Will the help of the CoolBot and a LG window air conditioner we were able to convert the root cellar into a meat locker and butcher shop.


It is mid July, the hottest time of the year, and we have a cow we need to butcher. 

What are we going to do? 

One of the most important things to do when butchering an animal is to make sure the meat stays cold! 

Farmers will often use fall or winter times to do butchering as the animal can be kept cold with the help of the weather. 

But when you have no choice, and have to put an animal down in the heat of summer, what can you do? 

We found ourselves trying to answer that question. The answer we found… was the CoolBot! 

The CoolBot is a tiny little robot that turns any window ac unit into a commercial freezer, and by heavily insulating a room, you can turn any space into a walk in freezer! 

We had an old root cellar on the property that wasn't being used for anything. We decided it was time to make ourselves a meat locker and butcher facility on farm. 

Will the help of the CoolBot and a LG window air conditioner we were able to convert the root cellar into a meat locker and butcher shop. 

The CoolBot's job is to trick your AC unit into super cooling a room down. Traditionally AC units have a thermostat that shuts off the AC at 60 degrees or higher. 

To hang and age meat, a room need's to be under 40 degrees. 
Until the Coolbot existed people needed to buy expensive commercial freezer units to get a room cold enough to hang meat. Now the CoolBot is allowing farmers, hunter, and homesteaders to build themselves a professional grade cold storage area for a fraction of the cost! 




  • Light Bird

    I feel bad for ladybug :<

  • molly Country

    Sorry for your loss of ladybug, I love the idea of a walk in refrigerator!

  • Tessie with a T

    Being able to cool the root cellar just makes it an even better root cellar. So a good is coming out of this. Also, thank you for showing caring but responsible livestock management, not pet hoarding. Also I have to say the dark older pre repair space with flashing lights totally looks like a serial killer lair. Halloween party wouldve been epic there. Also Kay missed the perfect opportunity to jump scare you while filming.

  • CiaoBella

    How amazing you already had that root celler to retrofit. In God’s plans, nothing is a coincidence. Bless you all, from Tuscany

  • Christa Erika

    What a great re-purposing of a root cellar.. so glad you had this as an option.

  • Theophania L

    Awesome!! What a great addition to your homestead! I recommend a good book on charcuterie for your next christmas

  • Sharon

    Amazing addition to the homestead. The beginning part of video with the flashing light and basement reminded me of a horror film ha ha.

  • ErraticReadings

    I know this is such a huge undertaking, but I’m glad that Ladybug won’t have to suffer through this disease. I don’t know what the conclusive evidence says about the meat (I know you guys have been weighing the risks on that) but I really hope that you guys end up with good safe meat for your family to eat.

  • Little Needles Farm

    The creep factor in that cellar with the sketchy lights is HIGH!!! 🤣🤣

  • My Big Year

    I live in the city so I live vicariously through you and your family.
    I appreciate the learning experience
    I wish you much success on Ladybug.

  • Michaelanne Stutsman

    hi saw your cutting board sliding if you put a damp rag between the cutting board and table it acts like a suction cup and also helps suck up any liquids that might be left over aka blood. sorry about lady bug and the lamb looks so good

  • Miss mart pants

    Sorry about lady bug. Glad you have a solution with the cold room though. God bless!

  • The Day's Dewings

    We’ve used a Cool-bot for 10 years, for our walk-in cooler for our catering business. They’re great & such a fabulous alternative to a condenser.

  • Dixsigns Romping Rock Dairy

    Yes, Store It Cold has awesome customer service, helped us through a problem years after we purchased ours.
    WTG! HomeSteady

  • ubetchya78

    Maybe I missed something but if you install the Cool-Bot unit on the wall, and the a/c unit is in the door, won’t the wire get yanked out when you open the door?
    There is not much height to the ceiling, you will probably have to break Ladybug into quarters before hanging.from the rails. Since she is very heavy you will need to be able to hang, bleed, skin, gut and quarter her at the location where you will do the deed.
    I’ve seen other homesteaders using the Cool-Bots with great success.
    My hopes and prayers that it is a smooth and gentle harvest. My heart goes out to your entire family for your loss.

  • Ronda Davis

    God works in mysterious ways. He had already given you the root cellar. This will come in very handy for your future butchering also. Sorry about your having to cull Ladybug

  • Josh McElroy

    I got a reefer box off an old box truck for my cold locker. I just so happen to run across it and it was a steal so it came home with me. I’ve not regretted it at all.

    • Josh McElroy

      That coolbot made weather not matter so much didn’t it. There’s nothing worse than planning a day to butcher 100 chickens and then it rains for a week straight.

  • Wendy Geiger

    @askhomesteady, Nice, like the new digs! As an experienced chef may I make a suggestion? Place a wet towel under your cutting board to prevent it slipping and sliding around as you cut. 🥰😁😍

  • Sven Servette

    Cool set up! Gotta say though, really miss the daily videos Haha

  • BigDmike

    Buy a proper walk in cooler. They are available already put together. You add power..and surprise!!! You got the real deal. Much more reliable. Worth the extra money. Your food your health is priceless.( 30 years of refrigeration service and repair talking here) someone tells me they got a cool bot, and need repairs..I won’t touch it. However you are an awesome guy, very smart,and I enjoy your channel. Keep on keeping on my friend 👍👍👍

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