Giuliani breaks down evidence that could secure election for Trump

Rudy Giuliani is ramping up the legal battle against suspected voter fraud committed by the Democrat Party. The President's attorney told One America's Jenn Pellegrino he has the evidence to prove this election is not over yet.

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  • Theresa Angela Kovarik

    Truth Please be Known 🇺🇸⚖️🗽🇺🇸

  • MegaJman72

    4 years of absolutely trashing Donald Trump and his supporters, a fake Russian collusion investigation, a fake impeachment, spying on his first campaign, rioting in the streets burning down businesses, and then using a virus, the media, and a mail in ballot scheme to steal an election? Now they want unity? Laughable. We will NEVER FORGET.

    • sam lane

      @elvis459 Paris accord was a huge waste and doesn’t change anything. If we were the only people actually abiding by the rules, why waste the money. Our emissions are lower now then when he came into office.

    • elvis459

      @TPG TPG I agree! Donald’s a tax dodger, a misogynist pervert, a liar, a cheat, and has sore feet so he couldn’t fight for his country. Yet you imbecilic fools still vote for him. Do you just pretend not to notice these things or are you really just that stupid?

    • dtadeo2006

      Fight against them as hard as they did you guys!

    • Chris Ask

      I hope that EVERYONE that’s involved with these fraudulent activities gets a sentence that is way beyond their wildest imagination. People need to be held accountable for their actions!

    • elvis459

      @sam lane No fools like those who will not listen . Emissions are down because of Covid restrictions 🙄

  • Maor Mama

    Mayor Giuliani took down the street mob, now it is time to take down the Democrat Party mob.

    • Balfour82 Snow

      Gooooo Ruuuudyy!!!

    • Pop Music Piano Tutorials

      @Georgia Copperhead Well that is how you actually convince people that it’s true. Pretty simple.

    • Shala Abbondanza

      @Pedro Joubert let me inform you just in case you didn’t know. Nobody likes a Rat, not in their homes or in their politician. You got that?

    • Don canine

      I think you should Implement “stop and hang” it would get rid of all the crap, and deter anyone else from trying it 😊

    • J S

      @Pop Music Piano Tutorials
      Funny how Rudy G invited every reported to come to his office but not one reported showed. When you say never presented any evidence how did Rudy take down the mob in New York? Those 70 eyewitnesses in Pennsylvania aren’t evidence? Those election places who didn’t let Republicans view the counting have been proven (the supreme Court will throw out all those votes) enjoy your day and ignore all the evidence. The supreme Court won’t ignore it. You are about to be shocked. Get yourself some extra soy.

  • Jake S


  • Kim Whitehead

    PA rescinded this morning. Called for Trump now?

    • Watchful One

      @Maor Mama RCP didn’t rescind. They never called PA in the first place. Essentially, they likely got drunk on wine and stopped working.

    • Rata Caven

      @Kim Whitehead Go to American thinker , and you are correct Biden has lost Pennsylvania for now,.. oh I’m sorry, forever, because he’s not going to win, he’s going to prison with the rest of his crony demented family and his followers,

    • Matthew Nyberg

      @Lisa Bafundo if you’re at a point where every single media outlet (including fox news) disagrees with one of the two competitors, then it might be the candidate that is lying, not the media. Fox news has nothing to gain by lying. They are losing followers by the thousands, but trump has everything to lose if he loses the election. Who is more likely to lie?

    • Devanand Kondur

      @Matthew Nyberg Nobody is lying. Everyone is projecting. However social media is just biased to one side. There is nothing like President elect. When the states certify the results it becomes slightly certain. When the electoral college votes then it becomes certain. That’s pretty much it. Since Trump did not concede nothing is final till the courts rule.

    • Richard Gene

      @Matthew Nyberg. On the surface, your argument makes sense. However, Fox was recently put to a decision. They had to choose between viewership or being loyal to their paycheck. George Soros bought out Fox. I don’t blame fox for protecting their jobs and income. However, I won’t be watching them anymore, since they have been compromised.

  • M


  • FinanceFreak

    This is CRIMINAL and not civil. People need to be arrested or they will do this in EVERY election going forward

  • MusicMan

    It makes total sense for the dead to have voted for Biden. Only brain-dead people vote for him anyway.

  • William Bryce

    Some of these people that the FBI find better get charged with something

  • Dr Chunky Biscuit

    I’d just like a FAIR recount, that’s all, just do this election fairly!!!

    • Chris Ask

      Unfortunately there isn’t many people who believe in fairness. I truly believe that if there was a honest to god “FAIR” recount Trump would be leading by HUGE numbers, it would look horrible for the dems. It’s a shame that they have to play games and be dishonest to win, how can people live with themselves being a cheater, getting ahead in life with lies and games. This should be a great lesson for all, it does not pay to cheat and lie and I hope that EVERYONE involved gets a sentence that is beyond their wildest imagination

    • Toyota Camry

      But dems wouldn’t want this.

    • jw11432

      @Akaye310 Fortunately, there is an audit trail even with the fake ballots. At least that’s what I’ve been led to believe. But I am suspicious of that claim and I too would prefer a do-over for the mail in ballots. This time with greater scrutiny to remove all doubt.

    • newjdm

      The recount won’t help. The illegal ballots need to be disqualified.

    • purpleXpotion

      People’s names have been detached from their vote. Votes have been separated from their envelopes. Although it’s verifiable that dead people have voted, we can’t prove who they voted for. There is no way to determine which specific ballots are fraudulent now, meaning a recount would just be recounting the same fraudulent ballots over again.

      This is why Giuliani is working to legally have those huge spikes for Biden with 0 for Trump removed. No republican verified those, meaning they aren’t legally valid in some states.

