Great Ideas for a Man Cave or Work Area: Triggering SJWs an Added Bonus

I’m always on the lookout for ideas that reinforce my worldview while triggering SJWs and other opponents. These message signs I found are great ways to do both. Your Christian, conservative or libertarian male friends or man in your life will appreciate them.

The message on the signs include, 1) This Home Protected by The Good Lord and A Gun, 2) Manly Men Doing Manly Stuff, and 3) Wanted Good Woman: Must be able to Clean, Cook, Sew, Dig Worms and Clean Fish. Must have Boat and Motor. Please Send Picture of Boat and Motor!

The plastic signs come sizes of 8″ X 12″; 10″ X 14″; and 11″ X 17″. When you check the signs out make sure when you order that you click on the right sign size you want.

Among the features of the American-made signs are they come with pre-cut mounting holes for hanging indoors or outdoors. The very durable inks used on the signs are scratch resistant, ensuring the signs will last for many years, no matter where you hang them.

Images of the other signs mentioned in the article:

These are great gift ideas that should delight and please almost any man looking for ways to express what he believes and who he is.


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