Gold or Silver, Which Metal Will Be Most Explosive? | Todd “Bubba” Horwitz

When it comes to picking the best metal to invest in, which has the most upside potential right now? In his interview with our Daniela Cambone, Todd “Bubba” Horwitz of says that consolidation is known as the greatest time of uncertainty; “gold, silver and platinum are all in that phase.” He adds, “We are trend traders with the idea of trading the direction of least resistance— as of today, that is short. However, that does not mean we do not emotionally suffer from the same thing as other traders; it is a pain.”

On Friday, gold is charging higher and is up $17.00— meanwhile, silver and platinum are trying to join without the same strength. “No one said trading was easy, but we know that with a solid set of mechanical trading rules, you can survive it all. We will stay short without panic or fear and let our rules and algorithm lead the way,” Horwitz says.

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