Family Makes 92 Pounds of Sausage at Home from Pigs they Raised in their BackYard

Family Makes 92 Pounds of Sausage at Home from Pigs they Raised in their BackYard

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I was born and raised 20 minutes from Boston, MA. At the age of 17, I was diagnosed with Anxiety. My personal experience with the prescribed medication was NOT POSITIVE. So I decided to find better way. I didn't know it at the time but, that was the BEGINNING for me! I have been “FINDING A BETTER WAY” in all areas in my life ever since. Better ways of how to create a modern homestead affordably, and a better way to provide my family with healthy foods, and so….. much MORE!

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  • k henne

    That looks like some pretty lean sausage. I would try some Italian seasoning or a little cayenne pepper in a few small batches just to mix things up. The extra step of grinding is worth it. I absolutely love the meat grinder. The on board storage for all the pieces is cool. Keeps it all in one place. I enjoyed this vlog. Thanks for sharing. NOW GET BACK TO WORK ON THE SHED!! 😎

    • Live Free Or Die

      @jimmy white No, it is not a NH thing. I was raised in northern NH n the fat given to the chickens would have gone into the sausage or rendered down for future use in pie crust, fried potatoes or the like. Everyone in the pot as we always say. The rendered pieces were given to the chickens. I believe it is a matter of their preference to not have as much fat in their sausage. ✌🤘

    • Christine Dehn

      Awfully lean. Sausage is usually 30% fat.

    • Mark Pashia

      @jimmy white Works in the midwest as well. Need that fat for the flavor. Not a lot but some marbled into the blend. If that chicken stuff was mostly gristle, then use some of the leaf fat to marble the sausage. Too lean and the flavors do not come out. With a little more fat you can also cut down on the salt if you need to for blood pressure as long as your lipids are good. I liked the recipe but cannot do that much salt.

    • Wil Havtawaite

      Use some of that pork sausage mixed with deer venison good smoked sausage, good.

    • k henne

      Wasn’t knocking the sausage. Just making an observation. Have it your way.

  • CC Rider


  • Sam Stevens

    I put English mustard on my sausage, but then Im a brit lol

  • Terri Newton

    I’d never put ketchup on sausage but I’d pour it all over those hash browns.

    • Frederick Fyfe

      I put the ketchup on the scrambled eggs along with the Boston baked beans and chopped up fresh tomato and sausage or bacon – that is a good breakfast

    • Catherine

      I shouldn’t comment because I would never put ketchup on ANYTHING. I never acquired the taste for it.

    • Jerry B

      @Catherine I’ve seen how ketchup is made. I’ve also seen how hot dogs are made and I’ll eat hot dogs but not ketchup.

  • Ed Looney

    Whatever keeps Mama happy is a good thing. Ketchup is cheaper than jewelry

    • Chris 3M

      Good comment!

    • Renee Brown

      Especially if she makes her own ketchup. Lol

    • Henry Potter

      Whatever you’re eating should be tasted before seasoning.

      Edit so it made sense

    • Angie Bs House

      Gina, From years of experience…when making hash browns, rinse and pat very dry the shredded potato’s. Then heat a tbsp of each butter and oil in a large skillet. Spread potatoes very thinly in the skillet and let cook. Don’t stir. I season mine with seasoned salt and pepper. Once the first side is crispy, flip the potatoes like a pancake. Cook side two again without stirring until golden brown. Perfect every time.

    • Wambli Paytah

      It is a MUCH smaller price to pay 😁😁😁😁😁

  • Linda Matoushek

    Al, instead of sheep. You should get a calf. In a year it should grow to 1100 pounds. This would save you from buying beef. God bless you kids!

    • Tony Grimes

      @Mr. B *Palate* – A Palette is what artists use!

    • The Lion's Share

      @Mr. B I agree… but oh the slaughter of a cow after raising it from a calf it so very difficult. Cows are very loving and in a years time it will become like part of the family. My heart couldn’t take it!

