Government Wants to Separate Christians by Vaccination

totalitarian, authoritarian leaders want lockdown to last for yearsThe government has no authority whatsoever to tell the Church how to conduct its affairs, including who is allowed to worship together.

Vaccine passports can be paper, a digital code or app that records and displays the user’s health information, including COVID injection status. Digital health or vaccine passports display a scannable code similar to an airline boarding pass. Tracking and tracing apps monitor the user’s movement and interactions with other people. The tracking and tracing app in Israel alerts the user who may be exposed to COVID and can direct the user to quarantine. The app will issue a warning if the user moves outside of the quarantine zone.  source

This must be fought and rejected vehemently by Christians. These totalitarians are using COVID-19 to strip away our God-given freedoms.

What next? Are they going to demand Christians wear a golden cross instead of a golden star?



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