EXTRA LARGE Tiny House with Main Floor Bedroom & Smart Functional Design

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The Itsy Bitsy Tiny House is a modern tiny house with a main-floor bedroom, 2 full-size lofts, a spacious living room with a 3-seater sofa, a kitchen with a pantry, and a bathroom with a heated floor and washer/dryer. It's 34' long on the main floor and 40' long with the loft bump-outs up top. This tiny house is on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada and we're going to give you a full tour!

You can find out more and follow the Itsy Bitsy Tiny House on Vancouver Island here:

This tiny house was built by Mint Tiny Homes in Vancouver, BC Canada:

Home page

There are so many details in this tiny house that make day-to-day living in a small space comfortable and functional. The entrance has space to hang coats and store shoes, the kitchen has a drop-leaf table to seat 4 people, there is loads of storage in the bedroom closets, under the bed, and in the kitchen pantry, and hooks everywhere to keep things out of the way but still easily accessible.

This tiny house is also parked near a beautiful lake and is in a private forested nook with an outdoor seating area and a fire pit. It's definitely worth a visit if you're in the area!

A special thank you to Karen and Shane for letting us film their tiny house!

And thank you for watching!

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    Thanks for watching! Sign up for a free account and get 20% off Grammarly Premium: https://grammarly.com/exploring
    You can find out more and follow the Itsy Bitsy Tiny House here: https://www.instagram.com/itsybitsy_spiderlake/

  • Fredo Knows Best

    I would like to make a house similar to that however I would like to use shipping containers to ensure that it can survive hurricanes or earthquakes without breaking into pieces like most of these new homes built with Lego blocks. Great Video

    • Rhonda Wileman

      Yes, that’s a great idea! Some of those homes made out of shipping containers are absolutely beautiful! Good luck with your home! Greetings from central Pennsylvania! ✌🏻👋🏻👍🏻🙋👌🏻🤘🏻

    • Michael Zukerman

      exactly what I would like to do but don’t know of a company doing that perhaps you do and would share. I’m a bit older now and can’t physically see myself able to build one myself although I’d like to. So I would need a company to build it for me.

    • Bob Dole

      @Michael Zukerman Look up Container Luxury on youtube

    • Jeanne

      Check out “Life Uncontained” YouTube channel.

  • 1 2

    Omg brilliant! Its a tiny house but they made it bigger so its more spacious, I love it.
    I wonder if they could build a tiny house thats so big its actually just a normal house since thats what normal people live in, that way you would get EXTRA SPACIOUS

  • divinemissm28

    I have watched a lot of tiny house videos and to this day, I have yet to see a better design than this couple who live in Noordwijk in the Netherlands. They used split level approach to their bedroom and living space. Really beautiful design and super practical.

  • Wishwader

    Had a nose at Grammarly (sponsor of this vid) and they go out of their way to hide pricing information until they’ve taken personal info. After eventually finding pricing info elsewhere I can see why they hide it – $140 per year is a bit much. Grammarly need to cut out the manipulative practices and be more transparent. I would have tried it out after watching this vid had they not wasted my time jumping through hoops.

  • samantha nicholson

    Side house for my kids or back yard, how much for it?

  • nanchesca

    I am curious how long the tires last on a tiny house when it’s not being moved when they are protected from the sun

  • Stephen kazi MacMaster

    I love how you have all these beautiful young independent smart intelligent people out here making tiny homes and building a small community for themselves and sharing their design ideas and their knowledge in their build. I want to say thank you definitely have some amazing guest on your program and your platform keep up the amazing work

  • marian smith

    Best Tiny EVER.

  • Jemma D

    This is one of my absolute favourite tiny house designs! Love it! Kind of wasted as an Airbnb, though. It should be a loved and lived-in home. ♥

  • Stephanie Bogart

    I love this one. Only thing I’d want is a bathtub

  • JE Roberts

    What a beautiful home, with ground floor bedroom, to boot! So many wonderful and thoughtful features. Danielle, your voice and your manner are so calm and easy to watch and listen to, and you did a great job of pointing out so many of that home’s good points. The whole tour was a pleasure, especially so with you as our guide.

  • Donna G

    It’s a bit small; but, how would our dog get up the ladder if he wants to hang out with my son? Otherwise, I do like that it has a bedroom downstairs, a full size refrigerator and space for a washer and dryer to stack. My washer is a top loading washer; but, the dryer is front loading. I’ve never tried stacking them.

  • ZolaBolingo

    Ça c’est une très belle Tiny House, si je pouvais l’acheter alors je ne changerais rien.
    Wow !

  • Mary Spain

    I love this i mean like EVERYTHING about it.

  • Sharelle W.

    It’s very pretty. However, it is leaving tiny home territory and settling toward a traditional size of mobile home/trailers.

    • Bre

      That’s what I was thinking Sharelle! This place is beautiful and the bedrooms/bathrooms are super small but from the outside I’m definitely getting borderline trailer vibes.

  • B C

    Not enough windows but otherwise pretty okay.

  • Emmanuel Y. Lazzara

    This may be relatively tiny (still bigger than half of the apartments in Asia or London), but I have a feeling it wasn’t cheap to build. Still, it looks absolutely gorgeous!! Would love to have one like that.

  • PKV1611221 1611221

    Is this house on wheels?

    Nevermind, just heard the presenter talk about the raised fridge over a wheel well, and then saw the tow end on the outside

  • Shuriza

    If it’s an extra large tiny house, doesn’t that just mean it’s a house?

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