Dirty Voter Rolls With Tom Fitton

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  • Crissy G

    You can SMELL the Fraud a mile away!!!

  • Mike Payne

    Tom, Thanks for maintaining a global perspective and leading the fight on the appropriate level. 🇺🇸

  • R Fuhrer

    I want to see some Heads Roll ! Make every Voters vote into a joke ? OFF WITH THEIR HEADS !!!

  • VonHaugg Linda

    Those two gop who cowered put the rest of gop to cower.

  • AAA

    Have those contested states vote again

    • R Fuhrer

      What ? and go thru this BS all over again ! What happens to cheaters ? Dose it Really take a Rocket Scientist to figure this one out ? THEY LOSE WHEN CAUGHT !

  • William E. Rollins

    The cover ups are widespread and complex, It’ll take good work to dig it all out

  • Danny Lee

    Why are our votes counted by another country.

    • Jaxx Brat

      So local gov can cry plausable denial?

    • roger mudd

      Its called a coup. Its all coming together. Military IS involved and collectiing evidence. Since,our letter guys dont,seem to be,able,to separate hate for,a man. For service to,thier country. I feel safer having,our military being involved to protect our President. Cant have,another cover,up people. Time to come clean. And seek consideration for,thier testimony.

    • Rob L

      It is processed in another country, but the server seized in Germany belonged to CIA.

  • Stephen Vachris

    The democrats raised hell when trump won because it didn’t benifit THERE party? Now the fraudulent election this time benifits there party now ? They dont want anyone investigating? Something isn’t right?? There hindind something big??

  • Danny Lee

    You know the Republicans had the house and the Senate not too long ago and they didn’t do a damn thing. Getting my hopes up here seems a little naive. When we give the Republicans every single tool to do something positive they blow it or do nothing. It’s almost as if they’re in on the bed hoodwink

    • R Fuhrer

      We have a Great President in the White House , look what he has been able to do so far !

    • K M

      The swamp isn’t just dems, it includes gop members too. But with that said, when the gop has had control, they never tried to pack the Supreme Court or end a filibuster…..

    • diane saldivar

      Hopefully after these traitors are out and changes are made, the House and Senate will work “with and for” President instead of constantly pulling against him.

  • ed

    Are the Republican precincts refusing to let the Democrats witness?

  • 主婦mask housewife面具

    Wow can be more dirtier? Darker? What is Democracy? Not for American ppl? Who do they represent for??High Tax, lock ppl in, soon church revelation is coming, main medias cuts the real news….. that’s all CCP doing for more than70 years, Rich monsters Of course wants puppet Biden on, pure heart Americans ppl and rest of the world ppl are all on TRUMP side, coz can feel the breeze and sunlight.

  • Mischa Fellner

    Fraud has occurred. You can say it out loud now….. because it is True.

  • An Nguyen

    👍 Yes, It’s Very BAD for Americans People 🙏⛪🇺🇸❤🌹😍🤩🤗God Bless President Trump and USA 🇺🇸 🙏 🙌

  • Alberto Lebron

    Donate to Judicial Watch, I did…
    they doing a great job
    while the FBI zzzz

  • Brad Boit

    And this is why the native americans’ homemade drums are called Tom-toms. JK😄

  • freddy333ful

    Antifa and BLM has had their chance to be violent with no concequences… it’s our turn.

    • Terry Hobdy

      That’s what they won’t we will be put in jail

    • roger mudd

      We dont need violence to deal with this. Just,truth. Once the,decision is,made. The,truth will,be paramount. And likely people will need compassion and hope. Help instead of hating. We are all Americans. We all share that. Work to heal the rest.

  • Tyler Prometheus

    If you’re a Democrat, you may not be a criminal, but your friends are!

    • roger mudd

      Plus you,have hope. You,can learn the truth. I was once a proud democrat. I just cant anymore. Pride,and love,for country. Has been replaced,by hate,and division. And the,desire,to destroy,anyone that doesn’t follow the herd. That is not freedom.

  • Snow Pea

    So glad he’s focusing on all states. Anywhere the Dominion voting system was used needs to be counted manually. For the other states without Dominion voting systems they should be counted just to ensure that the numbers are right on all ballot items. People elected to the house and the Senate on other issues like late term abortion we just need to know that those numbers are right. The only downside to this is that many ballots were destroyed and we don’t know how many ballots and who those people voted for.

  • wassup93

    Treason for all involved in voter fraud, and a trebuchet ride to gitmo Bay.

  • Ray Bo

    The Democratic party has returned to its ideological roots and has reemerged as the Secessionist Party, as confederated as it ever was in 1860. They are manipulating the same folks only in a different generation, and in a different way. They have no choice as to eradicate American history, as it is their history more so than any other that represents the cancer of racism of past generations. They project their sickness of soul and spirit onto others in the form of wokeness, cancel culture and socialist dilutions, hoping not to see their own rotten souls facing them in the mirror of history. Like the KKK, that is theirs too; now, BLM and Antifa recruiting the hate of our generation. Self-appointed as SJW, silencing any dissent as effectively as a brown-shirt. Hypocrites and liars will deceive at any cost to get the power that so many lives sacrificed to deny them. It is the party of control and slavery, and they will pay for that control with the blood of whom they mislead now, in the past, and future generations. In today’s Democratic Party, history repeats itself; the Democratic party does not want America as America; they want it as a host. Like a parasite, they are thriving in the larger organism, feeding off the hosts’ indifference to prosper and breed. That is until the parasite’s egotistical ideology gets the better of it, and the mature parasite kills-off the host in its unchecked promiscuity.
    —The United States of America or the Marxist States of Antifa.
    “The government you elect is the government you deserve.” ~Thomas Jefferson
    “If you want to upset a Republican, lie to them. If you want to upset a Democrat, tell them the truth” ~ IDK

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