Flares and fireworks | Rome anti-curfew protest dispersed by police

In a show of discontent over a new COVID curfew, protesters gathered in Rome’s Piazza del Popolo. Fireworks were set off, targeting police, as law enforcement advanced on the demonstrators.

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  • Qwad Luzr

    An example to us all, we’ll all have to fight or submit soon. Liberta liberta freedom freedom!

  • Xtklf1995

    The policemen need to pay personal price in order to grow some understanding and empathy, until then they and their psychopathic masters will keep abusing and won’t have any intention to allow you to even breath freely. 📢📢📢

  • msc Qaz

    Police betraying their own people again enforcing unjust laws for their political masters for profit disgraceful and treacherous

  • andy. hello.

    Disobey the scamdemic liars.

  • msc Qaz

    Do the Police Feel no shame ?
    They live amongst you ffs

  • Jane Carlson

    Nice!!!!!!!! don’t let governments take your freedom that is all we have left, fight for the 99% WE ARE The 99%

  • Lady Peregrine

    People from around the world stand with Italy in this fight. Stay strong !!

  • Patriot Battery

    “What good is a phone call, if you’re unable to speak?”

    “What good is a rigged election for eternal rule, if you’re human and will soon die?”


  • Pls.Protect.Free.speech Unsub.chans.del.comments

    Covid Lockdown: Why all the Roadworks? 5G only works at 300 metres whereas 4G works at 10 miles. This means 5G masts have to be built every 300 metres. There is a 5G conspiracy leading to vandalism of 5G masts. Why is 5G needed when 4G works fine? The military is designing nano-drones as small as flying insects. Nanotechnology works best with high frequency radio waves (5G). Nanotechnology is too small to carry powerful processors (such as the ones in your smartphone), therefore they have to be controlled externally (via 5G). So, next time you see what you think is a fly, a beetle or a moth…look closer.

  • RN

    Too bad most of the World are ‘subjects’ and not gun owning Citizens.

  • Harry Huzzy

    Go after the elites,,, don’t let any of them hide anywhere!!! Their time is now over!!!!! That’s our new world order,,,

  • 陶陶

    good,free Italy

  • Putin Destroyed

    Sergei Magnitsky – a true Russian hero.

    [#]PutinsWinterIsComing ♟

  • La Kuka Rikscha

    Soon, coming to a City near you…

  • Stefano Marchesani

    Threre is more domocracy in Lukaschenko’s Belarus .. According the italian costitution the rights linked to individual freedom can be limited only in case of war. According to the italian governament the CV, which is causing less than 11’000 peoples to be hospitalized among which only 1’049 in intensive (considering the that CV is a virus linked to flue and we are approaching the season when people get colds, these numbers are well in line with historical track) causes a kind of situation that justifies a state of emergency and, even worse, requires to impose a curfew. I would say that the situation in Italy is even worse than in Belarus because the rulers are imposig a dictatorship in a sneaky way!

  • Dark Dan

    Again people are angry about not being social?

  • Jaza457 X

    When tyranny becomes law rebellion becomes a duty (Thomas Jefferson).

  • Elizabeth Francis

    Worldwide taxpayer money spent on oppressing them – democracy just as phoney as the coronascam

  • Al Bondiga

    *BREAKING NEWS: Anti-Curfew Protest Dispersed by Police After Flares & Fireworks Test Positive for COVID.*

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