Finding Chanterelle Mushrooms After Hurricane Sally

Chanterelle mushrooms are one of the best wild edible mushrooms. Check out where I found them!

My favorite mushroom foraging books:

In today's video I share tips on how to find chanterelles in the deep south, as well as how to identify chanterelles and when they grow. Don't eat any mushrooms based on a youtube video, though! Some mushrooms would happily kill you.



  • You know I’m right

    Welcome home David.

  • Dani M

    I don’t trust my wild growing mushroom identification skills. 😅

  • Allan Turpin

    How nice to have a good vid to wake up to this morning.
    Looks like you have some decent space there to work with on the new property, and a whopping pile of debris to use or compost.

  • November Sunflower

    Many blessings David! Thanks for the mushroom tip! Going for a walk now to look. 👀🍄🍄 Enjoy your eggs! Peace, Love & Light to ALL. 🕉💜🌌👩‍🌾🌻

  • A Bama Gardener

    Yes Sireee I’m gonna love having you so close. I have those by an old oak but I don’t have any mushroom skills yet. I also have those that poof a cloud of spores. All I know is that I have mycorrhizae around me and that’s a good thing.

  • Loriful

    We only have Cantelle mushrooms here, as we can’t tell what kind they are~

    • A Fishes & Loaves Life

      Hmm, oh, that might be a relative to the Imsoill mushroom because you need an ER visit right after consuming them.

  • Primitive Organic Garden and Guitar

    Glad you are back in FL! I’ve got these popping up all over my orchard and I had no idea they were edible. I feel stupid now, there were hundreds of them last week and I didn’t harvest any because I wasn’t positive they were chanterelles. How long will you be in Florida? I’m planting potatoes today. Take care

  • Angel Epic

    I love Chantelles is that spelled right lol?
    We live in the deep south and I find them around oaks and like you said they are always in the same spots year after year.
    Lovely imo safe mushies for ppl that are not real super educated on hunting them

  • hiromikami

    Wow, this is exactly what I’ve been doing! I’ve got some in the dehydrator now as we speak, and coincidentally, we’ve had some delicious scrambled eggs this morning! We’re in the Bonifay area

  • Tim Hoffman

    I’ve found them growing in McKinney Texas, they were good.

  • michiel pater

    This is also the time we find these in Austria, delicious!

  • Derek Clawson

    Man haven’t been able to find these guys yet. Will someday though. Be on the lookout now. Behind where I work has some old oaks. Gonna check the out tomorrow.

  • Christina Huntnlady

    Pure Gold! I’m jealous! I met my second husband over a Chanterelle mushroom feast.

  • Dylan Cummings

    Heck yea! Glad to see you have moved to North Florida! I actually grew up in Pensacola and still live in the panhandle so it will be pretty cool now that all of your content will actually be relevant to my zone!

  • Dwardo Dwardo

    I just spent a good part of the weekend learning more about mycelium. Now I see there are folks adding spaun to their garden beds and wood chip paths. Have you done this? I guess there is some nitrogen robbing but I’m pretty stoked on trying this. What do you think?

  • SkyCommision

    DAVID!!! Where can I find your “composting your enemies” song? The lyrics speak to me. I was wondering if you had a full recording somewhere. Is it in your book?

  • Caveman Smash

    just found wild reishi mushroom or Lingzhi mushroom in florida this week 🙂

  • Effie Cross

    There is a great YT channel called Simple Living Alaska. In their latest video filmed recently they were finding chanterelle mushrooms that looked just like those, on there place in Alaska after a wet, cool summer. That seems like a heck of a range!

  • A Fishes & Loaves Life

    Kisses from heaven that you all made the right choice to come back home.

  • Gama Yeesah

    FINALLY I identified the mushrooms in my yard, I figured out that the ones I have are saffron milk caps. They are edible but I kept on thinking that they couldn’t be chanterelles. So glad you did this video, it piqued my interest enough for me to figure it out. Now unfortunately the season seems to be over so I will have to wait to try them next year.

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