• hooliganbroome

    I’m a truck driver that hauls food. Ya’ll haven’t seen the food shortage yet. The warehouses I ho to are getting empty.

    • ray bon

      @Kerry Night the conversation you bring up is for 2010 at this point i just need a change. doesnt have to be a industrialized western nation. it can be second world within reason. where i can travel via train,

      to a n industrial nation

      over the course of the year,it cant be third world cuase ill stay here for that. but it can be eastern europe baltics italy greece so long as i can go to western europe for a few weeks.

      but i know i want a change.

    • Kerry Night

      @ray bon I’m sure you’ll make it work. Enjoy your life. Wishing you the best.

    • Betty Adkisson

      Thank you for the up date. It will be passed on. For those who don’t believe and storage is coming.

    • Martin H

      try it for a few weeks, tell about how you feel?

    • This Old Ditty

      @hooliganbroome Hey Hooligan, was reading about armed robberies at truck stops in the great lakes distribution areas, also heard it was much more prevalent than is being reported, supply chain robberies via ground transportation is a weak spot in the national security. Would you say the organized and motivated criminals have already moved into that space?

  • hammer 5505

    The big problem is there is no one who knows how the US economy much less the world economy. Buy food and hunker down.

  • R S Timmerman

    Great to hear your stories about sharing the excess, especially for the pets. You truly have a good heart.

  • Rhonda Rogers

    I am so sorry you haven’t seen churches helping others. My local churches do. I apologize to everyone whom the church has not assisted.

  • Nicole Shupe

    My church helps those in need. We have a benevolence fund that people give to and we have a pantry for those who need it. That’s not just for the ones in the congregation but also public. I think more public use than church family use.

    • Stephanie xx

      Ours will help with gas bills, rent, food or any emergency if you’re low income and having extenuating circumstances. They have a food pantry every week. They offer a lot of extras like grief counseling and AA.

    • Christine McAlister

      @Stephanie xx We have quite a bit of help from all different congregations here in S.E. MN. My city where I live has homeless shelters ran by the Catholic Church, 1 ran by the Salvation Army and another ran by a Homeless organization. Throughout the week there are free meals throughout the town for the unfortunate folks. There are churches that will help families and single moms and dads with bills, also.


      Nicole Shupe my church helps with any need whether they are members or not as well.

    • Private Private

      I thought LDS helped people in need, no? And I’m not talking about food for purchase.

    • Nicole Shupe

      Stephanie Smith
      Same as my church

  • Reverend Christine

    I do know of some Churches that have food banks.

    • Caryn

      Where i live they only give out old foods it’s terrible.I got stuck with old canned of peaches and string beans that had worms in it.

    • Reverend Christine

      @Caryn The food bank here in my town gives out old food too. The food bank here is run by liberals so they don’t want me there, that’s okay with me, I don’t need their old food.

    • Caryn

      @Reverend Christine It’s so sad what has become of this country.

    • Reverend Christine

      @Caryn Yes.

    • Julie Brothers

      One Christmas where I I’ve I came across a woman looking a bit sad at a supermarket. On asking she said their food bank had been raided by cutting thru a concrete wall to steal all the food. I happened to work for a company that could donate some food. 👍🏼😎🙏✝️💁‍♀️

  • Tom Campbell

    Neighbors are sharing their extra access of garden foods.

  • Sgt. SLaughter

    MAIN-STREAM MEDIA… should be classified as Domestic Terrorists.

    They force their own political agenda and frequently stir up trouble with half truths, accusations, and alleged statements.

    They dwell on the negative, hate, and conflict, to divide the American people, just to get dramatic news coverage, so they can sell more advertising. It’s sick.

    We the people need to remember that we are the UNITED States of America.

    BTW: Great video PP!

    • Ace Star

      Ok since we are at it, Let me Share 2 you , of This Rarley Known Fact & Truth, That the Mainstream Will not share… Ok Here it Goes..


      People,,,, DO NOT GET TESTED FOR COVID 19..

      THEY WILL COME TO YOUR HOUSE, AT 3A.M. AND TELL YOU THAT “YOU U TEsted PoSiTiVe…. Survey says..” That is a lie ” and then they force you to lay on the Gurney..

      They put you asleep, and Put you Straight in The Freezer..
      No joke.. Do yur RESEARCH.