    • Abuelita Caicedo

      Tony Grimes yes and it gives variety of colours and textures to develop a complete picture …which is what a variety of animals will do for a homestead.

    • AutarkyBear

      @Mr. B land is never an issue on most farms. Labor is the issue. Sheep + a Cow or seasonal steer is alot of work. They’re already doing quite a bit.

  • Cade Cory

    Who remembers last time they did this al broke the island

  • Robin Fairweather

    Have you ever done a video showing your freezer, I would love to see it. It must be huge storing all the meat. I would even love to see where you store all the produce from your gardens too. Thanks

    • Sam Val

      And also if there is a management system for the frozen stuff – to make sure last year’s stuff gets all cycled first, that sort of thing. Also if the freezer is split up into holding different things… just curious. 😉

    • Rich Kate

      I wanna see the pantry 🙂 BLESSINGS -Kate

  • Larry Hively

    To me fennel seed makes sausage itialian. Cayenne if you like some heat.

  • Brad Payn

    Al, when I was a young man I worked in a couple of butcher shops. Both of those places had three plates for their grinders. We had one with the large holes that you used first that we used for everything; beef, pork, venison, elk, etc, for the first grind. Then for the second grind of red meat, beef, elk, venison, firmer meat, we used a fine hole plate like you had for the pork. We had a medium plate, with holes pretty close to the size of a small pencil, maybe a shade smaller, that were just for the second grind of pork. Whenever I had the fine plate in by mistake when doing pork, the machine would remind me right away by making me struggle to push the once ground pork into the throat of the mixer much more difficultly, and the end product would be much more ‘smeared’, – you wouldn’t see the lean in it as well, even though the same mix was going in the grinder, the ‘smeary’ pork fat would sort of disguise the lean in it. I suppose it cooks and tastes the same either way, and you don’t have to worry about a visual market, but you may find it much easier to send that second grind through with a medium size, 1/4″ maybe, hole plate in front of the blade.

  • Karen Blanck

    I agree Al…I never understand why people would want to drown out the flavor of an amazing steak or great sausage with steak sauce or ketchup. I’m not even a big fan of BBQ sauce. I love the taste of meat with just some simple spices and maybe complimented with some onions or mushrooms on the side. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Roxanne Sykes

    No ketchup but i would want but salsa for the eggs lol

  • Michelle Hoste

    Can’t believe how much Olivia has grown, doesn’t seem that long ago she couldn’t reach the counter top. I remember the look on Gina’s face when the stuffer fell and the counter broke!

  • Paul Valley

    Anyone else having flashbacks of their “play-do” machines as a kid?!?

  • Jason Proulx

    Their faces when the sausage shot out of the grinder, PRICELESS! I keep replaying it. Olivia’s reaction is the best! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Steve B

    Ketchup is the nectar of the gods. Hehehe. I don’t know where we found this hint. If you force a couple of pieces of bread through your meat grinder when finished. The bread will carry nearly all the meat scraps with it. It makes the clean up really easy.

    • lawrence willard

      Out son bought a family pie from a new pieshop . Didn’t need the Kepchup . This impressed him, as it is on everything I eat. Great Beef pie.

  • Sandy Seas

    I’m a purist; no nuttin’ on nuttin’

  • Craig Ratajczak

    When making hash browns from fresh potatoes try dumping shredded potato from food processor into the center of a kitchen towel then twist the potato into a ball , rinse with cold water and twist water away this will rinse extra moisture and starch away allowing potatoes to brown and develop that crunchy texture you are looking for.

  • Sue Straughan

    SEASONINGS: Whenever you are adding a mixture of seasons to meat…. mix all the seasonings together first. THEN add the seasoning blend you just created to your meat. You will have a much better even distribution. Same applies when seasoning a chicken for roasting. ALSO: when blending large quantities of spices like you did for your pork sausage, weigh out the individual seasoning that you are blending together for a better flavor consistency.

  • mark chirillo

    could be someones growing 420,smells like that too

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