DIY: Planting a Single Row Garden with a Homemade Row Maker

Here's how we made a DIY row maker based on the one we saw in Homestead Acres' video, which you can find here:

This is the second time we've made one of these and they work quite well for create single-row gardens. The spacing is 3' between rows, which is perfect for non-irrigated crops such as field corn, turnips, daikons, mustard and maybe even cabbage. We're testing and learning as we go along, as this is a new climate with different soil than we've grown in before.

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  • Carolyn Smith

    Great job 👍 it’s great that your children support you in your efforts.

  • Stefan Boshoff

    I loved the complex description of that garden tool. Made me laugh out loud. Now my kids think im crazy😂😂😂

  • Allan Turpin

    I hate it when you get so technical.
    Right over my head.

  • Andrew V

    Pretty cool. I like it. I look forward to seeing you engineer a seeder. That’d be sweet. Less reliance on expensive tools is a nice idea.

  • Scott White

    David, great job with your seeder.. thanks for including the “tech speak” explaining the build and how it works. Many YT channels dumb down their content, which makes your approach so “refreshing” to say the least. All your video is missing is an old hound dog next to you son! LOL
    “The Grapes of Wrath 2020”

  • Chase Davidson

    Looks away for one second and everything explodes

  • Jerri Swinehart

    My mom used something similar in our garden … oh about … 50 some years ago. Tad bit different design, but same function.

  • Zachary Pinegar

    Hint .. Hint.. Hint.. I’d really like my seeder back, thanks.

  • Loriful

    With three feet between the rows, there is room for plants at the one and a half foot line, and so forth, all the way down to moss at every inch or so~

  • michiel pater

    Wow, you just made the step from gardener to farmer!

  • A Greener Shade of Pale

    All day this song keeps playing in my head. “Lime buggy, lime buggy, bucket of lime”. Dang it Dave! Support DTG on!

  • Food Dude

    Brother, you need to get a better lawn mower. That one has no blade left, making that grass looking like dirt – jes’sayin’.

  • Country Homestead Preacher

    Thanks for sharing the “Row thing” Great idea

  • Naomi Dunbar

    1. BOOM! Horray for explosions! 2. Seriously, you need to tone down the technical language. It was impossible to tell what you were talking about. Good thing I have an PhD engineering physics brother who can explain stuff like that to me. 🙂

  • Hugh Brackett

    Bro, just watching you bend over made my back hurt. It’s still stuff from painting and assembling furniture. I’d get a large funnel and hose to fit it so I could just drop the seeds down the tube as I pulled it down the row.

  • HonestInquiry

    I just seeded some Daikon and Beets yesterday – do you practice planting by the moon as well or just coincidence? I bought a huge bag of the Daikon seeds as a cover crop / soil builder to help break up the clay here in the SF Bay Area, CA zone 9b. According to Anthony William (Medical Medium), Radish Greens are one of the most healing foods possible, and the second most powerful prebiotic there is. I’m planning to use the tops in green smoothies, and the bottoms in salads, plus I saw Sauce Stache was using them to make vegan bacon so I will have to try that! As for the Beets the tops are also great in smoothies/soups/stews, and the bottoms are so delicious and sliced 1/2″ thick cook in the instant pot in 6 minutes 🙂 Wishing you and everyone watching the channel an abundant rest of 2020!

  • Wild Floridian

    😂 I need to build a thing! I can’t keep up with all the live-streams so I’m glad there are some “shorter” videos. Welcome back to the states!

  • Bella's Patio Garden

    I love this simple tool. And I tend to plant intensively too – easier to thin it than to have to fill in gaps and then have different pollination time… especially here with our short growing season.

  • SpaceSquirrel The Majestic

    Look up Japanese cooking for the daikons. One of my favorite way is sliced thin and steamed…

  • Amy Johnson

    I laughed so much that my boys came in to see what the fuss was all about. Keep up the fun Mr The Good 👍🏻

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