      2023 IS when they plan to stoo.
      Go on you Tubs and look up.

      The Hidden Agenda Behind America’s Shut down..( its the guy with the American Flag behind him)

      Also Look Up.. 5g is a Military weapon.

      Thanks for Listening. Tell yur Family

    • Sgt. SLaughter

      @Ace Star interesting story but I call B.S. My buddy is a scientist at a local test Lab and says depending on the reagents used, the test accuracy only has a 6% margin of error and if it does come back positive, they follow up 2 weeks later with an antibodies test.

    • Ace Star

      @Sgt. SLaughter Eye Appreciate your Feed back.

      Your Comrad as a scientist is being tricked, by somesorce of the Military..
      One thing for sure.. The so called Vaccines, are Not Vaccines.

      It is Animal DNA. TO Be Experimented on Humans… once a person takes the SO CALLED NEW VIRUS KILLER.
      Their DNA.Changes,
      They become some what Super Human.. and some what Barbaric.
      Redearch You Tube. Under DNA changing Vaccine. Or something like that….. Did you ever look up any of those other Sites I Suggested.
      If not what a shame.
      If so, you are a Wise Individual.



  • Aurora Rose

    Everyday my stomach knots up over the future of things to come. It’s mentally exhausting to think and REthink…do I have everything I need? Have I prepared enough for my family who’s counting on me? It’s a waiting game for conditions to deteriorate to reveal any shortcomings.

  • Claire Wyndham

    My food pantry is fine SO FAR. They are giving good stuff and I take all they will give me. I can stuff, dehydrate stuff and freeze. There is a “storm” on my horizon..and as a old lady that has lived this way all her life, I am afraid for my grandchildren.

    • Ambee Gaming

      Mine is fine too. Started using them for the first time in my life in Aug and the amount of food they give is more then I’d get if I had a $100 budget it’s really a lot of food here!

    • NarcissistsSuck

      I pray your family looks out for you.

    • Space Gamer

      I donate my time one Saturday a month to a Christian food pantry distribution center. They give me a standard allotment of food for my efforts. Because some of this is fresh produce – I’ve learned to can and dehydrate what I can’t eat right away to prevent it from spoiling. I also share the wealth with 5 families in my neighborhood and with former coworkers from my previous job (I got furloughed) especially if I get dairy or family sized prepacked meals that I can’t consume or properly store. I also have expanded my cooking skills to use what is included in the allotment – might be vegetables or fruit I normally would not buy at the grocery store or create new combinations of said items. I don’t see people be selfish or petty when I give them food – all are thankful.

    • Caryn

      Over here in PA. they give old foods and even the stores are not selling fresh foods anymore

  • Crystal Vinz

    “We do what we can with what we’ve got, always.”

    – The motto in our marriage.

  • Kevin S

    Do you remember me telling about how I hunt feral pigs on a local farm, and donate the meat to a local charity? Yesterday, I took a rather large amount of Pork to that charity’s office. They were thrilled to see me. About a year ago, they bought a large freezer to keep my meat donations, because it usually took several days to give it out. Well, yesterday, they told me that my last donation, nearly 400 pounds, went out in less than three days – and that was given on September 4th! They usually turn the freezer off when empty, which lately, has been fairly often.
    So, when I hear about how the economy is doing so great, I cringe.

  • River City MOVERS

    People can help themselves.
    Dogs can’t. We love dogs too.

    • Jacob Lamb

      @Gabriel Maxwell I love my cats like they were my own children, I’d rather starve myself before I let my babies go hungry OR EAT THEM. People MUST think of their animals when they stock up, too!

    • Gabriel Maxwell

      Jacob Lamb, I agree. Preppier Princess is also right about giving pet food to local animal shelters. We put animals in cages, so we are obligated. We need to care for them with respect and dignity. They are not trash, so let’s show what it means to be human 🤓

    • Linda Robinson

      @Jacob Lamb Totally agree

    • Victoria Rose

      @Ambee Gaming Look what happened in Venezuela,…they were eating their pets, rats, even the animals at the zoo !!! You are being incredulous !!!

    • Victoria Rose

      @Gabriel Maxwell You are 100 percent correct !!! Look at what happened in Venezuela, when their economy tanked !!!

  • Chris Pyle

    WHY I no longer watch the TV or news of any kind on the internet. I prefer to live in as much peace as possible.

