool to have available for normal things we have to do when camping, hunting, hiking or backpacking, etc. Most things an outdoor enthusiast or traveler would need to do is available with the folding shovel.

Entrenching or entrenchment tool

One of the more obvious and important uses of the portable folding shovel is in digging. Usually this would be in response to the need for managing the elements if they’re at a harsh time of the year, and possibly to hide yourselves if you’re in a potentially hostile environment where keeping hidden is needed to increase your level of safety.

The Iunio folding shovel here, other than a rubber grip on the handle, is made of high-carbon steel, which makes it very durable in harsh or difficult areas it may need to be used.

It should be able to penetrate even very hard ground without being damaged.
Also important, is it is hefty enough to be used for a weapon if it needed to be. That includes to possibly ward off animals if you happen to be without any other of protection or self-defense.

Practical benefits

Beyond its use as a shovel, the Iunio filding shovel has many other practical uses built into it. For example, it has a saw, bottle opener, nail extractor, fire bar, emergency whistle, and a fish scaler. It can also be used as a hammer or hoe.

As for the various utility pieces mentioned above, you can either keep them in the included bag, or better in my opinion, put them in the handle pieces to have them immediately on hand. It’s easy when not thinking in terms of problems arising to store the pieces in the bag, which you may not have with you; even if you have the shovel.

To me it’s better to develop the practice of placing them in the shovel when it’s put together, otherwise you may find yourself with a shovel and not the many ancillary pieces included with it when you need them the most.

As for the length of the shovel, there is an extension bar included if you need to do certain things standing up.

Safety and starting a fire

Consider that when thinking of one of the more important uses of the shovel, which is the ferrel rod and blade that can be used to start a fire. That not only would likely keep out most curious animals, but also keep you warm if you’re in cold conditions; especially if you or your friends or family could face hypothermia.

Don’t underestimate the potential to experience potentially deadly hypothermia. We lost a friend when we were young from the lack of tools available to start a fire after he fell into a river when working a trapping line in the midst of a brutal winter of northern Minnesota. The risk is real. Also, you don’t have to be in that bitter cold to suffer devastating consequences associated with hypothermia.

For that reason, having some means of starting a fire is crucial to short-term survival in many cases. The Iunio folding shovel supplies an answer to that, assuming you’re carrying all the items included with you.


If you don’t mind carrying a bag on your belt, then using the included carrying bag works good. The point I was making earlier is to be sure if that’s how you do it that you don’t leave behind crucial parts that you wouldn’t otherwise forget if you had them in the handles of the shovel.

While there are numerous things this shovel can do, there are a lot more that we wouldn’t think of unless we face a particular problem that needs to be solved. With the built-in or inluded ancillary uses for the shovel, it will solve the vast majority of things needed for safety and survival under most conditions we will face.

It’s practical, durable and safe. The Iunio Multi-Purpose Survival Shovel is a great tool to have on hand when you face challenging circumstances and environments we unexpectedly find ourselves in.


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