Gold Bull Market to Explode, Overweight My 40-year Average, Says Rick Rule

The Bible teaches us that if you want to be great in God’s kingdom, we must serve, rather than be served. In his own words, Rick Rule gives his input on that very significant topic.

Not only does it refer to building a great business or wealth, but applies to all areas of life we participate in.

Rick Rule, President and CEO of Sprott U.S., shares with our Daniela Cambone his thoughts on the current state of the gold market. While he warns against “backing up the truck” just yet, Rule explains how he is overweight his 40-year average and why he recently upped his gold exposure considerably in the mining sector. The successful investor also reveals the piece of advice that took him from being well-established to wealthy.

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  • Hans

    Rick Rule is definitely my favorite person on precious metal related topics.

  • Ray Keller

    i love Rick’s hairdo with that headset

  • B. Greene

    It’s all rigged, so logic and past performance doesn’t apply.

  • john bellinger

    Daniela, you keep setting the bar higher. Is it that you finally realize that you have no peer??? Great show!!! Rick just gushed so much info with no prodding!!! Good job!!!

  • ellaskins

    VERY humble, intelligent guy…. great show, great people, thanks XX

    • Metal Bum

      He’s always smart

    • Dori Anderson

      Now he didn’t say so, but I bet his sweet wife is a person of the Bible. The advice she gave her husband is right from the teachings of Jesus, the Lamb of God who took away the sins of the world. What great advice! And then you nailed it when you perceptively closed the interview. Your sensitivity to do that was the exclamation point to the best interview I’ve heard in a long time. Well done.

    • elbowsanchez

      @Dori Anderson Agree. Had a similar moment and changed in a day. My wife is a person of the bible. She and my son are the greatest gifts from God.

  • corbettroberts

    Such Wisdom from Your Wife

  • Metal Bum

    Bitcoin is starting to enter cyclical bull. Time to dollar cost average in (not al in) is now.

  • banzainvasion

    Why is LIKE and DISLIKE turned off? Not cool Stanberry

  • Andrew Howard

    I’ve felt abit down today seeing gold price tanking right now. This cheered me up a lil bit

    • Brian Pereira

      Buy when its cheap

    • Andrew Howard

      @Brian Pereira hope so. If it goes below 1600 then I’m out

    • Brian Pereira

      @Andrew Howard you wont see that number till interest rates go up which they will try in 2013 and usa will default and go bankrupt and probably canada and several other nations. Silver is the better buy at the moment and after ww2 it was pegged at 15:1 to gold

    • dilligaf woftam

      Andrew I think of it this way … the value of gold is fixed, it’s the instability of the currencies that causes them to be $1700 to $1900 for that SAME oz of gold. Somedays currencies do ok, but the long term trend, and government goals, are pretty obvious.
      I’m an Aussie 🇦🇺 and our locals are obsessed with ‘oh, look, the Aussie dollar is doing better against the US dollar today’. I see it as 2 skydivers, falling. At one moment one falls a bit faster than the other, then it changes. They are both falling. The Earth is gold.
      Stay safe 🇦🇺🤓

    • Luke Wilde

      @dilligaf woftam interesting 🤔.
      Question as you are from Australia, are you feeling that Australia will try and mine themselves out of a recession?.
      I recall so many Kiwis heading to the mines in 08.

  • ASMR Charlie

    I never became even remotely successful until I started hanging around successful people. Hang out with coconuts and u will have fun but probably never reach your financial goals.

  • thelittlemuddyfarm Robert Jones

    What goes up … does come down..I am the same age as Rick … and have studied metal prices since college in the early 70’s .. for gold the dips and never sell your gold ..Rick’s Rules

  • Eric Scott

    Investing in Gold and crypto is one of the biggest chances of making money 💸💯. In 2-3 years time you’ll be so suprised about the decision you made today.

  • Tom Appletree

    Rick Rule is a great, wise man. Respect!

  • Martin Lee

    Rick always makes intelligent thought provoking comments.

  • zebratangozebra

    That was Ben Franklin’s advice: Help yourself by helping others.

  • Donald Duck

    Daniella is getting more beautiful by the day… this is surreal… : )

  • markies74

    Rick had a fight with his wife. Looks like he lives in his garage at this moment.

  • Kat Koppleman

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    • 36Elias

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    • vivianedemattos

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    • Iqbal Sobhan

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    • Sam Peter

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    • motocomplex1

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  • somefreshman

    This guy looks like he hates exclamation points

  • Williams James

    Crypto is the best right now 💲

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