    • Kerry Night

      @Caryl Halfwassen NPR has a great reputation for honest programming. Right now it’s almost impossible not to lean to the left if you are telling the truth to the best of your ability.

    • Chris Pyle

      @Andy Dayana Well I have no family and one friend up here and she and her family also know how to survive well and I know how to survive. All news tells me is how to feel constant fear gloom and doom. NOT going there.

    • Chris Pyle

      @Andy Dayana Yes I live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. One of those towns if you were not born and raised here 6 generations back you are forever an outcast.. Fine by me and I have lived here 12 years. Major introvert hermit.BUT this also makes me pretty self sufficient. At 71 I just finished cleaning up a 50 + foot elm tree that came down in a windstorm in my yard all by myself. Most old women would freak out facing a huge mess like that. I just kept thinking how do you eat an elephant. One bite at a time. How do you clear a down tree. One branch at a time. Took me a few weeks mostly because the fires up here made the air quality beyond unhealthy. It was miserable to be out there so I tried to work in the house as much s possible. I have a hand full of friends in the next town up the highway. We all are very busy people so do not get to see each other but maybe a couple times a year. All is good. I am strong and fit and determined. This is why this pandemic and all the gloom and doom happening does not real freak me out. It has been my personal lifestyle for years. Always live prepared. Nothing new for me.

    • Chris Pyle

      @Andy Dayana Yes that is so very sad. I am glad I live where I do. Been fully retired for 7 years. Saved $$$ all my life knowing this is the lifestyle I wanted for myself. I am far from what would be considered rich but I am Rich in many other ways. Good Luck to you. You have it much worse than I do and I am so sorry.

    • Luisa Loren

      Me too! God my Father takes care of me and I love it🤗

  • Future Homesteader

    As someone that has absolutely needed food banks in the past & still volunteer at one now 1st I want to say thank you for donating & encouraging others to donate also.

    Just a FYI you don’t need to buy name brands. If you catch name brands on a good sale that ends up being cheaper than the store brand, generic, etc go for it. If not, being able to buy 6 boxes of store brand cereal instead of 4 boxes of name brand feeds more total people.

  • KeDe Glow

    Princess you don’t need to apologise for Rocky. Children have NEEDS!

    • Tyrone Shulace

      Dogs out with their owners are either urinating or depositing feces on the sidewalk and grass borders, or sniffing around where other dogs have done the same. Some owners pick up the feces in a plastic bag, others do not. The urine puddles always remain. Dog excretions are an environmental hazard, that has been officially established. Therefore dog ownership should be confined to specific tasks like policing, guarding property from the outside or drug detection.

    • KeDe Glow

      @Tyrone Shulace I assume you are a vegan, Sir? Because if not, you should know that those same animals, birds, and fish that you eat are raised standing, rolling, flapping, and swimming in their own feces. If you wear leather shoes, those were once covered in feces.
      By your own argument the ownership of cattle, swine, chickens, turkeys, and fish should be restricted to scientists doing state sanctioned research, and all wild birds should be eradicated, because some of them carry Avian Flu, and they leave their feces everywhere!
      We could talk about eggs, but I don’t think you’d enjoy it,…

    • Gabriel Maxwell

      IrelandVonVicious, that is true. We replaced our children with animals.

    • Gabriel Maxwell

      Tyrone Shulace, that’s called slavery.

    • Julie Brothers


  • Amy Marie

    I’ve belonged to 3 churches in the past 15 years and all 3 had benevolent funds for families in need as well as food pantries

    • Robyn Downing

      Yes, there are many churches that help folks with food, services and money for needs. My church also helps folks who has a need for a funeral and we allow them to use the building for free. We always provide the immediate family a lunch or dinner afterward.

    • Lora Shirley

      our church has benevolence offering once a month–we are unemployed and they have called twice to see what we need but we are ok due to prepping and tell to give it to someone else we also gave out formula diapers and wipes on several occasions we attend evangelical free church

  • Lucky Robin's Homestead

    We don’t belong to a church anymore, but our tithe goes to a Christian shelter that provides food, clothes, bedding, and job training for the homeless in our own community. It feels like the best place to our ten percent during these times. It was very important to me to keep it local. I don’t need to be supporting the homeless in Seattle, I need to be helping them where I live.

  • JAZ Farm

    We give dozens of eggs to our local food bank every week. Laid here on the farm.

  • linda chandler

    Your dog hears you talking and no one is there but him, so you must be talking to him.

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