GOP Establishment Under Attack – May They Go Down to Total Defeat

source: abcnews

After it became apparent that not only the Democrats, which were obvious political enemies of now President Donald Trump, would try to make him ineffective and always tried to deal with brushfires that are made up in back rooms in an attempt to pressure him to focus on those things that are outside the platform he ran on, but many Republicans are in bed with the Democrats to do the same.

What the incredibly stupid, ignorant and unprincipled establishment Republicans still don’t get is, it was the American people that decided what they wanted to support, and it was many of the things Donald Trump said on the campaign trail, which he needs to zero in and focus on going forward.

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, who is also executive chairman of Breitbart, said on a recent edition of Hannity that he was declaring ‘”war” on the Republican establishment and those that don’t back what President Trump ran on.’

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He said he has a plan in place to challenge “every Republican Senator up for re-election in 2018 in the primary.”

He was disgusted with how the GOP establishment supported Luther Strange against Judge Roy Moore, saying they showed “total contempt for the base.” Bannon is correct. The idea of paying out $32 million in an attempt to undermine the preferred candidate of the base, shows how fall the GOP elites no longer are in touch with those that have voted them in.

Also of note is Bannon called for Senator Corker to resign and the Governor of Tennessee to replace him with Marsha Blackburn; a Congresswoman in the state that is now running for the Senate.

It only reinforces my long-term outlook that the Democrats and Republicans have become a bi-factional party, with only the two names separating them. There are no longer any meaningful differences between the two.

But with quality candidates like Judge Roy Moore and Marsha Blackburn, who align with the values of their base, it shows there is a lot to like about the potential to really change things in this country for the better.

What we must do is ignore the media lies about the inevitable victory of the left, and understand there is a huge undercurrent of people in this country that are tired of their totalitarian ideas, and also tired of Republicans aligning with their evil values.

I do call for the defeat of establishment Republicans so we can clean out that part of the swamp and replace them with honest and quality candidates that have the best interests of their base when taking into consideration various policies they will be called to vote on.

We need to understand there are millions of Americans ready and willing to stand on their beliefs and support those that are willing to represent them. It’s also imperative to see that strong candidates willing to fight and not compromise on their worldview, will attract those people that will stand behind them and their work to turn this country once again into a great nation.


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