Let's talk fall gardening and WHY I AM NOT GOING NO-TILL, YOU CRAZY CULTIST FREAKS!!!

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  • Dirtpatcheaven

    I tilled this year and used chemical fertilizers this year because I wanted to have food this year. I am always improving my soil but that takes place over years in my opinion, this year I need food now, so we paid someone to till this year.

  • Dwardo Dwardo

    When will you ever have had the opportunity to play Flashdance to one of your videos?

  • Dwardo Dwardo

    I’m thinking if you don’t have the bio mass for no dig then two years of tilling in what you have to get you going is the best way.

    • Tom Sensible

      Hey, nice pith helmet! Has your vicious tractoring exposed a vast schism in the food forest world? The Tractorites making crude hand gestures, blasting their soft rock music, and belching fumes while doing donuts in the back 40, while the Floridia Permacultural Orthodoxy shakes their heads from where they squat among the cardboard and wood chip heaps and say “Nothing good can come of it…”
      DTG, you gotta bring them back together. But how, you ask? By planting moringa trees and singing a spontaneous song about Fungi and being a Fun Guy!

  • Dwardo Dwardo

    I’m finding this year that cutting the peppers way back that they are reinvigorated to come back they are booming without replanting.

  • GlenInPhoenix

    I believe they grow cotton in alabama, so you can go to the cotton gin and ask for the byproducts. They’ll probably sell them to you cheap


      I will warn you. Cotton in the south (I live here) gets sprayed almost weakly so that may be something to watch out for.

  • Phyllis Franklin

    Lol. Yeah, I don’t understand why you didn’t just broad Fork that entire quarter acre. Oh, and also double dig, right?

  • William Villar

    Drink more coffee, faster, and get more grounds.

  • Woke Olympics

    If you spray roundup in your garden don’t be surprised when you get terminal illness

  • Lisa Kukla

    😂 Father mushroom! Omg.
    As a person officially disabled by spinal nonsense who lives in a highly agricultural area where tractors are plentiful, I agree that it’s not the end of the world to till a new garden space. Actually, it’s ableist to say otherwise and anyone who would should be promptly and thoroughly cancelled by swarms of wokescolds.
    Just joking about that last part. I hope you record tractor day. Maybe if you do a little worm funeral, the people will feel better about it.

  • Small Garden Quest

    No till is not stupid… stupid are the people forcing you to live like they do 🙂
    You do whatever you like to do. Tilling is cheaper not faster… You could buy all the organic compost and lay it on top it would be the same speed but just more pricy.
    So no till is better but in your case more expensive. You did what was best for you and not what is best in general 🙂

    Do whatever makes you happy just please don’t pollute the soil with unnecessary chemicals even if this will take longer and will be more expensive 🙂

  • mtnmanrab

    It turns out glycosphate is the biggest health threat in our time. I”m with you on not using roundup or herbicides.

  • Loriful

    With that acidic soil, I can see you devoting 30 acres to a no-pick strawberry farm~

  • Olyz Dlavroht

    The beautiful part about having the land is you can experiment with, and implement different methods to get the pros of each. Some raised beds, some no-till patches, and just keep what works. No reason to keep your options limited and only consider one method “right.”

  • Rhonda Hicks

    Do what works David, nothing wrong with being blessed with a tractor to use!

  • Fulton Science

    No till is only cheaper and more sustainable. Tilling depletes the soil but has higher yields until the soil is depleted. No one questions tilling can have higher yields but if you fertilize and spray and till your profitability per acre ratio is lower even if you have more food output. It all depends on your goal.

  • Nathaniel Murdoch

    Hey, David. Thank you.

  • Br1cht

    Youtube is full of “keyboard wisdom” and they jump from fad to fad and are pretty fanatical for those 15 minutes.

  • Dean Kaufman

    Love your songs! I really appreciate that you are willing to spontaneously pray on your live show! May God Bless you and your family. Look forward to watching your garden grow. Idaho gardener.

  • Russell Ballestrini

    I’m sorry if this was already discussed but do you still own the land on the island? I wield a machete now because of you, makes working the forest a pleasure!

    That dollar general track is great, thanks mate!

  • Ryan

    According to John Kempf (Advancing Eco Agriculture), the core No-till principles state that you need to remove compaction with steel in order for your no-till cover-crops to be successful. So do an initial tillage or wait 5 years to get the same results…

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