  • Arnold Ziffle

    If you’re still watching FOX, you’re being lied to……FOX is fake news

  • HugoStiglitz

    Epstein didn’t kill himself..and he voted for potato head…twice.

    • P K

      @bull Winkle 69 and Barr’s name is deleted from Lolita Express flight logs

    • Brian Carpenter

      @bull Winkle 69 I agree Epstein was fixed but not convinced trump was the shot caller. Anything is possible though, most importantly I agree with Epstein being fixed

    • Kathy L

      @Brian Carpenter Clinton’s

    • Brian Carpenter

      @bull Winkle 69 think of it this way the big wig shot caller hears trump is sending in barr to get whatever information he can they don’t want any more info leaked so he puts out a hit all takers, first person to get rid of him gets paid, easy peasy lemon squeezy (-;

    • Brian Carpenter

      @Kathy L yes first thought but remember this guy had dirt on ALL the big players

  • MR scoobster17

    OAN just got all of Fox News’s viewers 😂. Fox is dead.

  • S. B.

    Demoncrats got so greedy that their fraud became blatant.

    • TickTak77

      So blatant none of you lemons can show any proof 😂

    • Daisy Mae

      We have shown proof, but it won’t matter to you because you believe lies and propaganda and dismiss the truth and the facts!!

    • jamest6474

      @Angela Sanders Fighting for America and calling out criminal activity isn’t throwing a temper tantrum. It’s what a moral person with values does. People like you calling Trump supporters loony haven’t figured out that this isn’t about Trump, it never was. And BTW no one is crying that Trump lost. Hilarious because Don Lemon is crying because he thinks they somehow “won” something. Even if Biden does end up being President, all those Trump supporters they hate (who are really at heart patriots) aren’t going anywhere.

    • tjsbudster77 biggs

      @Joe Slater you are a true idiot.

    • tjsbudster77 biggs

      @Angela Sanders not seeing that. We will win you will riot and we will end your rioting career.

  • Howard Petterson

    Biden is an amazing man. He’s the only person who suffering from dementia and premature eeeee. Presidency

  • Gos wo

    Simply tooooo insane. This is NOT democracy, this is dirty games and corruption.

    • 55445

      @jw11432 The GOP SCREAMED to stop the count of mail in votes in PA before the election. Then whined that they were taking too long. And do you remember that whole fiasco with Dejoy being put in charge of the USPS? Changes and gutting cuts made, machines dismantled, staff reduced. All while Trump was calling Mail in votes evil. Trump CREATED this situation.

      He told his supporters that it was evil so they wouldn’t mail in vote.

      Sued to stop the count of mail in ballots before election day.

      That means most in person votes are coming from his supporters. Looks like an early win! Call it now!

      But now you are all screaming that Mail in votes are SUSPISIOUSLY heavy with Joe Biden votes. When that is what Trump wanted ALL. ALLONG.

      He literally manufactured this scandal. And every court he has brought his complaints to has thrown the case out as having insufficient evidence. But he HAS succeeded in getting GOP voters riled up to march on DC in a few days.

    • SlipperyBomb_ S

      Dirty games and corruption is democracy

    • James Butler

      @55445 it does baffle me that American people don’t know this but the rest of the people in the world do. Plus didn’t they go to court already and say that there people were present as observers so had the case thrown out pronto? hmm. If every state were the same in the way they process the ballots then trump would have gumbled at the beginning but would never have caught up, he had to make it this way so that he could cry foul when he was getting overtaken in the polls when they started counting the mail in ballots which were almost entirely in Demoncratic Party favour. At this stage it almost seems like the boy who cried wolf once too many…..i do however look forward to seeing him in the media from february 2021, likely on charges of embezlement, fraud, money laundering or other fun charges like that.

    • jw11432

      @55445 You have miraculously missed the larger point as well as the details that invalidate nearly everything you’ve stated here. But your impassioned effort in trying to rationalize everything is very telling of what you know to actually be true. Thanks for boosting my confidence.

    • Bronius Bronka

      Dirty games and corruption on both sides 😀

  • Ms Me

    The media doesn’t get to choose our President, we do that.

    • Ms Me

      @Bill Jones witnesses equal evidence. Did you even watch this video?

    • Aquarius_14

      @Termo yeah states where they said they were gonna stop counting until the next morning when all of the sudden at 4am(when everyone is asleep), 180k votes were given to Biden and not a single one to the republican tickets or third party.

    • Termo

      @Aquarius_14 No the same thing wasn’t going to happen why do you think record numbers of people voted for one reason not so much for Biden but to get trump the hell out of office another thing we now knew what a trump presidency looked like something we didn’t know in 2016 we weren’t believing the polls again people actually got out there and voted and let’s not underestimate the black vote that’s what put Biden in the white house.

    • Christopher Morris

      @SimpleMan Rolling Where the hell did get that idea? The president is called not by the media, you, or I when there are multiple lawsuits across the country with insurmountable evidence of massive voter fraud. I voted in 2000 when Al Gore did the same thing that President Trump is doing, but those on the left and the media had zero problem with that. I guess because its Trump then that makes it different. Imagine if this was happening to Biden. You would be screaming bloody murder while rioting and looting every major city. If Biden should win despite the elimination of all illegal votes, I would accept it, but would you if Trump should win? I seriously doubt it.

    • Termo

      @Aquarius_14 No proof of that they started opening the mail ins and those were like 80% Biden maybe Trump shouldn’t have told his base not to vote by mail that sure backfired

  • Peter Colvin

    That sheriff needs to be fired immediately and thrown in jail. He is most definitely corrupt and has a guilty conscience.

  • Jonathan Bormann

    Thank you for actually giving Rudy time to speak, and without cutting him off or trying to “correct” him.

  • Rachelle P

    These people really think they are above the law, it is a saddening shame 😔.

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