Flex Seal Survival Hacks

Flex Seal for Survival Hacks


We’re taking a look at Flex Seal Rubberized coating in this article and video, looking at ways to apply it to a variety of items that could be useful in everyday situations if survival circumstances arise.

When hearing about a colleague using it on his AR-15 magazines, it triggered my curiosity and imagination on the many ways it could be used on different items.

Probably the most common use of Flex Seal is for leaky pipes and similar situations where water gets into areas you don’t want it to.

Some not-so-obvious uses are on hats, gloves, shoes and boots, as far as waterproofing them goes. Also be aware of the fact you will have to mask off some of the items you are going to apply Flex Seal or a similar product to in order to protect it. The video shows some ways to do that.

When needing to apply more in certain situations, don’t be in a hurry to let it dry out. Let more than enough time go by to ensure the best result.

Try different things with older items you don’t mind experimenting on until you get the hang of it. Be careful not to get too cocky with high quality items you own and wreck them because of using Flex Seal wrong.

That is obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people do just that.

Another use that many don’t consider is in regard to handles on various items. Using Flex Seal results in a firmer and more confident grip when using the product; it works well on a lot of surfaces, including wood and plastic.

Covering holes in tarps and other types of things you use to cover things with prolongs the life of them and of course improves the performance of the tarps and other covers. The flexible aspect of Flex Seal works especially well with these types of items that need to bend and fold.

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