Family Living in Off-Grid Tiny House to Save Money & Work Less

Krystine & Bruce recently moved into a 34-foot long tiny house on wheels with their two daughters to be able to own a home, work less, and spend more time together as a family. The tiny house was built and financed by Mint Tiny Homes in BC, and it was transported across Canada to where the family is renting a piece of land from someone they met on Facebook in Ontario.

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The Rainbow Tiny House is fully off-grid with a solar power system and backup generator for electricity, propane for heat, a 1,400-gallon water tank, and a composting toilet.

Some of the unique features of this tiny include a massive 8'x3’ walk in closet, a double loft with two bedrooms, a storage staircase, and a full-size bathtub!

A lot of people find the $100k price tag on tiny houses to be a little high these days, but after speaking with many builders, we’ve realized that they have so many more overhead costs than a DIY build, including: paying staff for admin, building, and designing, renting or building a warehouse, insurance, certifications, marketing, transportation, as well as contractors for installing electrical, gas, and plumbing. The cost of tiny appliances and a new trailer are often much higher than what people expect, too, so it all adds up!

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  • Mike Williams

    Having that built, The cost of the land , AND ITS STILL CHEAPER THAN RENT ? HOW DOES THIS WORK ??

    • derty MI QWERTY

      That is 50 grand, land is 10… 15 percent cheaper in midwest states.

    • Debra Johnson

      I live in NE WA state and pay $415 mortgage for a lovely and delightfully smaller custom home on 12 forested acres . My sister pays $700 rent for a 1 bedroom apartment the size of my kitchen and living room.
      Rent is out of control!

    • Boo Hoo

      @Debra Johnson It is. Here in Scotland it’s poorer people who are renting as they don’t earn enough to get a mortgage, yet a mortgage always usually ends up cheaper monthly payments than rent.

    • Suzanne Du4

      I just bought a piece of land on Lake Superior in an unorganized Township in Northern Ontario for $55k Cdn, 45 minutes north of my hometown. I’m either going to build a tiny house or purchase one. My timeline is about two years for me to prep my current home for sale and to get rid of most of my contents.

  • Josh Bosse

    Oh how this channel explores alternative living options. It’s fascinating to see how other people live. I try to explore thought provoking and alternative thinking options with my vids. Have an awesome Sunday everyone!

  • Exploring Alternatives
  • Derek Frampton aKa 1PaPaD1

    “Less house more life” MAN that resonates with me something fierce! Your family is beautiful. Bless you all!

  • Chia Lor

    I agree that people don’t need a crazy amount of space. The price difference she said was a huge factor. It’s great that they found someone who would let them rent space on their property.

  • CP W

    Krystine says, ,”the biggest issue was finding property.” This seems to be the issue with tiny homes Canada-wide and, if comments indicate, the world-over. They’re lucky to find supportive land-owners. Unfortunately, cities don’t seem very open to these dwellings. Children aside, I suspect those desiring tiny spaces will continue to more often seek van dwellings.

  • Stephanie Jo Rountree

    Did I miss the laundry area or is there none?

    • katietatey

      Maybe she hand washes clothes in the big sink and line dries? I didn’t see one either. Or maybe a laundromat if they are not far from town.

  • Off Grid Philosophy

    Thank you for showing regular people like us that are actually in this thing to save, work less, freedom from rules, etc… You have redeemed yourself after showing multimillionaires with part time dream lives. 👍
    I don’t mind that you have a segment every now and then with 1%ers just to be clear.

  • Remy Lebeau

    Maybe they could plant some flowers or plants that repel mosquitoes.

    • Liz H

      Disney in Florida has a bunch of steps they’ve taken to keep mosquitoes away, they decided to go natural and I’ve seen a couple Articles on it.

      I forget what all they did, but it’s easily googleable. 🍀🌎✌️

  • Michael Henriksen

    I live in Denmark, a country with a high standard of living. My single storey brick built house has 85sqm living space and two workshops with 145sqm space in total. I run my business from there. The property is 9500sqm. It’s out in the sticks by Danish standards but it’s still only 30 minutes drive from the 4th largest city in the country and 10 minutes to a town with all amenities. The price? USD 55,000. House prices must be really high in Canada when a $100K mobile home is an attractive option.

    • Rob English

      @ArenzanaBuhl not if you work for the government! And not all work can be outsourced, the neo-liberal dream is dead!

    • ArenzanaBuhl

      Rob English high government employment and early retirement worked out well for Greece didn’t it? Hahaha

    • chrismacsims

      Yep Canada is ridiculously over priced .a bog standard house 45 minutes from Vancouver is still a Million dollars .

    • Bill Carson

      Yes, Canada is very expensive. Only when you have lived in rural Europe you start to realize how overpriced Canadian properties are. $1,000,000 is cheap for houses within 30 min of a larger city. And the houses are not great quality either.

    • chrismacsims

      @Bill Carson agree . Overpriced sheds for the most part .

  • Sue Barnard

    I like to hear from them after the winter

  • Karen Rozak

    Beautiful family who really have their priorities right. This home is cozy and so nicely organized!

  • Shane

    Hey you all! My wife and I just bought our first house, a tiny house on .7 acres next to a river. We finally did it!!! I have followed your YouTube from the start and have been wanting to do something like you all show. We did it! Keep up the good work. -Shane Peru, IN

  • Marry Kurie

    I think this “tiny house” is actually bigger than the regular house I’m living in…

  • Philosophical Harmonics

    Funny, they change their lives so they can work less and be with family more while most other people were forced by covid to work less and be with family more and they hated every moment of it. Mindset is everything.

  • Shelly Ackerman

    Thanks for living with less plastic and encouraging your young children to play outside! So nice to see!

  • shravan dhadiwal

    The house feels more like a storage compartment

  • imcharmed4evr

    I never see a washer & dryer in the off grid Tiny Houses, how do u wash your clothes?


    This is a beautifully designed and presumably custom built to the wishes of the family. The word ‘ergononic’ comes to mind. Not sure I would describe it as ‘tiny’ – looks as though it has quite a lot of space! But what a wonderful place to live – and from thenumber of views/viewers, the audience feel the same way.

  • Cats Cattying

    How long have they been living full time in this tiny house? Judging by the uninsulated water cistern and the non-skirted house, they have not gone through a winter yet. Hopefully the house is super well insulated and they won’t need to run the propane furnace too much. Otherwise, they’re likely to have issues with condensation.

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