A new animal arrives on the farm today!

Why did we bring a Bull on the farm?

Find out in today's video!

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  • Isabella Merrigan

    I would love a bull for when I get my homestead so I’m glad I can watch your experience with them before I buy. Your videos are very informative

  • Teresa Edwards

    Highlanders are able to be milked. Swedish homestead milked his cows.

  • Christina McLamb

    I have a highlander jersey cross we milk!

  • A Zuri

    Oh highlanders are the cutest!! The belted Galloway is close behind in second cutest

  • Half Steading at WMA South Texas w Lynn

    I keep mine in 45 days that coves 2 21 day heats.

  • Mystic Pixie

    Omg! Omg! Omg! A Scotty cow! They are my absolute favorite cow!

  • David Wardlow

    #askhomesteady what s beautiful bull. My question is what about the bacteria on the farm from Lady bug? If he will be on the farm for a month. Is there a chance he will bring it back to his herd?

    • Jeanne Shannon

      @Debbie Selland mine also and somehow some of their information is questionable on this subject.

    • Rich T

      @Jeanne Shannon what part of their info is questionable? I also had a lot of questions as somethings didn’t make any sense

    • Yngvarr Bjornson

      He replied to a similar question down further in the comments, and he said that even though Luna is gone, the bacteria can live in the soil for up to 2 years. However, cows older than (think he said 2 or 3 months) are not at risk of getting the disease. I’d imagine that since they put the fact that their land may very well have the disease, the fella they rented from is made aware of the situation. And I’d also assume give the time of year it is, that the renter doesnt have any calves younger than 2-3 months on his land at the moment. So sounds like it’s all good :p

    • Jeanne Shannon

      @Yngvarr Bjornson hi. We dealt with the Johnes a year ago. Young calves before they are born in a Johnes cow are highly at risk. After birth they are highly at risk nursing their mothers. It is a bacteria that can live in the soil and water sources for up to 2 years. Older cows can get it. Either from birth in a contaminated area or from the soil from a diseased cow. It normally shows up at 4 to 5 years of age after a traumatic, stressful event like having a calf. Some cows are culled before the Johnes sets in due to not breeding back or not having enough milk to feed their calf and the calf dies. So you don’t know. We have tested two groups of cows who were close to a diseased cow. Only one came back SUSPECT out of 52. Now we test the feces for shedding in that one cow. If she is positive for shedding, we have to keep an eye on the group she is in. Her group was luckily 15 cows. So older cows are usually gone before the Johnes is fully in its worst form but they can get it from a diseased cow. As far as Lady Bug, she more than likely has exposed her calves. As far as my cattle, we will test again and again.

    • Jeanne Shannon

      I went back and watched their older videos on Lady Bug. They did say they would not use that grazing area for two years. I would not for as long as possible and if I owned that bull, I would not have rented the bull to them. We AI’d 14 recently and with heat detection, all are bred.

  • Chevie

    Yes rigidity is a word. Something can be rigid, will be rigid and was rigid. It can showcase its rigidness and you can imbue it with rigidity. Something can not be the rigidest, but can be the most rigid.
    This is how I break down words in my head haha sorry it’s meant to be an example of a cute learning tool not like condescending.

  • Promise Jubilee

    Eli: goin’ on and on about the character traits of highlander cows.
    Me: And that HAIR!!!! I mean, are they the cutest looking cow on earth or WHAT?!

  • Rich T

    Honeybee and Luna have the prettiest faces on a cow l have ever seen. They look a lot alike too.

  • Salem Thorup

    Highlander beef is the most delicious beef we’ve ever eaten and my husband’s family has a cattle ranch and sells higher grade beef. I haven’t yet has the highest grade Kobe beef, but I bet highlander beef could compete with it. It is lean, but the invisible mirco marbling means it’s very tender.

  • Kendy B

    Awww ❤️️ Scottish Highlands! Such great dual purpose cows and good lookers too.
    #askhomesteady How about Johne’s disease re: the bull bringing it in or getting it from your pasture?

  • Joanne Ganon

    He’s already leading the Girls so cool!
    Can’t wait to see the outcome lol.
    Last time we saw you Salomam was trying to breed Milly, did He succeed?
    JO JO IN VT 💕😄

  • Miranda Ley

    Dexter Jersey Cross are a thing…I would totally buy a woolly Jersey, because K has it right. Cute=important.

  • rebekah leskiw

    You need to rent for 42 days to be sure of breeding.

  • Googie’s Fairy Farm

    I’m imagining the girls out there talking to him while chewing their cud and sounding like Snooki. Of course he replies in his sexiest Sean Connery.😂

  • Emma Lemke

    I am so excited to see what a jersey/highlander baby looks like. I might be in love!

  • Doria Galeana

    I love him he’s so handsome. Also it’s so funny how there’s a huge field to roam and they huddle together all the time even when eating.

  • Kathleen Mills

    After everything that’s happened this video made me so happy. Loved seeing the cows following behind him up the hill. Brought happy tears to my eyes….And life goes on♥️


    I had Highlands for 20+years and it’s like raising big friendly dogs. I love them! You will too.

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